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ABOLITION OF SLAVERY, ratified, 457.

      Resolution relative to telegraphed, 457.

ABSENCE, of Judges when to vacate office, 185.

ABSENTEES, property of to be taxed.

      See Revenue.

ACTS, LEGISLATIVE, when to go into effect, 90.

ACTIONS, in Probate Courts, transferred to District Courts, 123.

ADJOURNMENT, of Courts, in absence of Judge, 117.

      of Legislature, joint resolutions, 466.

ADJUTANT GENERAL, appointment of, 189.

      salary of, 189.

      to give bond, 191.

      powers and duties of, 189-209.

             See Militia and Enlistments.

AGRICULTURAL LANDS AND WATER, act for the protection of, 345.

AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANIC ARTS, donation of from Congress accepted, 349.

AGRICULTURAL AND MECHANICAL COLLEGE, act for the establishment of, 349-350.

      Board of Regents of, 349.

      Commissioners to locate, 349.

      course of instruction, 350.

      professorships, 350.

      who entitled to tuition, 350.

      power to make rules, etc., 350.

      President and Secretary of Board, 350.

      College to be same as prescribed by Act of Congress, 350.

      report of Regents required, 350.

      Commissioners to receive no compensation, 350.

      payment of professors, 350.

ALLEYS, improvement of in incorporated towns, 355.

      See Streets and Alleys.

ALLOTMENT, of State Senators, 81.

AMARAUX AND BOWIE, appropriation for, 185.

AMENDMENTS, of Civil Practice Act, 84, 99, 184, 185, 223, 224, 270, 345, 347, 400.

      to enrolled bills authorized, 459, 460.

APPEALS, act to regulate in Courts, 394-396.

      no distinction in taking appeals between cases in law and equity, 394.

      where cases not to be reversed, 394.

      exceptions, when to be taken, 394.

      insufficiency of notice or undertaking, how remedied, 394.

      exceptions, when to be taken, 394.

      to become of record when signed by the Judge, 394.

      extent of facts necessary to be set forth in record, 394.

      papers to be sent to Supreme Court in cases of appeal, 394.

      notices of appeal, how served in cases of absent or non-resident parties, 395.

      Justice’s Courts—

            appeals from Justice’s Courts to be taken within thirty days, 395.

            mode of taking appeals, 395.

            statement to be filed within ten days, 395.

            facts to be contained in statement, 395.

            adverse party may file amendment, 395.

            statement, how settled, 395.

            statement and transcript to be used on hearing of appeal, 395.

            power of District Court on hearing of appeal, 395.

            duty of Justice to transmit papers, 395.

            conflicting acts repealed, 396.

                   See Courts of Justice.

APPROPRIATIONS, act providing for civil expenses of the State Government, 124-127.

      for expenses of State Prison, 124.

      for payment of interest and principal of Territorial bonds, 125.

      for salaries of Judges of Supreme Court, 125.

      for current expenses of the Legislature, 125.

      for current expenses of the State Government, 126.

      Controller to draw warrants for salaries of State officers quarterly, 127.

      other claims against the State, how paid, 127.

      claims for salaries prior to Dec. 5, 1864, to be verified by oath, 127.

      for attaches of Constitutional Convention, 324.

      for A. Ash, 185.

      for Gorham H. Moore, 152.

      for O. Cromwell, 185.

      for Roleau Howland, 185.

      for Alexander Hunter, 354.

      for Mason & Huff, 185.

      for E. B. Rail, 185.

      for Rosenstock & Price, 185.

      secret service fund, 167.

ASSESSMENTS, in Douglas County for 1864, legalized, 109.

ASSESSORS, COUNTY, election of provided for, 345-346.

      biennial elections to be held, 345.

      terms of, when to commence, 346.

      to give bond and take oath, 346.

      vacancies, how to be filled, 346.

      power of, to appoint deputies, 346.

      pay of deputies, 346.

      penalty for neglect of duties, 346.

      suit on bond, how brought, 346.

      power of to administrator oaths, 346.

      repeal of conflicting acts, 346.

             See Revenue.


      See Revenue.



ASH, A. appropriation for, 185.


ATTACHMENTS, Act relative to, amended, 223.

      cases in which attachments may issue, 223.

      character of affidavit required, 223.

      defendant may, on notice, move to discharge attachment, 224.

      if motion to discharge be on affidavits, plaintiff may oppose the same by proofs, 224.

      writ to be discharged if improperly issued, 224.

      may be issued by Justices of the Peace on the same showing as in District Courts, 224.

      act to take effect April 1, 1865, 224.

      not to affect contracts made prior to April 1, 1865, 224.

ATTORNEYS, exempt from jury service, 347.

      when not allowed witness’ fees, 348.

      admission fee of, 154.

ATTORNEY GENERAL, to be provided with an office, 368.

      salary of, 97.

      duties of, relative to toll-roads, 352.

      to be member of Board of Examiners, 135.

      to be director of State Library, 154.

      State Prison Commissioner, 51, 219.


AUDITORS, COUNTY, fees of, 339.

      See Revenue, County Commissioners.

AUSTIN, CITY OF, corporation act amended, 243, 253.

      city boundaries defined, 243.

      division into wards, 243.

      corporation officers of, 243-4.

      who eligible to offices, 244.

      qualifications for electors, 244.

      election, when to be held, 244.

      when officers elected to commence their duties, 245.

      officers to be elected by Common Council, 245.

      vacancies, how to be filled, 245.

      meetings of Common Council, 245.

      quorum for business, 246.

      rules of proceedings to be adopted, 246.

      proceedings, when to be open, 246.

      record of proceedings to be kept, 246.

      general powers of Common Council, 246-7.

      additional taxes, how levied and collected, 247.

      officers to be made accountable, 248.

      semi-annual account of finances to be published, 248.

      mode of assessing and collecting taxes, 249.

      effect of tax deeds, 249.

      power to open, grade and improve streets, 249.

      ordinances, how passed, 249.

      duties of Mayor, 249.

      duty of Aldermen. 250.

      duty of City Treasurer, 250.

      duty of City Clerk, 250.

      duty of ex-officio Assessor, 250.

      City Recorder, how chosen, 250.

      Marshal, Chief of Police, how appointed, 251.

      subordinate offices may be abolished, 251.

      Recorder’s Court established, 251.

      jurisdiction of Recorder’s Court, 251.

      duty of City Marshal, 251.

      duty of ex-officio Collector, 251.

      duty of City Attorney, 252.

      ayes and noes, when to be recorded, 252.

      vote necessary to appropriate money, 252.

      appropriation ordinances to lay over for one week, 252.

      style of ordinances, 252.

      absence of officers, when to forfeit office, 252.

      officers to deliver books, etc., to successors, 252.

      city prison and powers of Recorder, 252.

      compensation of city officers, 253.

      former ordinances legalized, 253.

      Act, when to take effect, 253.

      Act of Feb. 20, 1864, repealed, 253.



BAKER, S. L, Act for relief of, 101.

BANKING ASSOCIATIONS, act relative to, 353.

      who may form corporations, 353.

      privileges of corporators, 353.

      rate of interest allowable to, 353.

BENHAM, JOHN A., Act for the relief of, 380.

BENCE, GEORGE, appropriation for, 185.

BIEN, H. M., authorized to administer oaths, 173.

BIRDSALL, FREDERICK, special franchise granted to, 144.

BOARD OF EDUCATION IN STOREY COUNTY, examination of affairs of, 452.

BOARD OF EXAMINERS, act relative to, 135.

      See Examiners.


BONDS, STATE, Act for the issuance and sale of, 82.

      for $150,000, to pay expenses of State government, authorized, 82.

      to be payable in one year from date, 82.

      interest not to exceed 2 per cent. per month, 82.

      how to be executed, 83.

      coupons to be attached, 83.

      Commissioners to negotiate, 83.

      Commissioners to report monthly to Controller, 83.

      duties of State Treasurer, 83.

      to be sold for and redeemed in coin, 83.

      tax set apart to pay principal and interest of, 83.

      faith of the State pledged, 83.

      restrictions on application of tax, 83.

      appropriation for expenses, 84.

      Act to have immediate effect, 84.

      for liquidation of Territorial warrants, 124.

BONDS, OFFICIAL, Act concerning, 401-403.

      See Official Bonds.

BONDS, TERRITORIAL, appropriation to pay interest and principal on, 124, 153.

      See Debt, Territorial.

BOUNDARY LINE, western State boundary established, 133.

      Commissioner to be appointed to continue survey of, 133, 379.

      engineer may be employed, 134, 379.

      expenses to survey limited, 134, 372.

      pay of Commissioner, 134, 379.

      appropriation, 134, 379.

      duties of Commissioner, 134.

      line run to be legal boundary when approved by California, 134.

      Commissioner, how appointed, 134.

      to give bond, 134.

      copy of Act to be forwarded to Governor of California, 134.

      reservation of right to establish different boundary, 134.

      amendatory Act, 379.

      eastern boundary, resolutions relative to, 455.


      See Toll Roads and Bridges.



CAPITOL BUILDING, Secretary of State to contract for rent of, 378.

      appropriation for rent, 378, 380.

      amendatory Act, 379.

CAPITOL LANDS, Act relative to, 366, 367.

      Commissioner to be appointed, 366.

      lands, how located, 366.

      duty of Secretary of State, 366.

      Commissioner to be sworn and give bond, 367.

      Secretary of State to report to Legislature, 367.

      pay of Commissioner, 367.

             See State Prison Lands.

CARSON RIVER, railroad to, from Virginia, authorized, 329.

CEMETERY ASSOCIATIONS, act authorizing the formation of, 176, 180.

      how to be formed, 176, 407.

      certificate to be filed, 176.

      powers of association, 177, 178.

      quantity of land which may be included in cemetery, 177.

      to be surveyed and laid out in lots, 177, 179.

      Trustees to be elected, 178.

      Trustees to make annual report, 178.

      proceeds of sales of lots, how applied, 178.

      penalty for injury to cemetery, 179.

      property, for what purposes received and held, 179.

      cemeteries to be exempt from taxation, 179.

      lots, when to be inalienable, 179.

      restrictions as to right of interment, 180.

      rights of former lot owners protected, 180.

      amendatory act, 407.

CHALLENGES OF JURORS, number of, allowed in criminal cases, 184.

      See Juries and Jurors.

CHINESE, when not allowed to testify, 403.

CIVIL CASES, Acts relative to proceedings in, amended, 84, 99, 184, 223, 224, 270, 345.

CITIES, UNINCORPORATED, how provided with policemen, 396.

CITIES AND TOWNS, Act providing for the disincorporation of, 132.

      Boards of County Commissioners may disincorporate, 132.

      notice of application to be given, 132.

      rights, penalties, and forfeitures not to be affected by dissolution, 132.

      Trustees may be appointed, 132.

      Trustees to take oath and give bond, 132.

      power of Trustees, 132.

      Trustees to report their proceedings, 133.

      Trustees to pay over money collected and settle, 133.

      Trustees, compensation of, 133.

      annual revenue to be paid to Board of Commissioners, 133.

      moneys, how to be appropriated, 133.

      inconsistent Acts repealed, 133.

             See Streets and Alleys.

CLAIMS AGAINST THE STATE, how made and allowed, 135.

      See Examiners.


      to be provided with offices, 368.

      to account to State Treasurer, 406.

CLERKS OF ASSEMBLY, duties of, 102, 103.


      to receipt for fees when required, 406.

      to account and pay dues, 406.

COLORED PERSONS, excluded from public schools, 426.

COMPENSATION, of members of Legislature, 97.

      of State officers, 97.

      how and when paid, 97.

      duty of Controller to draw warrants for same, 97.

      of jurors, 447.

COMMISSIONERS, of State prison, to give information, 451.

COMMISSIONERS OF DEEDS, Act providing for appointment of, 130.

      Governor to appoint, 130.

      to continue in office four years, 130.

      powers of, 130.

      to take oath of office, 130.

      when residents of the United States to take official oath of this State, 130.

      to be furnished copy of law by Secretary of State, 130.

      fee to be paid by, for commission, 130.

      application of fees, 131.

      repeal of Territorial act, 131.

      section four of Act of February four, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, requiring official oath, repealed, 152.


      See State Prison.

COMPLAINTS IN CIVIL CASES, how to be endorsed, 345.

      to accompany summons, 345.

      summons, how to be served, 345.

      conflicting provisions repealed, 345.

CONGRESS, members of, congratulated, 466.



CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, appropriation to pay expenses of reporting and publishing debates of, 168.

      six hundred copies of debates to be printed, 168.

      account of reporter to be audited by Board of Examiners, 168.

      printing of reports to be contracted for by Hon. J. Neely Johnson, 168.

      copies, how to be distributed, 168.

      no claim to be paid until services are rendered, 169.

      expenses for telegraphing to Washington provided for, 187.

      appropriation to pay attaches of, 324.

CONTEMPTS AND TRESPASSES, Act for the punishment of, 398.

      parties re-entering lands after dispossession to be deemed guilty of contempt, 398.

      proceedings in cases of, 398.

CONTINGENT FUND, for Senate and Assembly, 129.


      See Specific Contracts.

CONTROLLER, STATE, authorized to appoint deputy, 164.

      compensation of deputy, 164.

      to be furnished with office, 368.

      to countersign bonds, 83.

      to require blanks from public printer, 91.

      pay for treasury orders, 93.

      to draw warrants for Printer’s bills, 94.

      to draw warrants for pay of Members of Legislature, 97.

      entries to be made by in regard to docket fees, 98.

      to give warrants for salaries of Judges of Supreme Court, 125, 98.

      to draw warrants for salaries, 127.

      restrictions as to Territorial officers, 127.

      to draw warrants for pay of Boundary Commissioners, 134.

      duty of, to permit examination of books, 135.

      Director of State Library, 154.

      to sign Territorial bonds, 155.

      to keep account of bonds, 155-6.

      to examine warrants and bonds, 157.

      warrant to be drawn by, 168.

      to be State Land Commissioner, 173.

      to draw warrant for telegraphing State Constitution, 187.

      to keep accounts of military property, 195.

      to be member of Board of Military Auditors, 203.

      to be State Prison Commissioner, 51.

             See State Prison.

      settlement of County Treasurers with, 300, 304.

      blanks to be prepared by, 305.

      power of in regard to stamp duties, 318.

      duty of, to procure dies for stamps, 318.

      duty of to deposit stamps with State Treasurer, 319.

      to draw warrants, 324.

      to draw warrants for Clerk of State Treasurer, 326.

      to draw warrants, 326.

      to receive and file statement of Governor’s Private Secretary, 355.

      to draw warrant for State Land Commissioner, 367.

      to be provided with office, 368.

      to draw warrants for rent of Capitol offices, 378, 379.

      to draw warrant for John A. Benham, 380.

      to receive military reports from Adjutant General, 390.

      to receive Territorial warrants and issue new warrants, 393.

      warrants on State Prison Fund, 400.

      pay for Supreme Court decisions, 405.

      pay of State Geologist, 409.

      accounts relative to School Fund, 415.

      report to Board of Education, 415.

