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Senate Information
of the 71st (2001) Session

Lieutenant Governor Hunt
Lorraine Hunt

President Pro Tempore
Lawrence Jacobsen

Majority Leadership
Minority Leadership
Majority Leader
William Raggio
Majority Whip
Maurice Washington
Minority Leader
Dina Titus
Minority Whip
Valerie Wiener
Asst Majority Leader 
Raymond Rawson
Asst Majority Whip
Mark Amodei
Asst Minority Leader
Bernice Mathews

    Name District     Name District
Bullet Amodei Capital   Bullet Care Clark 7
Bullet McGinness Central
  Bullet Titus Clark 7
Bullet Porter Clark 1   Bullet James  Clark 8
Bullet Carlton Clark 2   Bullet Schneider Clark 8
Bullet Shaffer Clark 2   Bullet Rhoads Northern
Bullet Wiener Clark 3   Bullet Mathews Washoe 1
Bullet Coffin Clark 3   Bullet Washington Washoe 2
Bullet Neal Clark 4   Bullet Raggio Washoe 3
Bullet O'Connell Clark 5   Bullet Townsend Washoe 4
Bullet O'Donnell Clark 5   Bullet Jacobsen Western
Bullet Rawson Clark 6        

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