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abate, action not to, by death or transfer of interest, 198.

acknowledgments, record to be preserved by officers, 72.

acts, repealed, 288.

action. See Civil Practice, 196.

      form of, 16.

      in Justices’ Courts, 272.

affidavits. See Civil Practice, 258.

affirmation, in place of oath, 261.

aldermen, Board of, of Virginia City to audit and direct payment of claims, 183.

      to audit and direct payment of claims of A. B. C. Nusbaum, 183, 184.

      to audit and allow claim of J. W. Keller, 195.

amendments, to Constitution, how made, 24.

      of pleadings, when allowed, 206.

      of complaint, 203.

      time within which to make, 206.

answer, in civil cases, 203.

      See Civil Practice.

      in Justices’ Courts, 272.

appeals, Act to enable claimants against the State to appeal to the Courts, 104.

      in general, 248.

      See Civil Practice.

appearance. See Civil Practice, 271.

appropriations, for publication of decisions of Supreme Court, 48.

      for Nevada Orphan Asylum, 107.

      for Orphan’s Home, 111.

      claims under, to whom presented, 116.

      for survey of the State boundary line, 136.

      for James S. Slingerland, 118.

      for A. W. Nightingill, 147.

      for Legislative funds, 159.

      for deficiencies third and fourth fiscal years, 185.

      Act not to apply to specific, 186.

      for the support of the civil Government for the fifth and sixth fiscal years, 187, 189.

      sworn statement as to expenditure of, 189.

arbitration. See Civil Practice, 253.

arrest. See Civil Practice, 207.

      members of legislature exempt from, 8.

assaying, Act to regulate business of, 113.

      required to place description on bars of bullion, 113.

      penalty for refusal or neglect, 113.

assemblymen, when chosen, 7.

      term of office of, 7.

      apportionment of, 6.

      not eligible to appointment to civil office, 8.

assessor, of White Pine County, 109.

      of Lander County, duty of, 127.

      vacancy in office of, 163.

      of Hamilton City, duties of, 167.

      to be elected in Shermantown, 175.

      duties of, 180.

assignee, takes subject to right of set-off, 197.

attachment. See Civil Practice, 214.

attorneys, district. See District Attorneys.

attorney general, when elected, 13.

      term of office of, 13.

      who eligible, 13.

      duties of, 14.

      duty to defend actions against State on appeal, 104.

      to dismiss action in case of Krutschnitt, 117.

      may bring action for usurpation of office or franchise, 247.

Auditor, county, of Humboldt County to draw warrant in favor of C. S. Varian, 43.

      of Esmeralda County authorized to draw warrants, 59.

      to prepare licenses for gaming, 119.

      duties of, 144.

      of Humboldt County to draw warrant in favor of J. D. Minor, 147.

      of Humboldt County to draw warrant in favor of J. M. Woodworth, 138.

      when to enter tax on assessment roll, 173.

      of Storey County to draw warrant in favor of J. A. Collins, 182.

      of Storey County to draw warrant in favor of William Ede, 182.

aurora, Act to amend Act repealing Act for the incorporation of, 59.

      money to be transferred, 59.


bail. See Civil Practice, 208.

      excessive, not to be required, 5.

bills, who may originate, 9.

      how read, passed and signed, 9.

      when to become laws, 11.

blasdel, h. G., granted leave of absence, 303.

blind, Act to provide for education of, etc., 103.

board, of Examiners, 14, 116, 54.

      of Regents, 21.

board of commissioners, of County, 43, 49, 62, 75, 92, 103.

      of Prison, 13.

      to report on claims for Indian depredations in Humboldt County, 45.

      of Capitol building, 74.

boundary, of the State of Nevada, 22.

      Act to create counties and establish county, amended, 88.

      Act to provide for survey of the eastern line of State, 136.

      of Elko County, 153.

      Act to establish line of, between the counties of Nye, Churchill, and Esmeralda, 128.

      of White Pine County, 108.

      Act to establish, between Churchill and Lander counties, 128.


calendar, entry of cases on, 220.

capitol, Act for erection of, at Carson City, 73.

      fund created, 73.

      fund, how used, 73.

      Board of Building Commissioners of, 74.

      convicts to be employed on, 75.

cause of action, how stated, 203.

certiorari, writ of, 263.

      See Civil Practice.

challenging jury. See Civil Practice-Jury, 221.

church, Act for incorporation of Protestant Episcopal, amended, 76.

churchill county, boundaries described, 88.

      Commissioners required to set apart revenue to pay Humboldt County, 88.

      Act to establish line between, and Lander, 128.

      Act to establish line between, and Nye and Esmeralda, 128.

cities and towns, Act for the relief of the inhabitants of, upon public lands, 68.

      rules and regulations concerning the executions of the trust, 68.

      rights and duties of claimants, 68.

      duties of corporate authorities, 68.

      Acts in conflict repealed, 70.

civil action, Act supplementary to Act defining time of commencing, 95.

civil practice. Act to regulate proceedings in, and to repeal all other Acts in relation thereto, 196.


             action not to, by death or transfer of interest, 198.