CORRECTION, of enrolled bill, authorized, 460.

CORPORATIONS, general Act relative to, 359-365.

      objects of, specified, 359.

      who may form companies, 359.

      certificate to be filed and recorded, 359.

      contents of certificate, 359.

      copy of certificate to be evidence, 359.

      powers and privileges conferred, 359.

      election of Trustees, 360.

      Trustees to be sworn, 360.

      mode of electing Trustees, 360.

      Trustees may be expelled from office, 360.

      effect of failure to elect Trustees, 360.

      majority of Trustees to form quorum, 361.

      first meeting, how called, 361.

      stock to be deemed personal property, 361.

      shares, how transferable, 361.

      shares of married women, how controlled, 361.

      assessments, how made and collected, 361.

      stocks held in trust may be represented, 362.

      pledged stocks may be represented, 362.

      restrictions upon dividends, etc., 362.

      debts not to exceed the amount of stocks paid in, 362.

      individual liability, when to be incurred, 362.

      issuance of bills, etc., as money prohibited, 362.

      books to be kept and open for inspection of stockholders and creditors, 362.

      who may require certified copies of entries, 363.

      effect of copies as evidence, 363.

      penalty for false entries or omission of entries, 363.

      capital stock may be increased or diminished, 363.

      proceedings in such cases, 363.

      dissolution of corporations, how effected, 364.

      proceedings to change place of business, 364.

      corporations already formed, how managed, 365.

      interests of owners to be regulated by former rules and by-laws, 365.

      companies may regulate mode of subscription, 365.

      district mining laws to be in force, 365.

      expenses of incorporation, how to be charged, 365.

      mining incorporations, on dissolution of, how interests to be arranged, 365.

      former territorial acts repealed, 365.

      when may be removed from California to this State, 186.

             See Railroads, Masons and Odd Fellows, Toll Roads, etc.

CORONERS, fees of, 337, 338.

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, Act creating Boards of, 257-263.

      when to be elected, 257.

      number of, how determined, 257.

      term of office of, 257.

      qualifications of, 257.

      to take oath of office, 258.

      regular meetings of, when to be held, 258.

      special meetings, how called, 258.

      majority to form quorum, 258.

      who to be clerk, 258.

      who to preside at meetings, 258.

      compensation of Clerk, 258.

      records, where to be kept, 258.

      powers and jurisdiction of, 258-9.

      allowance of demands by, 259.

      accounts, how paid, 259-60.

      duties of Auditor, 260.

      when warrants not to be drawn, 260.

      Commissioners to be a Board of Canvassers, 261.

      may require new bonds of officers, 261.

      may require monthly accounts, 261.

      statement of finances to be published, 261.

      county expenses not to exceed revenue, 261.

      pay of Commissioners, 262.

      vacancies in Board, how filled, 262.

      vacancies in county and township offices, how filled, 262.

      District Attorney to attend meetings of Board, 262.

      District Attorney not to advocate claims against county, 262.

      who may oppose allowances, 262.

      Commissioners not to be interested in contracts, 262.

      when suits may be brought against counties, 262.

      unaudited claims, when to be presented, 263.

      claims, when not to be allowed, 263.

      rejected claims not to be reconsidered, 263.

      seal established, 263.

      power to administer oaths, 263.

      effect of tie vote, 263.

      Act of Nov. 28, 1861, repealed, 263.

      power of in regard to streets and alleys of unincorporated towns, 355.

      power to apportion county revenues, 376.

      not to interfere with special funds, 376.

      authority to build or purchase county buildings, 377.

      may impose special tax, 377.

      may issue bonds, 377.

COUNTY AUDITORS, fees of, 339.

      See Revenue and County Commissioners.

COUNTY CLERKS, fees of, 334.

      See Courts, County Commissioners and Revenue.

COUNTY WARRANTS, when not presented after six months’ notice, when payable, 351.

COUNTY BUILDINGS, proceedings for building or purchasing, 377.

COUNTY SURVEYOR, fees of, 391.

      to report to Surveyor-General, 412.


      See Assessors and Revenue.

COUNTY OF NYE, boundaries of changed, 352.

COURTS, terms of Supreme Court, 148.

      terms of District Courts, 131, 148-9.

COURTS OF JUSTICE, Act concerning, 110-119.

      establishment of, 110.

      Supreme Court—

            Supreme Court, how constituted, 110.

            Justices of Supreme Court, how chosen, 110.

            Chief Justice, how designated, 110.

            vacancies on Supreme Bench to be temporarily filled by the Governor, 110.

            successor to be chosen at the next general election, 110.

            appellate jurisdiction of Supreme Court, 110.

            jurisdiction of review, 111.

            what writs may be issued by Supreme Court, 111.

            powers of Court on appeal, 111.

            terms of Court, when to be held, 111.

            continuance of terms, 111.

            quorum of Supreme Court, 111.

            cases, when to be re-argued, 111.

            sessions, where to be held, 111.

            expenses, how provided, 111.

            opinions of Judges to be in writing and recorded, 111.

      District Courts—

            nine judicial districts established, 112.

            when District Judges to be elected, 112.

            three Judges to be chosen in First District, 112.

            Judges to take oath of office, 112.

            to reside in their respective districts, 112.

            twelve months residence before election required, 112.

            business in First District, how conducted, 112.

            original jurisdiction defined, 112.

            appellate jurisdiction of appeals from inferior courts, 112.

            power to issue writs to enforce jurisdiction, 112.

            terms to be held at county seats, 113.

            court rooms, how provided, 113.

            duration of terms regulated, 113.

            business at chambers, —.

            when Judge may hold courts in other districts than his own, 113.

            rules of practice may be established, 113.

            Judges not to charge juries on matters of fact, 113.

            decisions, if required, to be reduced to writing and exceptions noted, 113.

            District Courts to have jurisdiction of public offenses, 113.

            probate powers of District Courts, 114.

      Justices’ Courts—

            Justices’ Court, by whom held, 114.

            jurisdiction of, 114, 347.

            jurisdiction not to extend to title of real estate, or mining claims, or boundary of land, 115.

            criminal jurisdiction of, 115.

            official term of Justices of the Peace to be two years, 115.

            first election to be held in one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, and every two years thereafter, 115.

            vacancies, how filled, 115.

            Justices of the Peace to take oath and execute bond, 115.

      Recorders’ Courts—

            jurisdiction of, 115.

            where and by whom to be held, 115, 116.

            Recorders, how chosen, 116.

            official term of, 116.

            to take oath, 116.

            compensation of, 116.

            powers and duties of, 116.

            may issue legal process, 116.

            courts of, to be always open, 116.

      General Provisions—

            what courts to be courts of record, 116.

            sittings of courts to be public, 116.

            trials in divorce cases may be private, 116.

            power of courts to preserve order, preserve obedience, etc., 116.

            when Judges are disqualified, 116.

            Judge not to act as attorney or counsel, 117.

            judicial officers not to have law partners, 117.

            Judges not to be absent from the State longer than three months, 117.

            when courts may be held, 117.

            days on which courts may not be held, 117.

            terms of court, where to be held, 117.

            Justices’ Courts, where to be held, 117.

            when Judge does not attend, Sheriff or Clerk may adjourn court from day to day for one week, 117.

            when to be adjourned till next term, 117.

            when place of holding court may be changed, 117.

            parties may be required to attend at place of adjournment, 117.

            courts of record to have seals, 117.

            inscriptions on seals of District Courts, 118.

            when private seals may be used, 118.

            Clerk to have possession of seal, 118.

            what papers required to be sealed, 118.

            how seal to be impressed, 118.

            application for orders in pending cases not to be renewed, 118.

            renewal of application to be punished as contempt, 118.

            extent of certain powers of Judges, Clerks, Justices of the Peace, and Recorders, 118.

            vacancy in office of Judge, or failure of term, not to affect cases pending, 118.

            judicial proceedings to be conducted in the English language, 118.

            repeal of inconsistent and conflicting Acts, 118.

            amendment of Act of January twenty-six, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, —.

            jurisdiction of Justices of the Peace specially defined, —.

            Judges not to be absent from the State for more than ninety days, 185.

CREDITORS, Act relative to, 369.

      See Insolvent Debtors.

CRIMINAL CASES, number of challenges on trial of, 184.

CROMWELL, O., appropriation for, 185.



DAYTON, VIRGINIA AND CARSON RAILROAD, special franchise granted to, 144.


DEBATES IN CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION, publication of, provided for, 168.

DEBT OF STOREY COUNTY, Act providing for payment of, 158.

      See Storey County.

DEBT, TERRITORIAL, provisions for payment of, 155.

      ten pen per cent. bonds to be issued, 155.

      interest coupons to be attached, 155.

      Treasurer and Controller to keep separate records of bonds, 155.

      appropriation for expenses, 156.

      territorial warrants may be converted into State Bonds, 156.

      surrendered warrants, how to be endorsed, 156.

      special tax levied for payment of interest and principal, 156.

      surplus after payment of interest to be applied to principal, 156.

      proposals for surrender of bonds to be invited, 157.

      record of condition of bonds and warrants to be kept by Treasurer, 157.

      duty of Governor and Controller, 157.

      Treasurer to prepare abstract for the Legislature, 157.

      notice of readiness to issue bonds to be published, 157.

      certain indebtedness excepted, 158.

      Territorial Acts repealed, 158.

DEBTORS, INSOLVENT, Act relative to, 369.

      See Insolvent Debtors.

DECISIONS OF SUPREME COURT, Act providing for report of, 404-405.

      Judges to render written decisions, 404.

      each Judge to prepare his own opinions for publication, 404.

      to make index of cases, 404.

      Judges to be commissioners to contract for printing reports, 404.

      general index to be added to each volume, 404.

      table of cases to be prefixed, 404.

      three hundred volumes to be furnished to the State, 404.

      Supply of copies for legal profession to be printed, 404.

      price limited to ten dollars per volume, 404.

      contents of each volume, 405.

      size of volume, 405.

      contracts for printing, how to be made, 405.

      security may be required, 405.

      arrangements for transportation, etc., to be made by commissioners, 405.

      clerk to copy opinions, etc., 405.

      pay of clerk for copying, 405.

      appropriation of $3,000, 405.

      accounts, how audited and paid, 405.

      title of reports, 405.

DEEDS, COMMISSIONERS OF, Act for appointment of, 130-152.

DEEDS AND MORTGAGES, when not to be recorded, 303-4.

      See Revenue.

DELINQUENT TAXES, suits for, under old revenue law, not to be interfered with, 257.

DEPUTY CONTROLLER, appointment of, authorized, 164.

      salary of, 164.


DISINCORPORATION of cities and towns, 132.


DISTRICT COURTS, fees of Clerks of, 334.

      terms of, 148-9.

      to have jurisdiction of all matters in Territorial Probate Courts, 123.

             See Courts of Justice.

DISTRICT COURT OF FIRST DISTRICT, terms of established, 131.

      four terms to be held each year, 131.

      Court may be held by each of the Judges at the same time, 131.

      presiding Judge, how to be designated, 131.

      Judges to parcel out cases equally between them, 131.

      business at chambers to be apportioned, 131.

      one judge not to interfere with business assigned to another, 132.

      business in other respects, to be conducted as in other districts, 132.

DISTRICT JUDGES, Act to provide for the compensation of, 95, 398.

      first moneys in Country Treasuries to be set apart for, 95, 399.

      special provision for Nye and Churchill counties, 95, 399.

      moneys set apart to constitute Judges’ salary fund, 95.

      County Auditor to draw warrants for salary of Judge, 95, 399.

      fund not to be used for other purposes, 95, 399.

      when money to be transferred from salary fund, 95, 399.

      Act of January 16th, 1865, amended, 398-9.

      surplus moneys to be transferred to general fund, 399.

      absence of, from the State for more than ninety days to vacate their offices, 185.

DISTRICT ATTORNEYS, Act concerning, 386-388.

      election of, to be held biennially, 386.

      duties of, when to commence, 386.

      to give bonds, 387.

      to be public prosecutors, 387.

      salaries of, 387,

      in new counties, how salaries to be fixed, 387.

      duty of to attend Court, and conduct prosecutions, 387.

      Special District Attorney, when appointed, 387.

      duties of prescribed, 387.

      penalty for failure to account and pay over, 387.

      to advise county officers, 388.

      fees of, in addition to salary, 388.

      to attend meetings of Board of County Commissioners, 388.

      not to present or advocate claim against county, 388.

      may be indicted for misdemeanor, 388.

      vacancies, how supplied, 388.

      conflicting Acts repealed, 388.

      Act of February 20, 1864, specially repealed, 398.

      additional powers as to tax suits, 163.

DIVORCE, Act relative to, amended, 99.

      when wife’s proportion of property to be set aside to her, 99.

      husband may be required to pay expenses of proceedings by wife, 99.

      specific property of husband liable for wife’s expenses, 99.

      Act of December 10th, 1862, and other conflicting Acts, repealed, 99.

      trials of divorce cases may be private, 116.

DOCKET FEES, Act requiring the payment of, 406.

      amount of, in civil actions in District Courts, 406.

      amount of, in cases of administration, 406.

      amount of, on appeals to District Courts, 406.

      amount of, on appeals to Supreme Court, 406.

      payment of, necessary to commencement of actions, 406.

      duties of clerks relative to, 406.

      how paid over and accounted for, 406.

DONATION OF LANDS BY CONGRESS, Acts relative to, 173, 366, 376, 349.

DONATIONS, requested from Congress, 453, 463.

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Act for the payment of the debt of, 170-172.

      warrants not to be paid, 170.

      redemption fund created, 170.

      proportion of revenue to be transferred to such fund, 170.

      duty of Treasurer to give notice, 170.

      what bids to be accepted, 171.

      proceedings in considering bids, 171.

      separate account of redemption fund to be kept, 171.

      what claims to be paid out of redemption fund, 171.

      conflicting Acts repealed, 172.

      assessments of, in 1864, legalized, 109.



EDUCATION, constitutional provisions for, 58, 59.

ELECTION JUDGES, fees of, 340.

ELECTION CLERKS, fees of, 340.

ELECTORS, registration of, provided for, 380, 386.

      Boards of County Commissioners to be Boards of Registration, 380.

      books of registry to be provided, 380.

      names of voters to be alphabetically arranged, 381.

      form of registers, 381.

      Boards of Registration to hold six sessions each year, 381.

      agents to be appointed for distant precincts, 381.

      agents to return lists, 381.

