(Assembly Bill No. 474)



Mission of the Task Force: The Task Force was created in response to the Federal Tobacco Settlement. The duties of the Task Force are to:

        Conduct public meetings to accept public testimony from a wide variety of sources and perspectives regarding existing or proposed programs that:

o       Promote public health;

o       Improve health services for children, senior citizens and persons with disabilities;

o       Reduce or prevent the use of tobacco;

o       Reduce or prevent the abuse of and addiction to alcohol and drugs; and

o       Offer other general or specific information on health care in this state.

        Establish a process to evaluate the health and health needs of the residents of this state and establish a system to rank the health problems of the residents of this state;

        Allocate a portion of the money in the Fund for a Healthy Nevada for tobacco cessation programs;

        Allocate a portion of the money in the Fund for programs that improve health services for children and for persons with disabilities;

        Reserve the remaining money for allocation by the department of human resources to pay for:

o       Prescription drugs and pharmaceutical services for senior citizens; and

o       Grants for existing or new programs that assist senior citizens with independent living, including:

         Respite care or relief of family caretakers;

         Transportation of senior citizens to services; and

         Care in the home which allows seniors to remain at home, instead of in institutional care.

        Ensure that any money expended from the Fund will not be used to supplant existing methods of funding.

        Develop policies and procedures for the administration and annual distribution of grants through competitive requests for proposals.


Membership: 3 legislators and 6 members of the public


Staffing: Department of Human Resources and LCB