      Action, Civil.

            but one form of, 196.

             parties to, how designated, 196.

             questions of fact in, not put in issue by pleadings, how tried, 196.

             in whose name prosecuted, 197.

             set-off in, when not prejudiced, 197.

             by executor, administrator, or trustee, 197.

             parties to, 197.

             when not to abate, 198.

             when controversy between parties to, may be determined by Court, 198.

             place of trial of, 199.

             manner of commencing, 199.

             notice of pendency of, 200.

             pleadings in, 202.

             for foreclosure of mortgage, 238.

             for nuisance, 238.

             for waste, 239.

             for willful trespass, 239.

             to determine conflicting claims to real property, 239.

             for partition of real property, 240.

             for usurpation of an office, or franchise, 247.

             appeals in, 248.

             when defendant appears in, 271.

             when successive, may be maintained upon same contract, 271.

             two or more may be consolidated, 271.

             to determine adverse claim, 271.

             register of, to be kept by the clerk, 271.

             causes of, which have arisen in another State, 271.

             proceedings in, in Justices’ Courts, 272.

             of libel or slander, truth may be alleged, 205.

             to obtain discovery, abolished, 288.

             against Sheriff, 286.


             how taken, 258.

             how taken in another State, 258.

             how taken in a foreign country, 258.

             how certified when taken out of State, 258.


             of pleadings, when allowed, 206.

             of complaint, 203.

             time within which to make, 206.


             what to contain, 203.

             counter claims set up in, 203.

             several defenses may be set up in, 204.

             demurrer to, 204.

             verification of, 204.

             when genuineness of instrument is admitted by, 204.

             new matter in, deemed controverted, 206.

             time for, when personal service has not been made, 206.


             in general, 248.

             parties to, how designated, 248.

             in what cases may be taken, 248.

             how made, 248.

             statement on, 248.

             waiver of statement on, 248.

             statement on, how certified, 249.

             copy of statement on, required, 249.

             from order, certain sections not to apply, 249.

             intermediate orders reviewed on, 249.

             judgment or order may be reversed, affirmed, or modified on, 249.

             papers to be furnished on, 249.

             undertaking on, 249, 251.

             proceedings, when stayed on, 250.

             no stay in certain cases on, 250.

             in cases of sale of real property on, 250.

             proceedings, when stayed on, 250, 251.

             hearing of, 251.

             judgment on, 251.

             costs on, 251.

             points and authorities to be furnished before hearing of, 25.


             when defendant deemed to have appeared, 271.

             service after, 271.

             voluntary, 199.


             submission of, 253.

             submission to, how made, 253.

             revocation of submission to, 253.

             power of arbitrators, 254.

             proceedings of arbitrators, 254.

             award, how made, 254.

             award, on what grounds vacated or modified, 254.

             appeal from the decision rendered, 254.

             revocation of submission, 254.

             majority of arbitrators may act, 271.


             when may be made, 207.

             order for, how obtained, 207.

             undertaking required before issuance of order for, 207.

             order for, when made, 207.

             Sheriff’s duty in executing order of, 208.

             defendant, how discharged from, 208.

             proceedings after, 208.

             liability of Sheriff after, 209.

             application to vacate order of, 210.

             discharged from, in cases of contempt, 267.


             takes subject to right of set-off, 197.


             in what cases writ may issue, 214.

             writ, how issued, 214.

             undertaking required before issuing, 214.

             requirement of the writ of, 214.

             property subject to, 215.

             writ of, how executed, 215.

             how executed on property in hands of other persons, 215.

             liability of other persons after service of writ of, 215.

             examination in cases of, 215.

             Sheriff’s return on writ of, 216.

             proceedings on, in case of perishable property, 216.

             proceedings on, when property is claimed by a third party, 216.

             in cases of, judgment, how satisfied, 216.

             balance to be returned after satisfaction, 216.

             in cases of, notice of sale, 216.

             proceedings on, when judgment remains unsatisfied, 216.

             proceedings on, when defendant recovers judgment, 216.

             discharge of, 217.

             undertaking on discharge of, 217.

             motion for discharge of, when writ was improperly issued, 217.

             plaintiff may oppose discharge of, 217.

             writ, when discharged, 217.

             Sheriff’s return on, when made, 218.

      Attorney General.

             shall bring action for usurpation of office, or franchise, 247.


             on arrest, the defendant may give, 208.

             how given, 208.

             may surrender defendant, 208.

             may arrest defendant, 208.

             judgment against, 208.

             how exonerated, 208.

             notice of justification of, 209.

             qualifications of, 209.

             how to justify, 209.

             allowance of, 209.

             deposit in lieu of, 209.

             after deposit, 209.

             when defendant admitted to, 267.


             denomination of the writ, 263.

             by whom, and in what cases granted, 263, 287.

             application for, how made, 263.

             to whom directed, 263.

             what to command, 263.

             how served, 264.

             extent of review upon, 264.

             return of, 264.

             judgment upon, 264.

             appeal from judgment upon, 264.

      Claim and Delivery.

             for personal property, when claim may be made, 210.

             affidavit to obtain order for delivery, 210.

             requisition for delivery, 210.

             proceedings of Sheriff, 210.

             undertaking required in, 210.

             exception to sureties, 211.

             defendant may require return, 211.

             proceedings to obtain return, 211.

             proceedings where property is concealed, 211.

             when property is claimed by other persons, 211.