      Board to give notice of sessions, 382.

      oath of loyalty to be taken by voters, 382.

      form of oath, 382.

      challenges may be made, 382.

      challenges, how tried, 383.

      registration may be compelled by mandamus, 383.

      naturalized citizens to produce certificate, 383.

      changes of precinct to be noted, 383.

      registration for each year to be completed in October, 383.

      copies for each precinct to be posted up therein, 383.

      special session of Board to hear objections to right of voting, 383.

      copy of objections to be served, 384.

      objections, by whom to be made, 384.

      proceedings of Board in case of objection, 384.

      voter stricken from roll may have his name restored by mandamus, 384.

      meetings of Board to be held before special and municipal elections, 384.

      members of Board of Registration to take oath, 384.

      who to be Clerk of Board, 384.

      copies of register for each precinct to be made out and certified, 384.

      pay of members and Clerk of Board, 385.

      double pay not allowed, 385.

      election precincts, how established, 385.

      Inspectors and Clerks of Election, how appointed, 385.

      authority to administer oaths, 385.

      poll books to be provided, 385.

      notices of election, how given, 385.

      form of notices, 385.

      Sheriff to post notices, 385.

      Tax Collector to attend meetings of Board of Registration, 386.

      poll tax may be received at time of registration, 386.

      payment of poll tax a condition of registration, 386.

      liability for poll tax, 386.

      persons not registered prohibited from voting, 386.

      penalty for illegal voting, 386.

EMPLOYEES OF LEGISLATURE, number, duties, and compensation of, 101.


ENGINEER, of boundary survey, 134, 379.

ENLISTMENTS, Act to encourage, 389, 394.

      soldiers’ fund constituted, 389.

      fund, how paid out, 389.

      bounties, 390.

      affidavit of officers to be filed, 390.

      Adjutant General to certify, 390.

      payments, how made, 390.

      muster roll to be filed, 390.

      Adjutant General to certify, 390.

      final statement, 391.

      extra pay, when allowed, 391.

      State bonds to be issued, 391.

      interest provided for, 391.

      demand against soldiers’ fund, how audited, 391.

      sale of bonds, how made, 391.

      restrictions on sale of bonds, 392.

      redemption of bonds, 392.

      surrender of bonds, 392.

      duty of Treasurer to provide for interest, 392.

      Treasurer to give special bond, 392.

      transfer of moneys to soldiers’ fund, 393.

      State warrants to be issued in place of Territorial warrants, 393.

      Act of February 20, 1864, repealed, 393.

ESMERALDA COUNTY, Act authorizing County Commissioners to procure records from Mono County, Cal., repealed, 94.

      corporations, in certain cases, may be removed to, 186.

EVIDENCE, Negroes allowed to testify, 403.

      Indians and Chinese prohibited, 403.

EXAMINERS, Board of, how constituted, 135.

      to examine books and papers of Controller and Treasurer, 135.

      to count moneys in the Treasury at least every month, 135.

      to file and publish, monthly, an affidavit showing condition of Treasury, 135.

      Controller and Treasurer required to allow examination to be made, 135.

      to examine claims against the State, 135.

      claims, how to be presented, 135.

      if approved, how to be indorsed and disposed of, 135.

      appeals to the Legislature allowed, 136.

      mode of appealing, 136.

      Governor to be Chairman of Board, 136.

      attendance of witnesses may be compelled, 136.

      fees allowed to witnesses, 136.

      rules of proceedings may be established, 136.

      authority to administer oaths, 136.

      depositions may be taken, 136.

      penalty for perjury, 136.

      semi-monthly meetings to be held, 136.

      majority of Board to constitute quorum, 136.

      to audit claims for office-rent, 368.

      to examine and audit accounts for publishing laws, 405.

EXECUTION, property exempt from, 224.

      exemption from of homesteads, 225.

      redemption from sales on, 400.

EXTRA PAY, for volunteer soldiers, 389.



FEES, Act relative to, 333-343.

      of Clerk of Supreme Court, 333.

      of County Clerk, 334.

      of Recorders, 335.

      of Sheriffs, 208, 336.

      of Coroners, 337.

      of Constables, 208, 338.

      of witnesses, 339.

      of jurors, 339.

      of County Auditors, 339.

      of Judges and Clerks of Election, 340.

      of Justices of the Peace, 340.

      of interpreters and translators, 341.

      of County Surveyors, 341.

      of Notaries Public, 341.

      other fees than those specified not to be charged, 341.

      fee books required to be kept, 341.

      quarterly returns of fees to be made, 342.

      Grand Jury to be charged with inquiry, 342.

      penalty for violations of Act, 342.

      list of fees to be posted up, 342.

      penalty for failure to post up, 342.

      costs of publication, by whom paid, 342.

      fees payable in advance, 342.

      meaning of term “folio” defined, 342.

      double mileage prohibited, 343.

      attorneys, etc., not to receive fees, 343.

      fees not allowed for administering oath of office, 343.

      mileage, how to be computed, 343.

      conflicting acts repealed, 343.

      fees in Controller’s office, arising from foreign insurance companies, to be paid into Treasury, 144.

      docket fees, 406.

      fees of Controller for insurance certificates, 107.

FISCAL YEAR OF NEVADA, when to commence, 57.

FIRE DEPARTMENT FUND, Act for the creation of, 328.

      power of County Commissioners relative to, 328.

      how tax to be levied, collected, kept and paid out, 329.

      to what uses applied, 329.

      debts not to be created, 329.

      special intention of Act, 329.

FIRE DEPARTMENT OF VIRGINIA, Act for the relief of, 81.

      fund set apart, 81.

      amount to be set apart annually, 81.

FIREMEN, ENROLLED, exempt from jury service, 347.

FOLIO, legal meaning of, 342.


      unlawful entries prohibited, 160.

      possession in cases of unlawful entry to be restored by legal proceedings, 160.

      what to be considered unlawful holding over, 160.

      who to be deemed guilty of unlawful detainer, 161.

      demand for possession, how to be made, 161.

      terms of monthly leases, how to be changed, 161.

      tenancy from month to month, how terminated, 161.

      complaints, what to set forth, 161.

      when defendant to be deemed guilty of fraud, 161.

      in cases of fraud, defendant may be arrested, 162.

      proofs required in actions of forcible entry, or forcible detainer, 162.

      who to be parties to proceedings, 162.

      judgment against married woman, how far valid, 162.

      character of judgment to be rendered, 162.

      proceedings on trial to be as in other cases, 162.

      provisions of Territorial law repealed, 163.

FOREIGN INSURANCE COMPANIES, Act relative to, 104-109.

      to file authority of powers with Secretary of State, 104.

      to file bonds, 104.

      conditions of bonds, 104.

      to render statement to County Treasurers, 105.

      contents required in statement, 105.

      payment of tax to Treasurers, 105.

      who to be deemed agents of insurance companies, 105.

      cases in which separate bonds may be required, 105.

      penalty for violating provisions of act, 105.

      copy of bonds to be filed with State Treasurer, 106.

      separate bonds, when required, 106.

      copy of bonds to be filed with County Treasurers, 106.

      agents to file separate bonds for each company they represent, 106.

      penalty for false statement, 106.

      special deposit of State bonds required, 106.

      in what case other than State bonds may be required, 106.

      power of attorney to be filed with Controller, 106.

      authority conferred by power of attorney, 107.

      bankers with whom bonds are filed to be approved by Controller, 107.

      policies in violation of law to be deemed void, 107.

      certificate of Controller required, 107.

      fees of Controller for certificate, 107.

      bonds deposited, subject to attachment, 107.

      further deposit of securities, when to be required, 107.

      other than State bonds, when allowed to be deposited, 107.

      revocation of certificates of deposit, 107.

      relinquishment of business by corporations, how effected, 108.

      license tax, imposed, 108.

      license tax, by whom collected, 108.

      license tax, how paid over, 108.

      penalty for violations of Act, 108.

      conflicting Acts repealed, 109.

      fees received by Controller to be paid to General Fund, 144.

FRANCIS, D. G., leave of absence to, 452.



GAMING, Act to prevent, 169-70.

      penalty for gaming, 169.

      penalty for opening or conducting games, 169.

      proceeds of fines, how appropriated,

      penalty for allowing buildings to be used for gaming purposes, 170.

      Territorial Act repealed, 170.

GEOLOGIST, STATE, office of created, 408.

      survey of State to be made, 408.

      Cabinet of Specimens to be formed, 409.

      report to be made, 409.

      appropriation for expenses, 409.

GOLD HILL, Act to incorporate, 230-37.

      boundaries of corporation, 230.

      division into wards, 230.

      corporate powers vested in Trustees, 230.

      terms of officers to be one year, 230.

      who eligible to office, 230.

      qualification of voters, 231.

      general election, when to be held, 231.

      elections, how to be conducted, 231.

      officers, when to enter on their duties, 231.

      President of Trustees, how chosen, 231.

      vacancies, how to be filled, 231-2.

      officers to be elected, 332.

      regular meetings, when to be held, 232.

      quorum, how constituted, 232.

      rules of proceedings to be established and journal kept, 232.

      powers of Board of Trustees defined, 232-5.

      officers to be made accountable, 235.

      statement of finances to be made out and published, when, 235.

      assessment and collection of taxes, how conducted, 235.

      effect of tax deeds, 235.

      duties of Treasurer, 235.

      duties of Marshall, 236.

      duties of Clerk, 236.

      ayes and noes, when to be recorded, 236.

      style of ordinances, 236.

      actions, how to be brought, 236.

      fines, how to be recovered, 236.

      appeals, how and in what cases allowed, 236.

      when offices to be held vacant, 237.

      present officers continued till election, 237.

      former official Acts legalized, 237.

      debts and liabilities recognized, 237.

      corporate property, under old charter to rest in new corporation, 237.

      Act of Dec. 17th, 1862, repealed, 237.

      Act to provide for debt of, 332-3.

      additional tax authorized, 332.

      mode of levying and collecting tax, 332.

      redemption fund created, 332.

      notices of proposals to surrender, evidences to be published, 332.

      lowest bids below par value to be accepted, 332.

      what to be deemed lowest bids, 332.

      equal bids, how treated, 333.

      all outstanding indebtedness to be purchasable, 333.

GOVERNOR, powers and duties of, 49-52.

      election of, 66.

      salary of, 64, 97.

      to be provided with office, 368.

      Commissioner to sell State Bonds, 83.

      Commissioner to audit State Printer’s accounts, 93.

      to appoint Commissioners of Deeds, 130, 152.

      to appoint Boundary Commissioner, 134, 379.

      to be member of board to examine accounts against the State, 135.

      to approve Bond of Secretary of State, 149, 402.

      to be Director of State Library, 154.

      to sign bonds for Territorial Debt, 155.

      to examine warrants and bonds in Treasurer’s office, 15.

      to control secret service fund, 167.

      to report expenditure of secret service fund, 167.

      to be member of Board of Land Commissioners, 173.

      to issue patents, 175.

      to issue military commissions, 189, 190.

      to approve Bond of Adjutant General, 191.

      military duties of, 189, 209.

             See Militia.

      to be member of Board of State Prison Examiners, 219, 400.

             See State Prison.

      when to call convention to elect U. S. Senators, 238.

      to certify election of Senators, 238-9.

      to transmit acceptance of Acts of Congress, 349.

      member of Board of Regents of Agricultural College, 349.

             See Agricultural College.

      authority to appoint Private Secretary, 354-5.

      to appoint commissioner to select lands, 376.

      to approve bond of commissioner, 376.

      as to volunteer soldiers, 389, 394.

             See Enlistments.

      to appoint Notaries Public, 407-8.

      to appoint State Geologist, 408.

      to transmit resolutions, 451, 453, 454, 455, 456, 459, 460, 461, 463, 464.

GRAND LODGES, Act for the incorporation of, 188-9.

      See Masons” and “Odd Fellows.”


      See Juries.

GRAND JURORS, to serve without pay, 339.



HAWKINS, D. H., franchise of toll road continued to, with John N. Duddleston, 147.

HISTORIC SOCIETIES, corporations for authorized, 409.

      See Literary Societies.

HOLDING OVER, of leased premises, remedy for, 263.

      See Landlord and Tenant.

HOMESTEADS, Act to exempt from forced sale, 225.

      extent of exemption, 225.

      exemption to run from November 13, 1861, 225.

      selection of, by whom to be made, 226.

      selection of, how to be made, 226.

      declaration to be acknowledged and recorded, 226.

      husband and wife to be joint tenants, 226.

      exemption not to extend to certain liens, 226.

      how abandoned, 226.

      mortgage, when to be held valid, 226.

      signature and acknowledgment of wife, when not necessary, 226.

      proceedings on execution when homestead exceeds five thousand dollars in value, 226.

      disposition of the homestead property on the death of husband or wife, 226.

      when unmarried persons may have the benefit of exemption, 227.

      proceedings to convey when the wife is insane, 227.

      court to dispose of funds when property is sold, 227.

      orders of court may be appealed from, 227.

      exemption not to extend to liability for taxes, 227.

      amounts or sums stated to have reference to gold coin, 227.

HOWLAND, ROBERT, appropriation for, 185.

HOSPITAL OF STOREY COUNTY, investigation of affairs of, directed, 453.

HUMBOLDT COUNTY, Act to provide for the debt of, 327, 328.

      warrants heretofore drawn not to be paid, except as provided, 327.

      redemption fund created, 327.

      revenue to be transferred, 327.

      proposals for surrender of warrants to be advertised for, 327.

      lowest bids to be accepted, 327.

      duties of Auditor and Treasurer when bids are accepted, 327.

      claims accruing before passage of Act to be purchasable from redemption fund, 328

      conflicting Acts repealed, 328.

HUNTER, ALEXANDER, Act for the relief of, 354.

HUSBAND AND WIFE, Act defining the rights of, 239, 242.

      property of wife owned before marriage to be her separate property, 239.

      property of husband to be separate, 239.

      property acquired by gift, etc., to be held separate, 239.

      when not so acquired to be common property, 239.

      inventory of separate property to be recorded, 239.

      supplemental inventory, when required, 239.

      money, rents, and profits excepted, 239.

      inventory to be acknowledged or proved before record, 239.

      inventories of real estate, where to be recorded, 239.

      filing of inventory to be notice of wife’s title, 239.

      not liable for debts of husband, 239.

      exemption, when deemed waived, 239.

      husband to manage wife’s property, 239.

      husband to join in conveyances by wife, 240.

      acknowledgment, how taken, 240.

      sale of property for husband’s benefit to be deemed a gift, 240.

      trustee of wife’s property, when appointed, 240.

      trustee to be subject to removal, 240.

      trustee required to give bond, 240.

      trustee to render accounts, 240.

      court to apportion income and profits, 240.

      husband to have entire control of common property, 240.

      control of bequests, gifts, and devises, to sole use of wife, to belong to her, 240

      courtesy and dower not allowed, 240.

      distribution of common property, 240.

      common property, how chargeable, 240.

      in cases of divorce, common property, how distributed, 241.

      power of Supreme Court in appeal cases, 241.

      debts of wife before marriage, 241.

      persons married prior to passage of law, 241.

      marriage contracts to be acknowledged and recorded, 241.

      where to be recorded, 241.

      record to be deemed notice, 241.

      marriage contracts only to be valid when recorded, 241.

      when minors may marry, 241.

      marriage contracts only to be altered before marriage, 242.

      legal order of descent not to be changed by marriage contracts, 242.

      restrictions in marriage contracts, when not valid, 242.

      when married women may execute powers of attorney, 242.

      effect of conveyances under power of attorney, 242.

      married women may revoke powers of attorney, 242.

      consent of husband not necessary to revocation, 242.

      powers of attorney heretofore executed, 242.

      powers of attorney heretofore executed, when to be held valid, 242.

      rights of third parties not to be affected, 242.

             See Marriage and Divorce.



INAUGURATION OF MR. LINCOLN, resolution of congratulation, 461.

INCORPORATED COMPANIES, may, in certain cases, be removed to this State, 186.

      may prosecute and defend suits, 187.

      removal of to be voluntary, 187.

INCORPORATIONS, Acts relative to, 188, 254, 359, 409.

      See Corporations and Literary Societies. Also, Masons and Odd Fellows, and Toll Roads.

INDEBTEDNESS, TERRITORIAL, provisions for the payment of, 155.

INDEBTEDNESS OF STOREY COUNTY, Act providing for payment of, 158.

INDIANS, not allowed to testify, when, 403.

INSOLVENT DEBTORS, Act for relief of and protection of creditors, 369-375.

      insolvents, how discharged, 369.

      jurisdiction of District Courts, 369.

      petition of debtor, 369.

      statements of petition, 369.

      schedule to be annexed to petition, 369.

      form of oath to schedule, 369.

      order requiring creditors to show cause, 370.

      contents of schedules, 370.

      property exempt to be set aside, 370.

      what property to be delivered to court before meeting of creditors, 370.

      notice to creditors to be published, 370.

      proceedings against debtors, when to be stayed, 370.

      receiver, when appointed, 370.

      assignees, how appointed, 371.

      duties and responsibilities of assignees, 371.

      assignees may sue and be sued, 371.

      suits to be transferred to District Court, 371.

      proceedings in regard to dividends, 371.

      assignees required to account, 372.

      penalty for failure to account, 372.

      if creditors do not attend, property to be surrendered to Sheriff, 372.

      when creditor to be appointed receiver, 372.

      fees of assignees, 372.

      opposition to appointment of receiver, how made, 372.

      creditor may examine debtor on oath, 373.

      questions of fraud may be tried by jury, 373.

      debtors convicted of fraud to be debarred from future benefits of Act, 373-4.

      who to be regarded as fraudulent bankrupts, 374.

      when to be liable for perjury, 373.

      transfers, when deemed fraudulent, 374.

      who to be denied benefit of law, 374.

      concealment of property, 374.

      application for benefit of Act to be personally made, 374.

      property of insolvent, how vested, 374.

      foreign creditors, how represented, 375.

      second applications, how treated, 375.

      proceedings in case of refusal of debtor to surrender property, 375.

      assets to be delivered to assignees, 375.

      assignees to make report, 375.

      District Judge to certify accounts, 375.

      assignments, when not to be held binding, 375.

INSURANCE COMPANIES, Act relative to, 104-109.

      fees received from, how paid over, 144.

             See Foreign Insurance Companies.



JAMES, ALFRED, Act for the relief of, 101.

JOINT RESOLUTIONS, when to go into effect, 90.

JUDGES, when disqualified to try cases, 116.

      absence from State, when to vacate offices, 185.

JUDGMENTS, transferred from Probate to District Courts, 123.

JURIES, Act concerning, 137.

      jury list, how and when selected, 137.

      trial jurors, how drawn, 137.

      separate provision for Storey County, 137.

      Clerk to issue venire for jurors, 137.

      jurors, when to be summoned, 137.

      venire, when returnable, 137.

      venire to be subject to inspection, 137.

      box containing jury list, how kept, 137.

      additional jurors, when to be drawn, 137.

      when not to be summoned, 137.

      how supplied, when not regularly summoned, 138.

      bystanders not to be selected, 138.

      special juries, when allowed, 138.

      special juries, how selected, 138.

      special juries, special provisions for Storey County, 138.

      pannel, how filled up when list is exhausted, 138.

      venire to be issued to Sheriff, 138.

      return of venire, 139.

      penalty for false return of Sheriff or Deputy Sheriff, 139.

      when proceedings to be deemed error, 139.

      expenses of special jury, how borne, 139.

      daily deposit of jury fees required, 139.

      when juries not to separate, 139.

      oath of officer in charge of jury, 139.

      penalty for violation of duty by officer, 140.

      what to be considered error, 140.

      grand jury, how selected, 140.

      grand jury, how supplied when discharged, not summoned, or deficient in number, 140.

      District Attorney may temporarily release grand jurors from attendance, 140.

      when released not entitled to compensation, 140.

      qualification of jurors, 140.

      persons exempt from jury service, 140.

      penalty for non-attendance of jurors, 140.

      conflicting Acts repealed, 141.

      fees of jurors, 339.

      jurors to serve without pay in criminal cases, 339.

JURORS, challenges of, for what cause allowed, 184.

      not to be drawn from militia, 201.

      who exempt from jury service, 347.

      fees of, 339.

      when to serve without pay, 339.

JURY SERVICE, exemptions from, 140, 201, 347.

      voters and tax payers only to serve on juries, 140.

JUSTICES OF SUPREME COURT, Act to provide for the payment of the salaries of, 97.

      appropriation, 97.

      estimate of docket tax to be made, 98.

      amount to be set aside as judicial salary fund, 98.

      in case of deficiency, second estimate to be made, 98.

      excess to be transferred to following year, 98.

      warrants to be issued by Controller, 98.

      certificate of amount received from docket tax to be filed with Controller, 98.

      warrants for fractional quarter, when to be issued, 98.

      absence of Judges from the State for more than ninety days to vacate offices, 185.

JUSTICES OF THE PEACE, fees of, 340.

      courts of, 114.

      jurisdiction of, in civil cases, 114, 347.

      restriction of jurisdiction, 115.

      criminal jurisdiction of, 115.

      official term to be two years, 115.

      first election to be in 1865, 115.

      vacancies, how filled, 115.

      to take oath and execute bond, 115.

      Act of January 24, 1865, amended, 347.

             See Courts of Justices.



LANDER COUNTY, relief to the Sheriff of, 121.

      assessment in, for 1864, legalized, 163.

      Act to provide for indebtedness of, 88, 90,

      old warrants not to be paid, 88.

      redemption fund created, 88.

      proportion of revenue transferred to redemption fund, 88.

      County Treaurer to advertise for proposals to surrender warrants, 89.

      lowest bids to be accepted, 89.

      proceedings to be had by County Commissioners, 89.

      what warrants to be purchased out of redemption fund, 89.

      claim of H. S. Herrick excepted, 90.

      conflicting Acts repealed, 90.

LANDLORD AND TENANT, Act relative to holding over leased premises, 263, 268.

      when action may be brought, 263.

      demand for possession, how made, 264.

      who to be parties defendant, 264.

      when and how terms of lease may be changed, 264.

      what held to be tenancy from month to month, 264.

      when adverse possession has been held for a year, Act not to apply, 264.

      Justices of the Peace to have jurisdiction, 265.

      proceedings on complaint being filed, 265.

      summons, how to be served, 265.

      jury may be allowed, 265.

      cases when and how long adjourned, 265.

      cases when not to be adjourned, 266.

      testimony, how taken, 266.

      judgment, when and how entered, 266.

      verdict may include damages for waste and injury, 266.

      when treble damages may be allowed, 266.

      jurors and witnesses failing to appear, may be fined, 266.

      appeals how taken, 266.

      appeals to stay proceedings, 267.

      want of form not to vitiate proceedings, 267.

      form of summons, 267.

      form of writ of restitution, 267.

LANDLORD, remedy of, to enforce collection of rent, 263.

LANDS DONATED BY CONGRESS, School Lands, Act relative to, 173.

      See School Lands.

      Capitol Lands, 366.

             See Capitol Lands.

      five hundred thousand acres, 376.

      Commissioner to locate, 376.

      bond of Commissioner, 376.

      power of Commissioner, 377.

      Governor to be agent, 377.

      compensation of Commissioner, 377.

      for benefit of agricultural and mechanic arts, 349.

LAWS, publication of, provided for, 368.

      Revenue Act to be printed, 368.

      general Acts to be printed in newspapers, 368.

      copies of, when to be evidence, 368.

             See Secretary of State and Public Printer.

      distribution of, 150.

LAWS AND JOINT RESOLUTIONS, when to go into effect, 90,

LAW REPORTERS, exempt from jury service, 347.

LEFFINGWELL, JAMES, leave of absence to, 453.

LEGISLATURE, compensation of members of, 48, 97.

      employees of, their number, duties, and pay, 101.

      contingent fund of, 129.

LIBRARY, STATE, Act relative to, 153.

      See State Library.

LICENSES, tax for, 398.

      See Revenue.

LITERARY SOCIETIES, corporations for, authorized, 409.

      how to be formed, 409.

      evidence of incorporation, 409.

      powers and privileges of, 410.

      election of Directors, 410.

      failure to elect not to dissolve corporation, 410.

      quorum to consist of majority, 410.

      notice of first meeting, 410.

      limit of indebtedness, 410.

LOYALTY, of Nevada to the Union, pledged, 459.



MAIL, TRI-WEEKLY, from Carson to American City, requested, 454.

      from Austin to Wellington’s Station, 456.

      semi-weekly, from Virginia to Rouse’s Ranch, 461.

MARSH, A. J., accounts of, how allowed, 169.

MARRIAGE AND DIVORCE, Act of 1861 relative to, amended, 99.

      wife’s proportion of property in case of husband’s conviction of felony, or divorce for adultery, 99.

      in proceedings for divorce husband may be required to pay wife’s costs, etc., 99.

      conflicting Acts repealed, 99.

             See Husband and Wife.

MASON & HUFF, appropriation for, 185.

MASONS, FREE AND ACCEPTED, Act for the incorporation of lodges of, 188-9.

MECHANIC ARTS, donation of lands for benefit of, accepted, 349.

MEMORIAL, relative to town sites, 458.

      relative to tax on mill-owners, 465.

MILEAGE, of Members of the Legislature, 97.

      of County Treasurers, 303.

      of Sheriffs, 336, 337.

      of Coroners, 338.

      of Constables, 338.

      of witnesses, 339.

      how to be computed, 343.

MILITIA, Act providing for organization and discipline of, 189.

      Governor to issue commissions, 189.

      military staff of Governor, how constituted, 189.

      Adjutant General, how appointed, 189.

      Adjutant General, his salary, 189.

      Adjutant General, his residence to be at seat of government, 189.

      staff officers, how to be appointed, 189.

      Major and Brigadier Generals, how appointed, 190.

      staffs and divisions, brigades and regiments, how constituted and appointed, 190.

      all military officers to be commissioned and take oath of office, 190.

      duties of Adjutant General, 191.

      to give bond for $25,000, 191.

      Adjutant General ad interim, when to be appointed, 192.

      State property to be turned over by Adjutant General on expiration of office, 192.

      who subject to military duty, 192.

      who exempt from military duty, 192.

      Assessors required to enrol inhabitants liable to military duty, 192.

      correction of roll to be made by Board of Equalization, 192.

      lists to be furnished to Brigadier General or Adjutant General, 192.

      penalty when Assessors neglect to make such list, 192.

      penalty in case of neglect to furnish lists, 193.

      penalties, how to be collected, 193.

      volunteer companies, how to be organized, 193.

      number required to constitute volunteer or independent companies, 193.

      number of other companies, 193.

      constitution, by-laws and rules may be adopted by volunteer companies, 193.

      who to keep records of companies and battalions, 194.

      manner of obtaining arms and equipments, 194.

      armories to be provided by Boards of County Commissioners, 194.

      return of arms may be required, 194.

      arms and equipments to be always subject to inspection, 195.

      expense of repairs to be charged to State Military Fund, 195.

      duty of State Controller to charge value of arms and settle accounts, 195.

      transportation of arms, how paid for, 195.

      arms, when and to whom to be issued, 195.

      bonds to be required of officers for arms, 195.

      penalty for using State arms, 196.

      volunteer battalions, how formed, 196.

      regiments, how constituted, 196.

      duty of commanding officers of volunteer companies, 196.

      officers, how to take rank, 197.

      Brigadier Generals to make muster rolls, 197.

      duty of Major Generals to make division muster rolls, 197.

      originals of muster rolls, to whom to be sent, 197.

      organized militia, how constituted, 198.

      enrolled militia, of whom composed, 198.

      when the militia may be called into active service, 198.

      who may call out troops, 198.

      when volunteers are insufficient, draft may be made, 199.

      drafted companies may be assigned to fill up battalions, 199.

      officers may, when not elected, be appointed by commander-in-chief, 200.

      who to command troops called into service, 200.

      continuance of commissions of such officers, 200.

      penalty for refusing to rendezvous when called out, 200.

      substitutes may be furnished, 200.

      duties and powers of the commander-in-chief, 201.

      exemption from jury service, 201.

      rules of discipline to be same as in United States service, 201.

      courts martial, how constituted and conducted, 202.

      removal or absence of officers, when to create vacancies, 202.

      militia in active service more than one week to be paid, 202.

      return of arms, how to be made, 202.

      penalty for resisting officer collecting arms, 203.

      Board of Military Auditors, how constituted, 203.

      to have a seal, 203.

      how money to be drawn for military uses, 203.

      duty of Board to audit expenses, 203.

      State Treasurer to pay accounts out of military fund, 203.

      Secretary of State to prepare military commissions, 203.

      effect of Act upon volunteer organizations already formed, 203.

      militia to be arranged into divisions and bridges, 204.

      when civil officers may control troops, 204.

      how fines may be collected, 204.

      rules may be made by the commander-in-chief, 204.

      volunteer companies may adopt their own names, 205.

      no person to be a member of two companies, 205.

      fines of minors to be assessed against parent or guardian, 205.

      in the absence of superior officer the next in rank to command, 205.

      authority of officers to be the same as in United States service, 205.

      cashiered officers debarred from holding commissions, 205.

      persons dismissed from service not permitted to join volunteer companies, 205.

      who may grant discharges, 205.

      resignations, how made, 205.

      vacancies, how filled, 205.

      commissions of staff officers, when to be deemed vacant, 206.

      portions of the militia may be disbanded, when, 206.

      uniforms, how regulated, 206.

      instruction in tactics to be same as in United States army, 206.

      list of members of organized companies to be furnished to County Clerks, 206.

      who to act as Provost Marshal of Courts Martial, 207.

      bands of music, how to be provided, 207.

      substitutes, how provided and the liability of, 207.

      members of Courts Martial not liable for damages, 207.