             Sheriff to keep property, 211.

             Sheriff’s return in cases of, 212.


             what to contain, 203.

             demurrer to, 203.

             amending, 203, 206.

             waiver of objections to, 203.

             where filed, 199.

             how indorsed, 199.

             how verified, 204.

             how real property shall be described in, 205.

             several causes of action may be united in, 205.

             allegations of, when taken as true, 206.

             in actions of usurpation, what to state, 247.


             offer to, not to prejudice, 254.

             how accepted, 254.

             offer, when deemed withdrawn, 255.

            plaintiff to pay costs in certain cases, 255.

      Confession of Judgment.

             judgment by confession, how entered, 252.

             statement to be made and filed, 253.

      Conflicting Claims to Real Property.

             action may be brought to determine, 239.

             when costs not to be recovered in, 239.

             where right has terminated during pendency of action, 239.

             value of improvements to be allowed, 239.

             survey may be allowed, 239.

             Court may enjoin injury, 240.

             damages for injury, 240.

             action for recovery not prejudiced by alienation, 240.


             what deemed, 266.

             attachment for, 266.

             when bailable, 267.

             duty of Sheriff in cases of, 267.

             discharge from arrest, 267.

             return of warrant, 267.

             investigation of charge, 267.

             penalty for, 267.

             liable to indictment for, 267.

             proceedings when defendant fails to appear, 267.

             duty of officers having person in custody, 267.


             when summoned in common name, 287.


             in general, 268.

             when allowed of course, 268.

             in cases where several actions might have been joined, 268.

             when in the discretion of the Court, 268.

             of referees, 268.

             on postponement of trial, 268.

             when tender has been made, 269.

             in action where Administrator is a party, 269.

             on review, 269.

             memorandum of, to be filed, 269.

             to be included in judgment, 269.

             security for, when required, 269.

             undertaking for, 269.

             on partition, 245.

             on appeal, 251.


             See Joint Debtors, 252.


             to the complaint, on what grounds, 203.

             what must be specified in, 203.

             may be to whole, or part, of complaint, 203.

             may be with or without answer, 203.

             subscribed by party, or attorney, 204.

             to answer, 204.

             answer after, 206.


             in Court, 218.

             Court may order delivery of, 218.

             Court may appoint receiver of, 218.

             in lieu of bail, 209.


             in this State, 258.

             in what cases may be taken, 258.

             how taken, 259.

             manner of examination, 259.

             may be read by either party, 259.

             taken out of the State, 259.

             how taken, 259.

             settling interrogatories, 260.

             commission, what to authorize, 260.

             postponement of trial on non-return, 260.


             Court may order party to give copy of, 261.

             evidence of contents of, 262.

             alteration of, to be accounted for, 262.

             judicial records of this State, how proved, 262.

             judicial record of foreign country, how proved, 262.

             copy of foreign record, when admissible, 262.

             printed volumes of statutes, to be admitted as evidence, 263.

             seal of Court, when required, how impressed, 263.

             assignment, or delivery of, 250.


             definition of, 225.

             how taken, 225.

             proviso in relation to, 226.

             no particular form of required, 226.

             when shall be deemed taken, 226.


             when may issue, 229.

             form of writ, 229.

             form of, on a judgment on joint contract, 230.

             when returnable, 231.

             proceedings where specific performance is required, 231.

             may issue after death of party, 231.

             may issue to different counties, 231.

             property liable to, 231.

             proceedings where property is claimed by a third party, 231.

             property exempt from, 231.

             satisfaction of, 232.

             notice of sale of property, 233.

             penalty for selling property without notice, 233.

             purchaser refusing to pay, property to be resold, 233.

             proceedings to enforce payment of loss by resale, 233.

             liability of officer, 233.

             certificate of sale, 234.

             sale of real estate, 234.

             sale, when absolute, 234.

             when subject to redemption, 234.

             redemption, how made, 234.

             Sheriff’s deed, when executed, 235.

             waste may be restrained on property subject to redemption, 235.

             who entitled to rents and profits, 236.

             when purchaser may recover price paid, from judgment creditor, 236.

             proceedings, supplementary to, 236.

             when judgment debtor may be required to answer concerning his property, 236.

             proceedings upon refusal to apply property to satisfaction of judgment, 237.

             any debtor of judgment debtor may pay to Sheriff, 237.

             debtors required to appear and answer, 237.

             witnesses may be required to testify, 237.

             Court may order property applied toward satisfaction of judgment, 237.

             adverse claim of property, 237.

             penalty for disobedience of order, 238.

      Foreclosure of Mortgages.

             actions for, 238.

             but one action for enforcing, 238.

             power of Court to direct sale of property, 238.

             proceeds of sale, how applied, 238.

             in case of deficiency, judgment docketed for balance, 238.

             execution may thereupon be issued, 238.

             surplus after sale, how disposed of, 238.

             sales, when debt is not all due, 238.

             foreclosure and sale necessary to recover possession of real property, 240.


             definition of, 212.

             in what cases may be granted, 212.

             when may be granted, 212.

             when allowed after answer, 212.

             undertaking required, 212.

             order for hearing, 212.

             when granted to suspend business of corporation, 213.

             motion to dissolve or modify, 213.