      Courts of Inquiry may be ordered, 207.

      fees of Sheriffs, Constables, and Jailors, 208.

      Adjutant General to have a seal of office, 208.

      hours of military duty, 208.

      exemption from arrest, 208.

      highways not to be obstructed by parades or reviews, 208.

      penalty for insulting officers or soldiers, 208.

      penalty for disobeying orders, 208.

      when battalions may be temporarily organized, 208.

      horses and equipments of officers to be exempt from execution, 209.

      former Acts repealed, 209.

MILITARY DUTY, who exempt from, 192.

MINERAL LANDS, delay of action in Congress relative to requested, 457.

MINES, tax on, 306.

      See Revenue.

MINING, Act for the encouragement of, 228, 229.

      when mining companies may bring suit, 228.

      proportion of money paid, or debts assumed, how fixed, 228.

      who may be joined as defendants, 228.

      how judgment to be rendered, 228.

      what to be specified in summons, 228.

      where suit must be brought, 229.

      service of summons, how made, 229.

      liens, extent and character of, 229.

      sales on execution to be absolute, 229.

      Act of February 20, 1864, repealed, 229.

      actions commenced not to be affected, 229.

MINING AND DRAINING TUNNEL, right of way for, granted to A. Sutro and associates, 128.

MINISTERS OF THE GOSPEL, exempt from jury service, 347.

MINT AT CARSON, resolution relative to, 464.

MOORE, GORHAM H., appropriation for, 152.

MONROE DECLARATION, endorsement of, 460.

MORTGAGES, when not to be recorded, 303, 304.

      See Revenue.



NEGROES, allowed to testify, 403.

      excluded from public schools, 426.

      separate schools may be provided for, 426.

NEWSPAPERS, Act for the purchase and preservation of, 127.

      Recorders to subscribe for newspapers printed in their respective counties, 127.

      copies of such papers to be preserved and bound, 127.

      to be kept subject to examination, 128.

      fees of Recorders, 128.

      penalty for neglect of duty, 128.

      subscription for papers, how paid, 128.

      penalty for abstracting, mutilating, or destroying newspapers in Recorders’ office, 128

NOTARIES PUBLIC, Territorial Act relative to, amended, 407.

      Governor authorized to appoint, 408.

      number for each county, 408.

      term of office of, 408.

      appointment of may be revoked, 408.

      official oath and bond required, 408.

      acts of Territorial Notaries legalized, 408.

      fees of, 341.

NOYES, M. J., leave of absence to, 457.

NYE COUNTY, boundaries of, changed, 352.



OATH, OFFICIAL, of Nevada, prescribed, 60, 96.

      no fees allowed for administering and certifying, 343.

ODD FELLOWS, Act for the incorporation of Lodges of, 188, 189.

OFFICE, unlawful holding of, how remedied, 164.

OFFICES, what officials to be provided with, 368.


      number and titles of, in Senate, 101.

      Doorkeeper in Senate not allowed, 101.

      number and titles of, in Assembly, 101.

      compensation of, 102.

      duties of, prescribed, 102, 103.

      may be removed, 104.

      additional clerks, when allowed, 104.

      date of per diem allowance, 104.

      tenure of former attaches not affected, 104.

OFFICIAL BONDS, Act concerning, 401, 403.

      to be joint and several, 401.

      to what extent obligatory, 401.

      to what uses held, 401.

      defects in substance not to make void, 401.

      proceedings in case of defective bonds, 402.

      by whom approved and when filed, 402.

      insufficiency of bonds of county officers, how remedied, 402.

      additional bonds, when to be required, 402.

      failure to file additional bond to vacate office, 402.

      force of additional bond, 402.

      deficiency of bond of State officers, how remedied, 402.

      effect of new bond, 402.

      number of sureties required, 402.

      sureties required to justify, 403.

      when sureties may be several, 403.

      conflicting laws repealed, 403.

ORGANIC ACT, of Nevada Territory, 23, 31.

OVERLAND MAIL, protection of, recommended, 462.

OVERLAND ROUTE, post offices on, requested from Congress, 454.



PASSENGER TAX, tax on passengers, 304.

      See Revenue.


PAY, of jurors, 447.

PHYSICIANS, exempt from jury service, 327.

POST OFFICES, on overland route, requested, 454.

POLICEMEN, Act to provide, in unincorporated cities, towns, and villages, 396, 397.

      tax authorized, 396.

      boundaries to be fixed, 396.

      assessment and collection of tax, 396.

      police department fund, 396.

      moneys, how paid, 396.

      control of County Commissioners, 396.

      warrants, when to be void, 396.

      construction of Act, 396.

      policemen, how to be appointed, 396.

      special policemen, when appointed, 397.

      powers of policemen, 397.

      when provisions of Act to be in force, 397.

      duty of County Commissioners, 397.

POSSESSORY ACTIONS, mode of maintaining and defending, prescribed, 343.

      occupants of public lands may defend possession, 343.

      working of mines not precluded, 343.

      limit and survey of claim, 343.

      claim to be surveyed and recorded, 343, 344.

      occupation necessary, 343.

      affidavit required, 344.

      absence when allowed, 344.

      prima facie evidence in case of absence, 344.

      when right of possession to be forfeited, 344.

      appropriation of money paid, 344.

      extent of boundaries, how affected by possession, 344.

      what to be deemed public lands, 344.

      inconsistent provisions of former acts repealed, 344.

PRIESTS, exempt from jury service, 347.

PRINTER, STATE, Act creating office of, 90, 94.

      See State Printer.

PRINTING, STATE, investigation of, directed, 452.

PRISON COMMISSIONERS, information required from, 351.

PRISON, STATE. See State Prison.

PRIVATE SECRETARY OF THE GOVERNOR, Act for appointment of, 354.

      compensation of, 355.

      to pay fees into library fund, 355.

      to render monthly statements, 355.

PROBATE COURTS, papers and proceedings in, to be transmitted to District Courts, 123.

      to remain as public records in District Courts, 123.

      judgments and orders of Probate Courts, to be enforced in District Courts, 124.

      actions transferred, to be prosecuted to final judgment in District Courts, 124.

      duty of clerk of District Court to issue citations, 124.

      rights acquired in Probate Courts to be valid, 124.

      act relative to, repealed, 397.

PROCEEDINGS IN CIVIL CASES. See Civil Cases and Courts of Justice.

PROCESS, service of, 270.

      when to be made by publication, 270.

      on non-resident corporations, 270.

PROPERTY, what exempt from execution, 224.

PROSECUTING ATTORNEYS. See District Attorneys.




QUO WARRANTO, Act relative to proceedings of, 164, 167.

      informations by whom and for what filed, 164.

      who may direct the filing of informations, 165.

      of what informations shall consist, 165.

      when informations to be filed, and proceedings thereon, 165.

      trial of, what to determine, 165.

      effect of judgment, 165.

      action for damages may be brought by successful claimant, 165.

      informations may be on the relation of private individuals, 166.

      costs, from what parties collected, 166.

      if corporation be dissolved, trustee to be appointed, 166.

      trustee to give bonds, 166.

      duty of trustee, 166.

      books and papers to be delivered to trustee, 166.

      trustee to file inventory, 166.

      officers of corporations, when guilty of misconduct to be personally liable, 166.

      refusal to obey order of court, to be treated as contempt, 166.

      duty of District Attorneys to enforce Act, 167.

      actions of quo warranto to have precedence, except over criminal cases, 167.

      fees of District Attorney to be taxed by the Court, 167.



RAIL, E. B., appropriation for, 103.

RAILROAD, from Virginia to Truckee River authorized, 180.

      branch to Carson required, 180.

      route of Central P. R. R. Company not to be interfered with, 180.

      franchise to continue twenty years, 180.

      conditions of franchise, 180.

      powers and privileges of corporation, 181, 182.

      right of way granted, 182.

      signs to be put up at crossings, 183.

      rights of the corporation, 183.

      disloyal persons not to be assignees, 183.

      assignments or conveyances to disloyal persons to be void, 183.

RAILROAD, from Virginia to Carson River authorized, 329-331.

      franchise conferred, 329.

      route of road, 329.

      period of franchise, 329.

      conditions of franchise, 329.

      powers and privileges conferred, 330.

      right of way, how obtained, 330.

      corporation under general law, effect of, 331.

RAILROADS, Act for the incorporation of, 427-446.

      corporations, how formed, 427.

      conditions of corporation, 427.

      form of articles of association, 427.

      articles to be filed in office of Secretary of State, 428.

      certified copies to be evidence, 428.

      duty of Directors, 428.

      powers and rights of corporation, 428.

      officers to give bonds, 428.

      books of subscription, 428.

      meetings of stockholders, 429.

      election of Directors, 429.

      qualification of Directors, 429.

      term of office of Directors, 429.

      called meetings of stockholders, 429.

      stock may be reduced, 430.

      removal of officers, 430.

      delay of election not to dissolve corporation, 430.

      Vice President to be chosen, 430.

      pay of officers, 430.

      vacancies, how filled, 430.

      powers of Directors, 430.

      records to be kept, 431.

      duties of Secretary, 431.

      stock to be personal property, 432.

      transfer of stock, 432.

      liabilities of stock, 432.

      payment of debts of corporation by stockholders, effect of, 432.

      subscriptions, payment of, 432.

      notice of assessments, 432.

      form of notice, 432.

      sale of shares, when and how made, 432.

      certificates of stock, 433.

      power to borrow money, 433.

      sinking fund, how created, 433.

      certificate of capital stock to be filed in office of Secretary of State, 433.

      powers and rights of companies, 433-435.

      crossing roads or highways, 435.

      right of way, 436.

      width of right of way, 436.

      depots, shops and materials, 436.

      cities and towns may grant right of way, 437.

      surveys, how to be made, 437.

      limit of ownership, 438.

      guardians may convey, 438.

      proceedings to acquire real estate, 438.

      rights of defendants, 438.

      hearing of controversies, 438.

      owners to be notified, 439.

      publication of notice, 439.

      appearance of defendants, 439.

      when commissioners may be appointed, 439.

      meeting of commissioners, 439.

      pay of commissioners, 439.

      power and duties of commissioners, 440.

      adverse claims, how settled, 440.

      new trials, when granted, 440.

      reports, when confirmed, 440.

      reports to be recorded, 441.

      costs of proceedings, 441.

      defective titles, how cured, 441.

      payment or tender of payment of compensation, 441.

      court to direct payment to parties, 441.

      term “person,” defined, 442.

      clerk to enter minutes, 442.

      companies may consolidate, 442.

      notice of consolidation to be given, 442.

      copy of new articles to be filed, 442.

      damages for want of fences, 442.

      exceptions from liability, 442.

      when company may recover damages, 442.

      regulations of trains, 443.

      penalty for neglect, 443.

      checks to be attached to baggage and packages, 443.

      map and profile to be filed, 443.

      report to be made annually under oath, 443.

      duties of companies, 444.

      when liable for damages, 444.

      arrangement of trains, 444.

      penalty for mis-arrangement, 444.

      liability for violation of printed rules, 444.

      conductor may eject passengers, 444.

      officers to wear badge, 444.

      rates of fare and freight, 445.

      drunkenness, penalty for on the part of officers, 445.

      injury to works of company, penalty for, 445.

      penalty for failure to commence work, 445.

      penalty for false notice or report, 445.

      payment of dividends when company is insolvent, 446.

      existing railroads, how to obtain benefits of this law, 446.

      kind of rail to be used, 446.

      street railroads in cities and towns authorized, 446.

RAILROAD DONATIONS, requested from Congress, 453, 463.

RECORDERS, Act concerning, 351.

      to take oath and give bond, 351.

      present recorder to file bonds, 351.

      power of, to appoint deputies, 351.

      deputies, when to act as recorders, 351.

      fees of, required to be paid in advance, 351.

             See Revenue, (pages 303-304.)

      general fees of, 335.

      when not to record maps or plats, 366.

      when to be ex officio County Auditor, 48.

REDEMPTION, of property sold on execution, 400.

RELIEF, to S. L. Baker, 101.

      to Alfred James, 101.

      to J. H. Tabor, 120.

      to Hiram Welsh, 100.

RENT, remedy in case of non-payment of, 263.

REPORTS of decisions of Supreme Court, 404.

      See Decisions of Supreme Court.

RESOLUTIONS, JOINT, when to go into effect, 90.

REVENUE, Act to provide for State purposes, 271, 324.

      rate of taxation, 271, 272.

      payable in coin, 272.

      when to be assessed, 272.

      taxes to be a lien, 273.

      lien, when to attach, 273.

      property exempt from taxation, 273.

      possessory claims and mines not exempt, 274.

      property to be taxed at cash value, 274.

      meaning of term “real estate,” 274.

      meaning of term “personal property,” ores not to be listed as personal property, 274.

      time of assessment, 275.

      statement to be demanded by Assessor, 274.

      penalty for refusing to give statement, 275.

      when Assessor to estimate property, 275.

      prosecutions for neglect or refusal to furnish list, 275.

      Assessors, when liable for taxes, 275.

      double taxes, when to be paid, 275, 276.

      lists of real estate, how made, 276.

      when in other counties, how property to be assessed, 276.

      stocks, how to be assessed, 276.

      property of companies, where assessed, 276.

      property of deceased persons, etc., 276.

      deductions, when to be made, 276.

      duty of District Judges, 277.

      orders of distribution restrained, 277.

      penalty for making false lists, 277.

      tax lists, how prepared by Assessors, 277.

      form of tax lists, 278.

      maps of towns and cities, when to be made, 278.

      when tax lists to be completed and returned, 278.

      notice of return to be given, 279.

      Board of Equalization, how composed, 279.

      when to meet, 279.

      powers and duties of, 279.

      duties of Clerk of, 279.

      list of additions to assessment to be published, 279.

      hearing in regard to assessments, 279.

      changes to be reported to Controller, 279.

      corrected assessment roll, how made and to whom delivered, 280.

      when to be delivered to Tax Receiver, 280.

      Auditor to charge Tax Receiver, 280.

      Auditor to send statement to Controller, 280.

      County Treasures to be Tax Receivers, 280.

      Tax Receivers to give notice, 280.

      duty of Tax Receivers, 280, 281.

      taxes not to be received for any portion of property less than the least legal subdivision, 281.

      owner of undivided property may pay his proportion, 281.

      statement of levy for delinquencies, when to be entered and filed, 281.

      County Treasurers to apportion tax moneys.

      to file statement with Auditor, 281.

      when and how to make final settlement, 281.