             Supreme Court to prescribe rules, 213.

             may be refused, 213.

             a receiver may be appointed, 213.

             bond may be required, 213.

             dissolution of injunction, 213.

             all undertakings payable in gold coin, 214.

      Intermediate Order.

             when reviewed on appeal, 249.


             by whom prepared, 260.

             how settled, 260.


             when allowed, 287.

             what constitutes, 287.

             how and what to set forth, 287.

             Court to determine upon, 287.


             when an issue arises, 219.

             of law, definition of, 220.

             how tried, 220.

             of fact, 220.

             how tried, 220.

             entry of cases on calendar, according to date, 220.

      Items of Account.

             need not be inserted in pleading, 205.

             how to be delivered, 205.

             further particulars of, 205.

      Joint Debtors.

             proceedings against, 252.

             how those not served may be bound by judgment, 252.

             summons to show cause, what to contain, and how served, 252.

             answer and defense, 252.

             liability denied, 252.

             issues formed, how tried, 252.


             how and when entered, 228.

             how given in case of counter claim, 228.

             in action for recovery of personal property, 228.

             judgment book, how kept, 228.

             in case of death of party, 228.

             judgment roll, 228.

             lien upon real property, 228.

             docket, how kept, 229.

             docket open for inspection, 229.

             judgment lien in other counties, 229.

             duration of lien, 229.

             satisfaction of, how entered, 229.

             how reviewed, 248.

             in attachment cases, how satisfied, 216.

             on appeal, how certified to Court below, 251.

             how joint debtors not served may be bound by, 252.


             formation of, 221.

             how drawn, 221.

             oath to be administered, 221.

             peremptory challenges, 221.

             challenges for cause, grounds of, 221.

             challenges, how tried, 222.

             conduct of the trial by, 222.

             juror becoming sick, 222.

             charge to, what to contain, 222.

             may decide in Court, or retire, 222.

             duty of officer in charge of, 222.

             what papers jury may take, 222.

             return of, for instructions, 222.

             proceedings when jury discharged without verdict, 222.

             final adjournment discharges, 223.

             rendition of verdict, 223.

             verdict may be corrected, 223.

             verdict may be general or special, 223.

             verdict to fix amount of recovery, 224.

             verdict in action to recover specific property, 224.

             entry of verdict in minutes, 224.

             jury trial may be waived, 224.

      Justices’ Courts.


             parties to, 272.

             how commenced, 273.

             person not to be sued out of his township, 272.

             guardian in, how appointed, 273.

             founded on written instrument, deemed genuine, 276.

             respecting mining claims, 272.


             when trial may be, 278.


             what to contain, 276.

             what equivalent to denial, 276.


             when may be made, 277.


             how taken, 284.

             papers to be transmitted, 284.

             undertaking necessary, 285.

             stay of proceedings, 285.


             how parties may appear, 272.

             effect of failure in, 279.


             of defendant, in what cases, 274.

             requisites to obtain order for, 275.

             trial of persons arrested, 275.

             when trial to be transferred, 275.

             duty of officer making, 275.

             defendant under arrest may demand immediate trial, 275.

             adjournment, when to discharge, 275.

             adjournment at instance of defendant, 275.

             proceedings as to bail, 276.


             former sections made applicable, 276.


             any person may act in Justices’ Courts, 272.


             of delivery of personal property, former sections made applicable, 276.


             what to contain, 276.

             when to be in writing, 276.


             person deputized to serve as, 283.

             may complete execution of process after expiration of term, 283.


             what acts to constitute, 283.

             extent of punishment for, 283.

             conviction of to be entered on docket, 284.


             to be included in judgment, 280.

             memorandum of to be filed, 285.

             bill of to be verified, 285.

             deposit of money for may be required, 286.


             commission to take, 284.


             how kept, 281.

             entries in to be evidence, 282.

             index to, how kept, 282.

             to be deposited with successor, 282.

             successor may issue execution on, 282.

             who deemed successor, 282.


             when may issue, 281.

             form of, 281.

             how executed, 281.

             stay of proceedings on, 285.


             dismissal of without prejudice, 279.

             by default, 279.

             when rendered by the Justice, 280.

             how and when entered, 280.

             when amount exceeds jurisdiction, 280.

             where defendant consents to specified sum, 280.

             where defendant is subject to arrest, 280.

             costs to be included in, 280.

             transcript of to be furnished, 280.

             process on, how issued, 280.

             lien of, 281.

             for forcible and unlawful entry, 239.


             of subject matter, 272.

             of the person, 272.

             on voluntary appearance, 273.

          Justices’ Courts

             provisions applicable to, 273, 276, 281, 286.

             in case of sickness of Justice, 283.

             Justice to receive and pay over money, 285.

          New Trial

             for what causes granted, 284.

             application for, how made, 284.


             how filled up, 283.


             of what to consist, 276.

             when to be in writing and verified, 275.

             oral, to be entered on docket, 276.

             form of immaterial, 276.

             complaint, what to state, 276.

             answer, what to contain, 276.

             objection to, 277.

             amendments to, 277.

             variance in, 277.

             to be certified to District Court when title to real property in question, 277.


             on judgment, by whom issued, 280.

             to what places issued, 281.

          Real Property

             title to, not to be tried, 277.


             how pleaded, 276.


             to what places issuable, 284.


             form of, what to contain, 274.

             service and time of appearance, 274.

             how served, 274.

             service of, by publication, 274.

             service of, by posting, 274.

             to interpreters, 284.

             blanks in, to be filled up, 283.

             special deputation to serve, 283.

             authority of deputy to serve, 283.


             justification of, 286.


             of action, when had, 277.


             of title to real property not to be put in issue, 277.

             transfer of, 275, 277.

             adjournment of, 278, 275.

             party failing to appear at, 279.

             by jury, when demanded, 279.

             jury, how formed, 279.

             jury, how summoned, 279.

             challenging jurors, 279.

             when jury trial not demanded, 279, 280.

             when Justice becomes sick, 283.



             of action, 272.

             change of, 277, 278.


             denomination of writ of, 264.

             when, and by what Court issued, 264, 287.

             kinds of, defined, 264.

             when alternative and when peremptory, to issue, 264.

             answer to, when made, 265.

             when question to be tried by jury, 265.

             answer may be rebutted, 265.

             new trial may be granted, 265.

             verdict to be certified to Court, 265.

             pleadings and hearing, 265.

             judgment and costs, 265.

             writ, how served, 265.

             penalty for disobedience to writ, 265.

             fine to be deducted from salary of officer, 266.


             action to foreclose, 238.

             powers of Court, 238.

             sale and application of proceeds, 238.

             surplus, disposition of, 238.

             in case of deficiency, 238.

             when debt is not all due, 238.

             not to be deemed conveyance, 240.


             definition of, 270.

             where to be made, 270.

             notice of, when to be given, 270.

             may be transferred in certain cases, 270.

      New Trials.

             definition of, 226.

             in what cases granted, 226.

             application for, how made, 226.

             manner of proceeding for, 226.

             motion for, 226.

             statement in support of motion for, 227.

             application for, when to be made, 227.


             judgment of, when entered, 218.


             when to be given, 270.

             of appearance, 271.

             that decision is on file, 226.

             of motion for new trial, 226.

             of justification of bail, 209.

             of justification of sureties, 211.

             of settlement of statement, 248.

             order made without, how vacated, 248.

             of appeal, 248.

             of pendency of action, 200.

             of sale of real property and of personal property, 233.

             in actions for partition, 241.


             action for, 238.

             definition of, 238.

             action for, by whom brought, 238.

             injunction to restrain, 239.

             judgment for damages, 239.


             who authorized to administer, 261.

             how administered, 261.

             affirmation in place of, 261.


             definition of, 270.

             made out of Court how vacated, 248.

             how reviewed, 248.

             appeal from, 248.

             review of intermediate on appeal, 249.

             of causes on calendar, 220.

             to show cause, 263.

             to stay proceedings, 285.


             service of, how made, 270.

             when served by mail, 270.

             when service of, to be upon attorney, 271.

             with defective title, 271.

             certified copies of, 287.

             to be furnished on appeal to the Court of Appeals, 249.

             what jury may take, 222.

             inspection or copy of required, 261.

      Parties to Action.

             designation of, 196.

             in whose name action prosecuted, 197.

             when married woman is, 197.

             when infant is, 197.

             who may be joined, 197.

             separately liable may be joined, 197.

             death of, 198.

             by and against husband and wife, 197.

             for partition, 240.

             death of, 198.

             who may be joined as plaintiff, 197.

             who may be joined as defendant, 197.

            demurrer for defect of, 203.

             to action may be witnesses, 255.

             transfer of interest of, 198.

             service of papers on, 270.

             to appeal, how designated, 248.

             substitution of real, as defendant, 287.

             when they may intervene, 287.


             actions for, 240.

             action for, 240.

             interests of parties to be set forth, 240.

             liens, 240.

             notice of action of, 240.

             summons to parties, 240.

             answer in, what to set forth, 241.

             rights to be determined in, 241.

             certificate as to liens in, 241.

             persons holding liens, to be made parties to, 241.

             notices to be served in, 241.

             sale of property in, when ordered, 242.

             partition, how made, 242.

             duty of referee, 242.

             report of referees, 242.

             expenses of referees in, 242.

             judgment in, 242.

             lien on undivided interest in, 242.

             particular estates, how set off, 242.

             proceeds of encumbered property, how applied, 242.

             when other securities for payment of lien exist, 243.

             proceeds, how to be distributed, 243.

             sales, how made, 243, 244.

             claims of tenants for life, 243.

             future rights, how settled, 244.

             parties not to be interested in sale, 244.

             report of sale, 244.

             execution of conveyance, 244.

             where party entitled to a share is a purchaser, 244.

             conveyances, when recorded, 244.

             proceeds belonging to unknown owners, 244.

             security by referees on sale, 244.

             compensation by parties, when made, 245.

             infant’s share, how disposed of, 245.

             partition may be consented to by guardian without action, 241

             costs of partition, how paid, 245.

             single referee may be appointed, 245.

             partition of mining claim, 246.

             order of Court for division of claim, 246.

             referees to go on claim, 246.

             parties may unite their interests, 246.

             selection of interests, 246.

             report of referees, 247.