      Auditor to send statement to Controller, 281.

      no fees for statement allowed, 281.

      penalty for neglect of settlement, 281.

      no credit for taxes allowed, 282.

      when and how delinquent taxes may be paid, 282.

      costs, by whom paid, 282.

      ten per cent. penalty, how applied, 282.

      taxes on personal property, how collected, 282.

      notice of sale of personal property to be given, 282.

      fee of Assessor for sale, 282.

      certificate of sale to be made, 282.

      title to vest absolutely in purchaser, 282.

      proceedings when no property can be found, 282, 283.

      fees in such proceedings, 283,

      property to be transferred after citation, 283.

      penalty for transferring property, 283.

      Assessor to make weekly return of collections, 283.

      Auditor to enter payments on assessment roll, 283.

      fees of Assessor for collecting, 284.

      Auditor to deliver delinquent list to District Attorney, 284.

      to publish notice, 284.

      to furnish contents of notice to District Attorney, 284.

      District Attorney to file additional bonds, 284.

      how and where suits to be commenced, 284.

      form of complaint to be filed, 284.

      fictitious names, when to be used, 285.

      summons, what to contain, 285.

      how to be served, 285.

      default, when to be entered, 286.

      judgment, how to be rendered, 286.

      form of notice of suits commenced, 286.

      copy of notice to be filed in Recorder’s office, 287.

      fees of publisher and Recorder, 287.

      Answer of defendant, what it may set up, 287.

      when no answer to be permitted, 287.

      when legality of assessment is involved, proceedings to be transferred to District Court, 287.

      proceedings in District Court, 287.

      delinquent list, of what to be prima facie evidence, 287.

      character of judgment to be rendered, 288.

      judgment to be a lien, 288.

      to be payable in coin, 288.

      debt created against owners of property when taxes thereon are collected from persons not liable, 289.

      penalty as damages to be added, 289.

      what to be prima facie evidence, 289.

      Act in regard to civil proceedings, applicable to suites for taxes, 289.

      deeds, how far evidence of title, 289.

      purchaser entitled to possession, 289.

      smallest quantity of land necessary only to be sold, 289.

      sales for taxes to be absolute, 289.

      when property of minors may be redeemed, 289.

      advertisement of sales in a newspaper not necessary, 289.

      fees to officers, except District Attorney, 289.

      payment of fees in advance not to be required, 289.

      costs required to be taxed, 289.

      when to be apportioned, 289.

      no fees to be paid unless collected from defendant, 289.

      duty of District Attorney to pay over moneys collected, 290.

      penalty for neglecting to account and pay over, 290.

      fees of District Attorney, 291.

      fees of District Attorneys to be taxed and collected as costs, 291.

      Poll Tax—

            who liable to poll tax, 291.

            rate of poll tax to be four dollars, 291.

            Controller to furnish poll tax receipts to Treasurers, 291.

            Treasurers to sign and furnish such receipts to Auditors, 291.

            Auditors to deliver receipts to poll tax collectors, 291.

            no other receipts to be used, 291.

            penalty for using other receipts, 291.

            Assessors, as poll-tax collectors, to receipt to Auditors, 291.

            Assessors to give additional bones when required, 291.

            Controller’s receipts to be the only evidence of the payment of poll tax, 292.

            penalty for improper issue or forgery of receipts, 292.

            collection of poll taxes, how enforced, 292.

            delivery of property sold to vest title in the purchaser, 292.

            debts may be garnisheed on notice to debtor, 292.

            surplus proceeds of sale of property to be returned, 292.

            penalty for refusing to give name, or giving false name, 292.

            penalty for refusing to furnish names of employees, 292.

            proceeds of poll-taxes, how apportioned, 292.

            returns of poll-taxes, when required, 292.

            final settlement, when to be made, 293.

            fees allowed for collection, 293.

            receipts, when to be held invalid, 293.

            roll of poll-tax payers to be kept by Assessors, 293.

            certified statement to be sent to Controller, 293.

            penalty when Assessor fails to make returns, 293.


            Sheriffs to be ex officio collectors of licenses, 293.

            license for billiard tables, 293.

            bowling alleys, 293.

            theatres, 293.

            serenaders, operas, concerts, 294.

            circus, caravan, menagerie, 294.

            figure shows, wire dancers, sleight of hand performances, 294.

            pawnbrokers, 294.

            intelligence offices, 294.

            other licenses required, 294.

            brokers, classification of, 294.

            license per quarter of each class, 294, 295.

            separate licenses required for different places of business, 295.

            bankers, classification of, 295.

            license per month of each class, 295.

            amount of business done required to be stated under oath, 295.

            penalty for under statement, 295.

            when licenses to be procured, 295.

            municipal licenses may be required, 296.

            penalty for doing business without license, 296.

            suit may be brought to recover licenses, 296.

            recovery in civil action to bar criminal prosecution, 296.

            dealers in merchandise and wines and liquors to be classified and pay quarterly license, 296, 297.

            wines and liquors manufactured in the State excepted, 296.

            auctioneers under license also excepted, 296.

            other exceptions, 296.

            dealers in merchandise, 297.

            in wines and liquors, 297.

            in drugs and medicines, 297.

            keepers of carriages and horses for hire, 297.

            mules and horses used for transportation excepted, 297.

            rates of license required, 297.

            retail liquor dealers to pay monthly license, 297.

            rate of license for houses of entertainment outside of towns, 297.

            tavern licenses, 297.

            hotel or innkeepers, 297.

            restaurants, 297.

            boarding houses, 297.

            lodging houses, 297.

            restriction of right to sell wines and liquors, 297.

            such licenses payable monthly, 297.

            traveling merchants, hawkers and peddlers, 298.

            auctioneers’ license, 298.

            traveling merchants, with conveyance, 298.

            sale of fruits from California excepted, 298.

            licenses to be issued by County Auditor, 298.

            when to be exhibited, 298.

            penalty for selling without license, 298.

            period licenses shall run, 298.

            Auditor to provide blanks for licenses, 298.

            license to contain blank receipts, 298.

            Auditor to furnish blanks to Treasurer, 298.

            Treasurer to countersign and deliver to Auditor, 298.

            Auditor to deliver to Treasurer and take receipts, 298.

            licenses not issued to be returned, 298.

            license moneys, when to be paid over by Sheriff, 298.

            receipts to be filed with Auditor and Treasurer charged, 298.

            specific lien, on what created, 299.

            property may be sold on five days’ notice, 299.

            license moneys, how paid over and credited, 299.

            joint statements to be made and published, 299.

            penalty for having or using false licenses, 299.

            penalty for receiving license money without delivering license, 299.

            penalty for inserting name of more than one name or firm in license, 299.

            moneys, how kept by Treasurer, 299.

            by whom received and paid out, 299.

            receipts to be taken and filed with Auditor, 300.

            Treasurers to be always ready to settle with the State, 300.

            when to go to Capital and make settlement, 300.

            penalty for neglect or failure, 300.

            duty of Controller to withhold fees, when, 300.

            report of Auditor to be produced to Controller, 300.

            entries to be made by Controller, 300.

            Auditor to furnish Treasurer with report, 300.

            statement to be produced to Controller, 300.

            settlement not to be made without statement, 300.

            Assessor and Auditor, how paid, 300.

            penalty for using public moneys improperly, 301.

            certain officers to perform their duties separately, 301.

            penalty for exercising the functions of more than one office, 301.

            books and accounts to be open to inspection, 301.

            penalty for neglect of officers, 301.

            officers, when to be removed, 301.

            when to be suspended, 302.

            temporary appointments, when to be made, 302.

            temporary appointees to give bonds, 302.

            when general settlement to be made by tax officers, 302.

            books, etc., to be delivered to successors, 302.

            salaries to Treasurers, 302.

            allowance to counties for collecting State taxes, 302.

            Treasurer’s salary fund, how created, 302.

            surplus may be transferred to general fund, 302.

            Sheriff’s fees as License Collector, 303.

            half of license fee to be paid to Auditor, 303.

            Assessors and deputies to keep account of time of service, 303,

            County Auditors, how paid, 303.

            pay of Treasurer for mileage, 303.

            no fees for collecting school moneys allowed, 303.

            pay of Assessor and Auditor to be apportioned, 303.

            how to be ascertained and settled, 303.

      Deeds, Mortgages, Etc.

            no satisfaction of mortgage, lien or record to be made till taxes are paid, 303.

            mortgages, except for payment of purchase-money, not to be recorded till taxes are paid, 303.

            statement of payment, under oath, to be filed with Recorder, 303.

            penalty for false oath, 303.

            penalty for filing or recording papers without evidence of payment of taxes, 304.

            fees of District Attorneys for enforcing penalties, 304.

            suits for foreclosure, when to be stayed, 304.

            no decree or judgment to be entered till taxes are paid, 304.

      Passenger Tax.

            capitation tax on passengers leaving the State, 304.

            by whom to be paid, 304.

            who to receive tax, 304.

            monthly returns to be made under oath, 304.

            payments to be made monthly, 304.

            statement to be demanded, 304.

            receipts to be given by Sheriff, 304.

            penalty for refusing statement or payment, 305.

            citation, when to be issued, 305.

            refusal to appear to be treated as contempt, 305.

            citation, by whom served, 305.

            on refusal to pay, property to be seized and sold, 305.

            surplus of sale, if any, to be refunded, 305.

            delivery of property sold to be sufficient evidence of title, 305.

            blanks of statements and receipts to be prepared by Controller and furnished to Auditors, 305.

            Auditors to furnish blank statements to Sheriffs, 305.

            statements, when to be returned to Auditor, 305.

            amount collected to be charged to Sheriffs, 306.

            Sheriffs, when to pay over to Treasurer, 306.

            duplicate receipts to be filed with Auditor and forwarded to Controller, 306.

            Sheriffs to be ex officio collectors of passenger tax, 306.

            passenger tax to be paid into State Treasury, 306.


            quarterly tax on production of mines, 306.

            deduction on gross value of ores, 306.

            valuation of ores sent out of the State, how established, 306.

            how assessed per ton when value is not established, 306.

            assessment of mines, when to be made, 307.

            statements to be made by officers of companies under oath, 307.

            books of companies to be open to inspection of Assessors, 307.

            penalty for neglect to furnish statement or give access to books, 307.

            duty of Assessor when owner refuses to give statement, 308.

            certified statement to be sent to counties where mines are located, 308.

            proceeds of mines, where to be assessed and taxed, 308.

            assessment roll of mines to be made quarterly, 308.

            classification of assessment roll, 309.

            form of quarterly assessment roll, 309.

            when to be completed, 310.

            statement to be forwarded to Controller, 310.

            roll to be delivered to Collector, when, 310.

            notice to be given by Assessor, 310.

            demand for taxes, when to be made, 310.

            when not lawful to receive or receipt for taxes, 310.

            delinquent list to be filed with Auditor, 311.

            delinquent list to be verified by Collector, 311.

            delinquent list, when to be filed, 311.

            seizure of property for taxes, how made, 311.

            fees and mileage of Assessor, 311.

            certificate to purchaser, 311.

            title of property sold to vest absolutely, 311.

            penalty for false swearing, 311.

            entry of payments, how made, 311.

            receipts to be given, 311.

            return to Auditor and final settlement, when to be made, 311.

            statement to be furnished to Controller, 312.

            weekly payments to be made to County Treasurer, 312.

            penalty for refusal to make settlements and payments, 312.

            suit, when to be brought against Assessor, 312.

            additional bond to be given by Assessor, 312.

            tax on proceeds of mines, how divided, 312.

            tax to be a lien on mines and mining claims, 312.

            when lien to attach and be discharged, 313.

            fees of Assessor and Auditor, 313.

            Treasurer not allowed fees, 313.

            fees to be apportioned between State and County, 313.

            delinquent list, when to be delivered to District Attorney, 313.

            District Attorney responsible on his official bond, 313.

            actions to be immediately commenced, 313.

            where and before whom to be commenced, 313.

            form of complaint, 314.

            laws applicable in such cases to proceedings, 314-15.

            Treasurers, how and when to settle with Controller for mining taxes, 315.

      Stamp Tax.—

            stamp tax to be levied, 315.

            date of commencement, 315.

            penalty for making, signing or issuing documents without stamps, 315.

            unstamped instruments not to be recorded or filed for record, 315.

            record of unstamped instruments to be void, 315.

            such instruments not to be used in evidence, 315.

            instruments used by State officers need not be stamped, 315.

            penalty for counterfeiting stamps, 315.

            penalty for defacing stamps, 316.

            penalty for restoring defaced stamps, 316.

            stamps, how to be cancelled, 316.

            penalty for using stamps without canceling, 316.

            penalty for issuing documents without stamps, 316.

            unstamped documents to be void, 317.

            exception in favor of title to land purchased by deed duly stamped, 317.

            acceptor of bills of exchange payable in this State to stamp them before acceptance or payment, 317.

            not to be negotiated or paid unless stamped, 317.

            penalty for paying, selling, offering or receiving unstamped bills of exchange, 317.

            State, county and city warrants exempt from stamp duties, 317.

            papers relating to bounties and pay of volunteers, exempt, 317.

            certificates of weight, when exempt, 317.

            deposit notes, when exempt, 317.

            certificates of acknowledgment, etc., when exempt, 317.

            when bond or note is secured by mortgage, but one stamp required, 317.

            unstamped deeds, etc., not to be received in evidence, or recorded, 317.

            stamps may be affixed in open Court, or before Recorder, 318.

            foreign documents used in this State subject to stamp duties, 318.

            Controller to decide in cases of doubt, 318.

            Controller to stamp instruments not chargeable, 318.

            Controller to provide and furnish stamps, 318.

            Controller to take possession of dies, 318.

            Controller to superintend printing of stamps, 318.

            dies, where to be deposited, 318.

            penalty for illegal use of, 318.

            quantity of stamps to be printed, 318.

            appropriation for procuring stamps, 318.

            accounts, how audited and paid, 319.

            stamps to be deposited with State Treasurer, 319.

            State Treasurer to sell stamps and furnish County Treasurers, 319.

            County Treasurers, when and how to settle with State Treasurer, 319.

            unsold stamps to be returned, 319.

            County Treasurer to pay over proceeds of stamp tax, 319.

            County Treasurers to sell stamps, 319.

            commissions allowed to purchasers of stamps, 319.

            receipts, when to be taken from purchasers, 319.

            commissions of County Treasurers, 319.

            proceeds of stamp duties to be placed in general fund, 319.