      Perishable Property.

             proceedings on attachment of, 216.

             disposition of proceeds of, 216.

      Personal Property.

             proceedings when claimed by third party, 216.

             claim of delivery of, 210.

             sale of, on execution, 233.

             how attached, 215.

             in hands of other person, 215.

             verdict in actions to recover, 224.


             definition of, 202.

             sufficiency of, how determined, 202.

             complaint, demurrer, and answer, 203.

             complaint, what to contain, 203.

             demurrer to complaint, 203.

             amending complaint, 203.

             objections to complaint and waiver of objections, 203.

             answer, what to contain, 203.

             counter claims and cross-demands, 204.

             several defenses may be set up, 204.

             demurrer to answer, 204.

             pleadings to be subscribed and verified, 204.

             verification, when omitted, 204.

             manner of verifying, 204.

             genuineness of written instrument admitted, 204.

             how an account is to be stated in, 205.

             irrelevant matter to be struck out, 205.

             real property, how described in, 205.

             judgments and determinations, how pleaded, 205.

             conditions precedent, how pleaded, 205.

             libel and slander, how stated in complaint, 205.

             answer in actions for libel and slander, 205.

             what causes of action may be joined, 205.

             allegations not denied deemed true, 206.

             answer after demurrer, 206.

             amendment of pleadings, 206.

             additional time for answer, 206.

             pleadings to be liberally construed, 206.

             error, not affecting substantial rights, to be disregarded, 206.


             of trial, how made, 220.

             affidavit required, 220.

             in actions for mining claims, 220.

             conditions of, in the discretion of the Court, 220.


             service of summons by, 201.

             affidavit to obtain order for, 201.

             order for, 201.

            proof of service by, 202.

      Real Property.

             actions for nuisance, waste, and willful trespass on, 238.

             conflicting claims to, 239.

             partition of, 240.

             sale of, where made, 233.

             sales of, when absolute, 234.

             when subject to redemption, 234.

             redemption of, how made, 234.

             waste on, may be restrained, 235.

             judgment lien upon, 228, 229.

             place of trial of actions relating to, 198.

             notice of lis pendens, in actions of, 200.


             judicial, of this State, how proved, 262.

             of any other State, how proved, 262.

             of foreign country, how proved, 262.

             copy of, when admissible, 262.


             trial before, 224.

             order of reference, 224.

             in what cases order made, 224.

             number of, 225.

             objection to appointment of, 225.

             objections to, how disposed of, 225.

             report of, 225.

             judgment on report of, 225.

             report of, when to be made, 225.

             review of report of, 225.

             security taken by, in actions of partition, 244.

             majority of may act, 271.

             fees of, in actions of partition, 245.


             to be made by the Supreme Court for its own government, and for the District Court, 286.

             to be prescribed by the Supreme Court concerning injunctions, 213.


             of mortgaged premises, 238.

             of real property, on execution, 233.

             of personal property, on execution, 233.

             of perishable property, 233, 216.

             of real property, in actions of partition, 243.

             real property of infant or insane person, 245.

             when not stayed on appeal, 250.

             under writ of attachment, 287.


             on execution, 232.

             of judgment, how entered, 229.


             for costs, when required, 269.

             on arrest, plaintiff to give, 207.

             on attachment, plaintiff to give, 214.

             on attachment, defendant to give, 217.

             on claim and delivery by plaintiff, 210.

             on claim and delivery by defendant, 211.

             on injunction, 212.

             on injunction to suspend business of corporation, 213.

             on appeal, 249, 251.

             sureties may be examined under oath, 288.


             duties of, incident to arrest, 207.

             duties of, incident to attachment, 214.

             duties of, incident to claim and delivery of personal property, 210.

             duties of, incident to execution, 231.

             actions against, 286.

             duty of, where property levied on is claimed by a third party, 231.


             complaint in action for, 206.

             answer may allege truth of the matters charged, 205.


             of execution, by appeal, 250.

             of proceedings in Court below, 250.

             until security for costs given, 269.

      Submission of Controversy.

             without action, how made, 253.

             may be heard and determined by Court, 253.

             affidavit required, 253.

             judgment on, and costs, 253.

             judgment on, how enforced, 253.


             duces-tecum, 256.

             cannot require witness to attend out of county if more than thirty miles, 256.

             on service of, witness may demand fees, 256.

             how issued, 256.

             how served, 257.

             by whom may be served, 257.

             service of, when witness is concealed, 257.

             disobedience to, how punished, 257.

             forfeiture for disobeying, 257.

             duty of witness, duly served, 257.

             person present need not be served with, 257.


             when may be made in action, 287.


             when issued, and by whom, 199.

             form of, and what to state, 199.

             notice to be inserted in, 200.

             by whom served, 200.

             how served, 200.

             service of, by publication, 201.

             where part service is had, 202.

             proof of service of, 202.

             jurisdiction acquired from time of service of, 202.

             voluntary appearance equivalent to personal service of, 202.

             in actions for partition, 240.

             on copartners, how served, 287.

      Supreme Court.

             may make rules for its government and for government of District Court, 286.

             may prescribe rules in relation to injunctions, 213.


             proceedings to perpetuate, 260.

             how perpetuated, 260.

             petition, what to state, 260.

             order allowing examination, 260.

             examination, how made, 261.

             deposition, when filed, 261.

             deposition, when to be used as evidence, 261.


             how computed, 271.

             of posting notices of sale, 233.

             in appeal cases, periods of may be enlarged, 249.

             when memorandum of costs must be filed, 269.

             of issuance of summons, 274.

             to demur, or answer, 204.

             to answer after demurrer, 206.

             to reply after amendments, 206.

             for service of notices, 270.

             for appeal, 248.

             for filing of statement on appeal, 248.

             for filing undertaking on appeal, 249.

             for giving notice of motion for new trial, 226.

             for giving notice of hearing on appeal, 251.

             within which to amend of course, 206.

             of settling interrogatories, 260.


             of causes from Justices’ Court to District Court, when title to real property is in dispute, 277.

             of interest, not to abate action, 198.


             action for in certain cases, 239.

             injuring timber, etc., 239.

             treble damages, when allowed, 239.


             place of, 198.

             changing place of, 199.

             costs on postponement of, 268.

             postponement of, 220.

             new, 226.

      Trial by Court.

             in what cases, 224.

             decision, how rendered, 224.

             when to be filed, 224.

             findings of fact and conclusions of law to be separately stated, 224.

             judgment, how entered, 224.

             reference may be ordered, 224.

             chancery cases, how tried, 224.

             actions for foreclosure, 238.

      Trial by Referee. See Referee, 224.

      Trial by Jury. See Jury, 221.

             formation of the jury, 221.

             conduct of the trial, 222.

             verdict of the jury, 223.

             may be waived, 224.


             on arrest, 207.

             on claim of delivery of personal property, 210, 211.

             on injunction, 212, 214.

             on attachment, 214, 217.

             on appeal, 249, 250, 251.


             action for, of office or franchise, 247.

             action, by whom brought, 247.

             complaint, what to state, 247.

             defendant may be arrested, 247.

             judgment, how rendered, 247.

             when person may take office, 247.

             damages recoverable, 247.

             rights of several may be tried in one action, 247.

             judgment when defendant has intruded into office, 247.

             defendant, if guilty, may be fined, 247.

             disposition of fine, 247.


             may be general or special, 223.

             definitions of, 223.

             in actions for recovery of money or real property, 223.

             Court may direct kind of, 223.

             to be entered upon the minutes, 223.

             general verdict to be controlled by special finding of facts, 223.

             to find amount of recovery, 223.

             in actions to recover specific personal property, 224.

             entry in minutes, 224.

             when case is reserved for argument, order reserving to be entered, 224.


             of pleadings, when necessary, 204.

             manner of verifying, 204.

             when it may be omitted, 204.

             when party is absent from the county, other person may verify, 204.

             when corporation is a party, 204.

             in actions on behalf of the State the pleadings need not be verified, 205.


             action for, 239.

             who may bring action for, 239.

             judgment, how entered, 239.


            who may be, 255.

             who not disqualified, 255.

             on refusal to testify, 255.

             who shall not testify, 255.

             incompetency of persons convicted of felony, 255.

             provisions as to husband and wife, 255.

             when attorney shall not be, 255.

             when clergyman and priest shall not be, 256.

             when physician or surgeon shall not be, 256.

             when a public officer shall not be, 256.

             judge or juror may be, 256.

             interpreter for, to be summoned and sworn, 256.

             attendance of, how required, 256.

             subpoena for, how issued, 256.

             subpoena for, how served, 256.

             fees to be paid when demanded, 257.

             present in Court, may be required to testify, 257.

             duty of, to attend, 257.

             what questions must be answered, 257.

             penalty for disobeying subpoena, 257.

             on failure to attend, warrant may issue, 257.

             forfeiture for disobeying subpoena, 257.

             confined in prison, testimony how taken, 257, 258.

             exonerated from arrest, 258.

            liability of officer making arrest, 258.

             on postponement of trial, testimony of witnesses in attendance may be taken, 220.


             of certiorari, 263, 286.

             of mandamus, 264, 286.

             when returnable, 287.

             hearing may be had in vacation, 287.

claimants, Act to enable, against State to appeal, 104.

claim of delivery, of personal property, 210.

Claims, conflicting to real property, 239.

      mining, partition of, 246.

Coin Basis, Act to establish the financial transactions of the State upon a, 51.

      Act supplementary to coin basis Act, 85.

Collins, John A., Act for relief of, 182.

Commissioners, County, of Lander County, to allow claims of Harmon & Logan, 75.

      Act to create, amended, 92.

      Commissioners when elected and terms of office, 92.

      when Board to be increased, 93.

      vacancies, how filled, 93.

      qualification and term of office, 93.

      compensation of, 93.

      not allowed for services on committee, 94.

      of Ormsby County authorized to issue bonds to V. & T. R. R. Co., 43.

      of Storey County, same, 49.

      of Lyon County, same, 62.

      of Lander to audit and allow claims of Harmon & Logan, 75.

      authorized to send orphans to Nevada Asylum, 103.

      authorized to offer and pay rewards in certain cases, 114.

      duty to appoint Registry Agents in certain cases, 140.

      to furnish Registry Agents books, etc., 140.

      duty in relation to school tax, 173.

      of Storey County directed to surrender bond to William Ede, etc., 182.