      Schedule of Stamp Duty—

            affidavits, 320.

            acknowledgments, 320.

            agreement or appraisement, 320.

            assignment or transfer, 320.

            bank checks, drafts or orders, 320.

            bills of exchange, 320.

            bills of sale, 320.

            bonds, 320.

            certificates, 320, 321.

            checks, drafts or orders, 321.

            contracts, 321.

            conveyances, 321.

            endorsements, 321.

            insurance, 321, 322.

            leases, 322.

            mortgages, 322.

            trust deeds and bills of sale, 322.

            pawners’ checks, 322.

            powers of attorney, 322.

            probate of wills, 322.

            letters of administration, 322.

            bonds of executors, etc., 322.

            certificates of appointment of, 322.

            protests, 322.

            deposit notes with insurance companies, 322.

            renewal of, 322.

            quit-claim deeds, 322.

            receipts, 322.

            Sheriffs’ returns, 322.

            satisfactions, 322.

            trust deeds, 322.

            warehouse receipts, 322, 323.

            writs and legal documents, 323.

            official documents used by State officers exempt, 323.


            Collectors to receive and receipt for taxes not collected by Assessors, 323.

            Collectors to collect passenger and license taxes, 323.

            Collectors, general duties of, 323, 324.

            Collectors, fees of, 324.

            Act, when to go into effect, 324.

            office of Collector, when to be abolished, 324.

            salary of Treasurers, how paid, 324.

            repeal of Territorial acts, 324.

            delinquent taxes heretofore assessed to be collected in pursuance of Territorial laws, 257.

RIGHT OF WAY, granted to A. Sutro and associates, 128.

      See Corporations, Railroads, Toll-Roads, etc.

ROAD, TOLL, from Dayton to Virginia City, 140.

      from Galena to Ophir grade, 145.

      in Esmeralda county, 147.



SALARIES, of State officers, 97.

      of Supreme Judges, 88.

      of District Judges, 95.

SALT LANDS, act relative to, 172.

      any person may locate and hold, 172.

      survey to be made and recorded, 172.

      former locations ratified, 172.

      actual possession required, 172.

      what to be deemed abandonment, 172.


SCHOOLS, COMMON, act relative to, 413-427.

      general fund, constituted, 413.

      such fund not to be transferred, reduced or divided, 413.

      interest on, how to be distributed, 413.

      Board of Education, how constituted, 413.

      Board of Education, to have seal, 413.

      Board of Education, description of seal, of where to be filed, 413.

      biennial sessions of Board to be held, 413.

      President may call special meetings, 413.

      who to be Secretary, 413.

      full records to be kept, 413.

      record to be embodied in report of Superintendent, 413.

      moneys, how to be invested, 413.

      Superintendent to be elected quadriennially, 413.

      salary of Superintendent, 413.

      Superintendent to furnish County Treasurer with abstract of apportionment, 413,

      Superintendent to give orders on Controller for school money, 414.

      Superintendent to draw for interest on money invested, 414.

      Superintendent to make annual report to Governor, 414.

      what to be embraced in report of Superintendent, 414.

      Superintendent to prepare forms and instructions, 414.

      Superintendent to supply school officers with copy of school law, 414.

      Superintendent, power of, to convene teacher’s institutes, 415.

      expenses of institutes, how paid, 415.

      Superintendent, duty of, to visit each county annually, 415.

      Superintendent, expenses of, how paid, 415.

      Superintendent to deliver over books and papers to successor, 415.

      State Treasurer to hold school fund as a special deposit, 415.

      school moneys, how and when to be paid over, 415.

      Controller to keep separate accounts of school fund, 415.

      Controller, when to report to Board of Education, 415.

      duties of County Treasurers in regard to school fund, 416.

      reports to be annually made to State Superintendent, 416.

      penalty for failing to report, 416.

      County Superintendents to be elected in 1866, and biennially thereafter, 416.

      County Superintendents to take oath and give bonds, 416.

      County Superintendents to apportion school money, 416.

      County Superintendents to draw warrants on County Treasury, 417.

      apportionment to be made quarterly, 417.

      warrants not to be drawn unless money to meet them, 417.

      County Superintendents, duties of, 417.

      County Superintendents, to visit schools, 417.

      County Superintendents to distribute blank forms, reports and laws, 417.

      County Superintendents to record reports and official acts, 417.

      County Superintendents to report to State Superintendent, 417.

      County Superintendents to preside over and conduct institutes, 417.

      County Superintendents to appoint Trustees in cases of vacancy, 417.

      County Superintendents to draw warrants to buy books for indigent children, 417.

      County Superintendents to subscribe for educational journal, 418.

      penalty for failure to report to State Superintendent, 418.

      in case of delinquency, deduction to be made from salary, 418.

      delinquency for two months to vacate office, 418.

      vacancy in such case, how to be filled, 418.

      teachers’ institutes, when and how called, 418.

      expenses limited, and how paid, 418.

      pay of County Superintendents, how fixed, 418.

      School Trustees, when elected, 418.

      School Trustees, terms of, 418.

      School Trustees may administer oath to each other, 418.

      School Trustees, when to enter on duties, 419.

      vacancies, how filled, 419.

      on failure of election, how appointed, 419.

      School Trustees, Board of, how to be organized, 419.

      School Trustees to meet quarterly, 419.

      School Trustees to be a body corporate, 419.

      School Trustees, corporate powers of, 419.

      School Trustees, not to be interested in contracts, 419.

      School Trustees to cause census of children to be taken, 419.

      School Trustees to report condition of schools, 420.

      School Trustees, duties of in regard to employment and compensation of teachers, 420.

      School Trustees, duty of, to furnish school houses with necessary appendages, 420.

      School Trustees to provide books for indigent children, 420.

      School Trustees to divide schools into departments and provide teachers, 420.

      School Trustees to suspend or expel refractory pupils, 420.

      School Trustees to apportion school fund, 420.

      School Trustees to deliver over books, etc., to successors, 420.

      School Trustees to unite contiguous districts, 420.

      School Trustees to admit pupils from adjoining districts, 421.

      School Trustees, when to levy tax, 421.

      School Trustees to appoint Marshal of school census, 421.

      duty of Census Marshals, 421.

      Marshals, how paid, 421.


            when entitled to compensation, 421.

            to keep registers of pupils, 422.

            tax for additional school facilities, how imposed, 422.

            tax, how to be collected, 422.

            moneys collected, how to be paid over, 423.

            rate bills for teachers may be imposed, 423.

            penalty for refusing to pay rate bills, 423.

            new districts, how organized, 423.

            school property to be exempt from taxation, 424.

            examination of teachers, boards for, how constituted, 424.

            to whom certificates of qualification may be granted, 424.

            effect of certificates of qualification, 424.

            text-books may be prescribed by State Board of Education, 424.

            text-books not to be changed more than once in four years, 425.

            school funds not to be divested, 425.

            State school funds only to be used for payment of teachers, 425.

            annual tax to be levied by counties for school purposes, 425.

            collectors and treasurers not to receive fees on account of school tax, 425.

            county school funds, for what purposes they may be used, 425.

            sectarian books and instruction prohibited, 425.

            colored persons to be excluded from public schools, 426.

            separate schools may be established for colored persons, 426.

            date of school year, 426.

            printing for school department, by whom and how executed, 426.

            State and County Superintendent may administer oaths, 426.

            State tax for school purposes authorized, 426.

            five per cent. of State tax set apart for school purposes, 426.

            Territorial acts repealed, 426.

            proceedings already taken not to be invalid, 426.

            teachers required to take oath of loyalty, 119.

            who to administer oath, 119.

            County Superintendents to require oath, 119.

            teachers not to be employed who neglect or refuse to take oath, 120.

            penalty for paying teachers who have not taken oath, 120.

SCHOOL LANDS, Board of State Land Commissioners created, 173-6.

      warrants for, to be issued, 173.

      how to be issued and by whom sold, 173.

      proceeds of sale to be invested for benefit of school fund, 173.

      on what lands warrants may be located, 174.

      pre-emptions allowed, 174.

      proceedings in case of two or more claimants, 174.

      right of action to enforce conveyance, 174.

      manner of locating warrants, 174.

      Surveyor General to keep record of locations, 175.

      to make quarterly statements to Land Commissioners, 175.

      fees of Surveyor to be paid into school fund, 175.

      meetings of Land Commisaioners, 175.

      Controller to keep account of warrants, 175.

      Governor to issue patents, 175.

      form of patents, 175.

      character of estate conveyed, 176.

      Act not apply to State Prison Lands, 176.

SCIENTIFIC SOCIETIES, corporations of, authorized, 409.

SCHOOLING, JERRY, right to construct road, granted to, 145.

SECRETARY OF STATE, Act concerning the office of, 149-152.

      to give bond, 149.

      bond of, to be approved by Governor, 149.

      bond to be recorded in Secretary’s office, and deposited with Controller, 149.

      to keep his office at the seat of Government, 149.

      office hours to be from 10 A. M. till 4 P. M., 149.

      what documents and papers to be in his custody, 149.

      what deeds, conveyances and bonds to be recorded, 150.

      original papers not to be taken from office, unless in custody of Secretary or his deputy, 150.

      to keep register of Governor’s official acts, 150.

      to attest official acts and affix seal to documents signed by Governor, 150.

      to lay record of Governor’s acts before the Legislature, 150.

      to permit records to be inspected by committees of Legislature, 150.

      to furnish information to the Governor, 150.

      to deliver up office in good order to successor, 150.

      to furnish certified copies of laws and records, on payment of proper fees, 150.

      to superintend printing of laws and journals, 150.

      to furnish copies of laws and resolutions to Public Printer, 91.

      to revise proof sheets of laws and journals, 150.

      to index laws and journals, 92.

      to distribute laws and journals, 150.

      how to make distribution, 150.

      laws and journals distributed to public officers, to remain the property of the State, 150.

      County Clerks to directed in regard to distribution, 150.

      may employ clerks, 151.

      to be ex officio State Librarian, 151.

      to be ex officio Superintendent of Public Buildings, 151.

      duties of, as Superintendent of Public Buildings, 151.

      to make contracts for stationery, fuel, etc., 151.

      to furnish accounts and vouchers for purchases to Legislature, 151.

      expenses of, how audited and paid, 151.

      fees to be charged by, 151.

      fees for copies and transcripts, 151.

      fees for certificate and seal of State, 151.

      fees for recording certificates of incorporation, 151.

      fees for filing and recording official bonds, 151.

      fees for attestation of passports and other documents signed by the Governor, except commissions and pardons, 151.

      fees for searching records, etc., 151.

      fees for attesting commissions, 152.

      members of the Legislature, when not to be charged fees, 151.

      all fees to be paid into Library Fund, 152.

      power of to appoint deputy, 152.

      deputy may be required to give bond, 152.

      duties of deputy, 152.

      salary of deputy not to exceed $200 per month, 152.

      to receive election returns, 219.

      who eligible to office of, 51.

      general duties of, 51.

      to be member of Board of State Prison Commissioners, 51.

      to keep office at seat of Government, 62.

      term of office of, 64.

      when to enter on duties, 66.

      Commissioner to sell State bonds, 83.

      to furnish copies of laws to State Printer, 91.

      to make index of laws, 92.

      to make index of journals, 92.

      to receive fees of Commissioners of Deeds, 130.

      member of Board of State Examiners, 135.

      to be State Librarian, 153.

             See State Library.

      to be State Prison Commissioner, 219.

             See State Prison.

      trade marks and names to be filed in the office of, 268.

      custodian of dies of stamps, 318.

      to file certificates of incorporation, 359.

      to appoint Commissioner to select lands for the purpose of erecting public buildings, 366.

      office to be provided for, 368.

      to furnish copies of laws for newspaper publication, 368.

      to lease buildings for the use of the Legislature and State officers, 378, 379.

      to file bonds of State officers, 402.

      to receive fees of Notaries Public, 408.

      to file certificate of incorporation for literary and scientific societies, 409.

      to file articles of railroad associations, 427.

      custodian of Library, 456.

SECRETARY OF SENATE, duties of, 102.

SECRET SERVICE FUND, appropriation for, 167.

      Governor to draw for, 167.

      account to be made to Senate, 167.

SENATORS, STATE, Act for allotment of, 81.

      divisions into classes, 82.

      manner of allotment, 82.

      first class, when vacated, 82.

      second class, when vacated, 82.

SENATORS, UNITED STATES, mode of electing prescribed, 238.

SERVICE OF PROCESS, when made by publication, 270.

SETH, C. appropriation for, 185.

SHERIFFS, fees of, 336.

      to pay over same kind of money as collected, 85.

             See Specific Contracts and Revenue.

SHERMAN, GEN. resolution of thanks to, 456.

SLAVERY, abolition of, ratified, 457.


      See Enlistments.

SPECIFIC CONTRACTS, judgments must follow the contract or obligation, 84-87.

      executions to require collection in accordance with judgment, 85.

      Sheriff to pay over the kind of money received, 85.

      when notices of sale must specify the kind of money to be received, 86.

      in cases of appeal, bond to be payable in same kind of money specified in judgment, 87.

      tenders must be made in accordance with specified contract, 87.

      Justices’ Courts required to enforce specific contracts, 87.

      when provisions of Act to apply to cases of tax, fine, fee, cost, duty or impost, 88.

      when to apply to implied contracts, 88.

      repeal of parts of Territorial law, 88.

STAMPS, schedule of required, 326.

      See Revenue.

STAMP TAX, provisions relatlve to, 315-323.

      See Revenue.

STATE BONDS, Act for the issuance and sale of, 82.

      See Bonds.

STATE CONSTITUTION, expenses of telegraphing, 187.

STATE GEOLOGIST, office of created, 408.

      See Geologist.

STATE LIBRARY, Act relative to, 153-155.

      what to constitute, 153.

      Secretary of State to be Librarian, 153.

      Librarian to be responsible for safe keeping of Library, 153.

      books and pamphlets to be stamped, 153.

      catalogue to be kept, 153.

      annual report required, 153.

      by whom books may be taken, 153.

      not more than two books to be taken at same time, 153.

      register of books taken and returned to be kept, 153.

      time during which books may be retained, 153.

      books taken by members of the Legislature, when to be returned, 154.

      penalty for injuring or failing to return books, 154.

      fines, etc., how recovered, 154.

      entries of Librarian to be evidence, 154.

      duty of Librarian to bring suits, 154.

      Library Fund, how constituted, 154.

      fees for commissions to be paid into Library Fund, 154.

      quarterly reports of fees for commissions to be made by Librarian, 154.

      Board of Directors of Library, how constituted, 154.

      power of Directors, 154.

      character of books to be purchased, 154.

      rules to be established by Directors, 155.

      restriction to be observed in making rules, 155.

      Directors to report annually to the Governor, 155.

      Governors to furnish reports of Directors to the Legislature, 155.

      conflicting acts repealed, 155.

             See Secretary of State.

STATE OFFICERS, compensation of, 97.

STATE PRINTER, office of, created, 90.

      to be chosen by present Legislature, 90.

      to be elected by the people in 1866, and biennially thereafter, 90.

      election by the Legislature, how certified, 91.

      when elected by the people to be commissioned by the Governor, 91.

      to take oath of office and give bond, 91.

      when to enter on his duties, 91.

      what to be printed, 91.

      what to be published in newspaper, 91.

      number of copies of documents required to be printed, 91.

      Secretary of State to furnish copies of laws and resolutions and index the same, 91, 92.

      time allowed for printing and binding laws, 92.

      Secretary of Senate and Clerk of Assembly to furnish copy of Journals daily, 92.

      Journals to be indexed by Secretary of State, 92.

      time allowed for printing and binding Journals, 92.

      number of copies of Laws and Journals to be printed, 92.

      manner of printing prescribed, 92.

      compensation of State Printer, 92.

      Board of Commissioners created to measure and examine work, 92.

      all claims of State Printer required to be allowed by Commissioners, 93.

      copies of Laws to be furnished to citizens of the State, 94.

      Controller to draw warrants for pay of State Printer, 94.

      printing for legislative sessions to be done at the Capital, 94.

             See Secretary of State.

STATE PRINTING, committee to investigate appointed, 452.

STATE PRISON, Act relative to, 219.

      Commissioners to take charge of prison, 219.

      Commissioners to make inventory of prisoners, 219.

      Governor to be President of Board, 219.

      Secretary of State to be Secretary of Board, 219.

      quorum of Board, 219.

      duty of Secretary, 219.

      power of Commissioners defined, 219.

      first meeting of Commissioners, when held, 219.

      Lieutenant Governor to be ex officio Warden, 219.

      duties of Warden, 219.

      Commissioners to meet requisitions, 219.

      not higher than market prices to be paid for supplies, 220.

      necessary articles may at any time be furnished, 220.

      claims, how to be presented and audited, 220.

      prisoners, how to be employed, 220.

      materials for prison labor, how provided, 220.

      Commissioners to have control of prison labor, 220.

      prisoners, when employed outside of prison, 220.

      direction to Warden in such cases, 220.

      forfeiture for escapes, when not to be incurred, 220.

      State Prison limits defined, 220.

      avails of prison labor, how disposed of, 220.

      quarterly reports required from Warden, 221.

      actions, how to be commenced and maintained, 221.

      proposals for supplies to be advertised, 221.

      Warden to be executive officer, 221.

      his duties as such, 221.

      books and papers to be open to inspection, 221.

      books to be furnished to prisoners, 221.

      Ministers of the Gospel, when admitted, 221.

      prisoners to be held in pursuance of sentence, 221.

      expense of keeping convicts to be certified to Controller, 221.

      prison rules to be posted, etc., 222.

      penalty for violating rules, 222.

      barbarous punishments not to be inflicted, 222.

      work without rations not to be required, 222.

      good behavior entitled to credit, 222.

      credits, when forfeited, 222.

      rules to be made for prisoners by Commissioners, 222.

      Warden to report prisoners’ conduct, 222.

      applications for pardon, how considered, 222.

      vacancy in Warden’s office, how filled, 222.

      Warden to give bond, 222.

      salary of Warden, 223.

      amendment of Act, 400.

      expenses appropriated, 124, 126.

STATE PRISON COMMISSIONERS, information required from, 451.


      See Capitol Lands.

STATE TREASURER, authorized to employ clerk, 326.

      pay of clerk, 326.

      election of, 51.

      term of, 66.

      to cause certain bonds to be prepared, 83.

      to approve State Printer’s Bond, 91.

      to set apart fund for payment of Judges, 98.

      to receive license tax from insurance companies, 108.

      to pay salary of Supreme Judges, 125.

      to set apart contingent fund, 129.

      payment of Boundary Commission, 134.

      bonds for payment of Territorial debt, 155.

      issuance of bonds, 156.

      record to be kept, 157.

      arrangement for interest, 157.

      to give notice, 157.

      to pay out secret service fund, 167.

      to sell school lands, 173.

      to pay certain warrants, 186.

      pay for telegraphing Constitution, 187.

      duties as to Revenue, 271-324.

             See Revenue.

      payment of officers of Constitutional Convention, 324.

      to issue additional bonds, 367.

      to be provided with office, 368.

      to pay rent for Capitol building, 378-380.

      to pay John A. Benham, 380.

      State prision fund, 400.

      Judges’ salary fund, 406.

      pay of Geologist, 408.

      duties in regard to school fund, 415.

STOREY COUNTY, Act to provide for payment of debt of, 158.

      payment of certain warrants prohibited, 158.

      redemption fund created, 158.

      forty per cent. of revenues to be transferred to redemption fund, 158.

      proposals for surrender of warrants to be advertised for, 159.

      lowest bids to be accepted, 159.

      proceedings on acceptance of bids, 159.

      outstanding warrants to be classified, 159.

      preference to warrants of first class, 159.

      legality of warrants to be decided by County Commissioners, 160.

      no warrants to be issued hereafter unless there is money to pay them, 160.

      conflicting and repugnant acts repealed, 160.

      classification of warrants, 186.

      preference given to first-class, 186.

      District Court of, 131.

             See District Court.

      Board of Education in, affairs of examined, 452.

      Hospital, investigation of the affairs of, 453.

STREETS AND ALLEYS, how improved in unincorporated towns and villages, 355.

      petition of property owners, 355.

      proceedings by County Commissioners, 356.

      form of notice to be given, 356.

      objections to be heard, 356.

      proceedings on granting prayer of petition, 356.

      contract, how made, 357.

      when next lowest bidder may be accepted, 357.

      special assessment to be made, 357.

      what tax to be levied, 357.

      notice of special tax to be given, 357.

      duties of clerk, 357.

      delinquent list to be made, 358.

      District Attorney to commence suit, 358.

      provisions of revenue law to be applicable, 358.

      moneys, how paid over, 358.

      taxes to be a lien, 358.

      contracts, how paid, 358.

      clerk to receive no fees, 358.

SUMMONS IN CIVIL CASES, how served, 345.


      See Schools.

SUPREME COURT, salaries of the Judges provided for, 97.

      terms of, 148.

             See Courts of Justice.

      fees of the clerk of, 333.

      publication of decisions of, 404.

             See Decisions of Supreme Court.

SUPREME JUDGES, to be provided with offices, 368.

      salaries of, absence of, from the State, when to vacate office, 185.

SURVEYOR-GENERAL, salary of, 97.

      Act concerning the office of, 411, 412.

      power of to appoint Deputy, 411.

      to make map of the State, 411.

      what to describe on map, 411.

      when to run county boundaries, 411.

      to preserve books, etc., 411.

      to be Chief Engineer and Commissioner of Internal Improvements, 411.

      when to report, 411.

      contents of report, 412.

      to obtain reports from County Surveyors and Assessors, 412.

      duty of County Surveyors, 412.

      duty of railroad and toll-road companies, 412.

      appropriations to be made for expenditures, 412.

SURVEYORS, COUNTY, to report to Surveyor-General, 412.

      fees of, 341.

SUTRO, A., right of way granted to, 128.



TABOR, J. H. relief to, 120.

TEACHERS OF COMMON SCHOOLS, required to take oath of loyalty, 119.

      See Schools.

TELEGRAPHING, of State Constitution, 187.

TENANTS, how dispossessed when holding over, 263.

TERMS OF COURTS, of the Supreme Court, 148.

      of the District Courts, 148-9.

TERMS OF STATE SENATORS, Act providing for, 82.


TERRITORIAL INDEBTEDNESS, Act providing for the payment of, 155-158.

      See Debt.

TOLL ROADS AND BRIDGES, Act to provide for constructing and maintaining, 254-256

      certificate to be made, acknowledged and recorded, 254.

      statements to be contained in certificate, 254.

      plat of route to accompany certificate, 254.

      record to be constructive notice, 254.

      work, when to be commenced, 254.

      rights conferred on corporation, 254.

      term of franchise acquired, 254.

      when franchise may be purchased by county, 254.

      rates of toll to be posted on gates, 254.

      proceeds of fines, how applied, 254.

      right of entry upon private lands, 255.

      mode of obtaining right of way, 255.

      appeal from finding of appraisers, 255.

      forfeiture of franchise, how incurred, 255.

      forfeiture of franchise, how enforced, 255.

      owners liable for damages, 255.

      penalty for avoiding payment of toll, 255.

      proceeds of penalties to go to School Fund, 255.

      quarterly reports to be made to Controller, 255.

      franchise, how to vest on expiration of charter, 256.

      franchise, extension of, may be granted, 256.

      how rates of toll may be reduced, 256.

      special franchise may be located under general law, 256.

      toll-bridges subject to same provisions as toll-roads, 256.

      width of right of way, 256.

      roads established not to be interfered with, 256.

      Attorney General to ascertain what toll-roads have failed to pay special tax, 352.

      Attorney General to notify owners and commence proceedings, 352.

      roads to be kept in good repair, 271.

      franchise forfeited by failure, 271.

TOLL-ROADS, from Dayton to Virginia, 144.

      from Galena to Ophir grade, 145.

      in Esmeralda county, 147.

TOWNS, disincorporation of, 132.

      See Cities and Towns.

TOWNS, UNINCORPORATED, policemen, how provided, 396.

      improvement of streets, how made, 355.

TOWN SITES, memorial relative to, 458.

TRADE MARKS AND NAMES, Act relative to, 268, 270.

      restriction on the use of, 268.

      claim to be filed in office of Secretary of State, 268.

      fee of Secretary of State, 268.

      penalty for using unlawfully, 268.

      penalty for counterfeiting, 269.

      for using old casks, etc., with trade marks of another, 269.

      for aiding, abetting, etc., 269.

      construction of Act, 269.

      who held to be original owner, 269.

      affidavit of exclusive ownership required, 269.

      remedy by injunction given, 270.

      evidence on trial, 270.

      witnesses not disqualified, etc., 270.

TRANSFER, of proceedings in Probate Courts to District Courts, 123.

TREASURER, STATE. See State Treasurer.

TREASURER, COUNTY. See County Treasurer.

TRESPASSES, act relative to, 398.

      (See Contempts and Trespasses.)



UNITED STATES SENATORS, when to be elected, 48, 238.

      to be elected in Joint Convention of Senate and Assembly, 238.

      manner of election, 238.

      a majority required to elect, 238.

      restriction on the action of Joint Convention, 238.

      when the Governor to convene Joint Convention, 238.

      who to preside over Joint Conventions, 238.

      election, how to be certified, 238.

      credentials, by whom issued, 238.

      temporary appointment may be certified by telegraph, 239.

UNLAWFUL DETAINERS, Act relative to, 160-163.

      See Forcible Entries, Etc.



VILLAGES, UNINCORPORATED, improvement of streets in, 355.

      policemen in, how provided, 396.

VIRGINIA, Act to provide for indebtedness of, 121-123.

      Treasurer not to pay certain warrants, 121.

      redemption fund created, 121.

      moneys to be transferred to redemption fund, 121.

      fund to be used for purchase of warrants, 121.

      sealed proposals to be invited, 121.

      proposals, when to be opened, 121.

      lowest bids to be accepted, 121.

      bids to be accompanied by warrants proposed to be surrendered, 121.

      redeemed warrants to be canceled, 122.

      what to be deemed lowest bids, 122.

      warrants accompanying bids not accepted to be returned, 122.

      separate account of redemption fund to be kept, 122.

      indebtedness which may be purchased with redemption fund, 122.

      claims otherwise provided for, 122.

      bonds, etc., not to be purchased unless redemption authorized by law, 123

      inconsistent and repugnant Acts repealed, 123.

      amendatory Act, 325.

      Act for the incorporation of, 209, 218.

      boundaries of, 209.

      city government, how constituted, 209.

      officers to be chosen, 209.

      general powers of corporation, 209, 210.

      division of into wards, 210.

      election and term of city officers, 210.

      who not eligible to office, 210.

      qualification of voters, 210.

      general election, when to be held, 210.

      officers, when to commence duties, 211.

      President of Board of Aldermen to be elected, 211.

      vacancies, how filled, 211, 212.

      powers of Board of Aldermen, 212.

      meetings, when to be held, 212.

      quorum, how constituted, 212.

      Board to make rules, etc., 212.

      proceedings, how kept, 212.

      powers of board particularly enumerated, 212, 213, 214.

      officers to give bonds, 214.

      monthly statement of finances to be published, 214.

      assessment and collection of taxes, 214.

      special assessments authorized, 214.

      ordinances, how passed, 215.

      duty of the Mayor, 215.

      special duties of Aldermen, 215.

      duties of City Treasurer, 215.

      Chief of Police, his duties, 216.

      duties of City Assessor, 216.

      duties of Collector, 216.

      City Clerk, duties of, 216.

      duties of City Attorney, 216.

      Recorder’s Court established, 216.

      jurisdiction and powers of, 217.

      appropriations of money, how made, 217.

      style of ordinances, 217.

      absence of Aldermen to work forfeiture of office, when, 217.

      accountability of officers to their successors, 217.

      penalty for refusing to deliver books and papers, 217.

      Police Commissioners, Board of, 217.

      salaries of officers fixed, 217.

      Mayor and Aldermen to receive no compensation, 218.

      penalty when officers are interested in contracts, 218.

      fire department, proportion of revenue set apart for, 218.

      city printing, how awarded, 218.

      fines, fees and penalties to be paid into city treasury, 218.

      Act of 1864 repealed, 218.

      when Act to take effect, 218.

VIRGINIA FIRE DEPARTMENT, Act for the relief of, 81.

VIRGINIA, Railroad from to Carson River authorized, 329.

VOLUNTEER SOLDIERS, extra pay for, 389.

      See Enlistments.

VOTERS, Act for the registration of, 380-386.




      See State Prison.

WARRANTS, COUNTY, when to be presented for payment, 351.

      See County Warrants.

      of Storey County, 158.

WASHOE COUNTY, Agricultural College established in, 350.


      warrants hypothecated by, to be redeemed, 326.

WASHOE TURNPIKE COMPANY, special franchise granted to, 141.

      road to be kept in good order, 141.

      rates of toll allowed, 141.

      when may be revised, 141.

      toll gates may be established, 141.

      penalty for refusal to pay toll, 141.

      penalty for obstruction or injuries, 142.

      penalty for delaying travel, 142.

      water for teams to be provided, 142.

      road may be purchased by counties, 142.

      rights of former franchise to be surrendered, 142.

      bonus to be paid by company for use of schools, 143.

      report to be made to County Commissioners, 143.

WATER, protection of, 348.

WELSH, HIRAM, Act for the relief of, 100.

WESTERN BOUNDARY LINE, Acts relative to, 133, 379.

      See Boundary Line.

WITNESS FEES, for attendance at Court, 339.

      not allowed to attorneys, 343.

WITNESSES, Negroes allowed to testify, 403.

      Chinese and Indians excluded, 403.