Compensation, when property may be taken without, 5.

Complaint. See Civil Practice, 199, 203, 205, 247.

Compromise, of an action, 254. See Civil Practice.

Confession of Judgment. See Civil Practice, 252.

Constable. See Civil Practice-Justices’ Court.

Constitution, State, 3, 33.

      of the United States, adopted, 3.

      revision of State, 24.

      Governor to issue proclamation for submission of, 30.

      qualified votes on, on submission of, 30.

      when adopted, 31.

      time of holding election, 31.

      ballots, what to contain, 31.

      returns, 32.

      amendments to, proposed, 307.

Contempts. See Civil Practice, 266.

Controller, State, election and term of office of, 13.

      to execute bonds, 28.

      to draw warrants, 48, 54, 71.

      duties of, 104, 116, 158.

      duties of, in relation to foreign Insurance Companies, 131, 132.

Conveyances, Act to amend an Act concerning, 55.

      Act concerning mining locations by minors, 96.

corporations, municipal, taxation of, 18.

      powers and duties of, 18.

      bank notes of, prohibited, 18.

      Act for formation of, amended, 95.

      Act relative to foreign, 115.

      Act to provide for formation, for the accumulation and investment of funds and savings, 148, 153.

      powers, duties, and privileges of Board of Directors of, 149.

      dissolution of, 152.

Costs. See Civil Practice, 268, 280, 285, 286.

Counter Claim, how pleaded, 203.

Counties, Roop and Washoe, 29.

      Act to create and establish boundaries of, amended, 88.

      Act to define boundaries between Churchill and Lander, 128.

      same as to Nye, Churchill, and Esmeralda, 128.

      to support infirm, 22.

      Act to create White Pine, 108, 110.

County Assessor, of White Pine County, 109.

      of Lander County, duty of, 127.

      vacancy in office of, 163.

County Auditor. See Auditor.

County Commissioners, of Lander County to allow claims of Harmon & Logan, 75.

      Act to create, amended, 92.

      authorized to send orphans to Nevada Orphan Asylum, 108.

      Act authorizing payment of rewards by, 114.

County Recorder of Lander County to transcribe records of White Pine County, 157.

      compensation for recording, 157.

County Treasurer. See Treasurer.

Courts of Justice, Act concerning, amended, 136.

      Courts, how adjourned in absence of Judge, 136.

      of proceedings in, in civil cases, 196. See Civil Practice.

Court of Record, municipal, 16.

      fees of, 17.

Crimes and Punishments, Act to amend an Act in relation to, 64.

      administering poison, 64.

      punishment for same, 65.

      burglary, what deemed and punishment for, 65.

Criminal Cases, Act to regulate proceedings in, amended, 61, 66.

      action in, how removed, 66.

      power to grant new trial in, 67.


Damages, in action for recovery of, how assessed, 219.

Dawley, James N., granted leave of absence, 292.

Deaf, Dumb, and Blind, Act to provide for education of, 103.

      appropriation for, 103.

      duties of Superintendent Public Instruction in relation to, 103.

      duty of County Commissioners in relation to, 103.

Debt, State, 19.

      may be contracted by State, 19.

      restrictions to State, 19.

      fiscal year commences, 19.

Debtors, joint. See Civil Practice, 252.

Demurrer. See Civil Practice, 203.

Deposit, in Court. See Civil Practice, 218.

Depositions, taken in this State, 258.

      taken out of this State, 259. See Civil Practice.

Diseases, Act to prevent spread of contagious, 67.

      penalties for violation of Act, 67.

District Attorneys, duties of, under gaming Act, 120.

      to conduct prosecutions in Virginia City, except for violation of ordinance, 121.

      fee for conviction under gaming Act, 120.

District Judges, election of, 15.

      jurisdiction and powers of, 15, 16.

      salaries of, and how paid, 17, 28.

      office of, when vacated, 17.

      salaries of, may be changed, 28.

      vacancies in office, how filled, 29.

      salaries of, 87.

      Act relating to payment of, 98.

      Act to provide offices for, 115.

      duty in relation to insane, 105, 206.

Ditch or Flume, Act in relation to, amended, 129.

Documents, inspection of, 261.

      evidence of contents of, 262.

Dumb, Act to provide for education of, etc., 103.


Ede, William, Act to authorize county of Storey to pay bond of, 182.

Education, Superintendent of, 20.

      when elected, 20.

      term of office, 20.

      how to provide for, of deaf, dumb, and blind, 103.

Elections, vote necessary to constitute a choice in, 24.

      ordinance in relation to, 29.

      proclamation in relation to, 30.

      qualified voters at, 30.

      time of holding and how conducted, 30.

      returns of, how made, 30, 32.

      ballots, what to contain, 31.

      duty of officers, 31.

      Acts in relation to, amended, 64, 77.

      Act supplementary to Act in relation to, 135.

      sale of liquors prohibited on election days, 135.

      penalties for selling liquor, 135.

Electors, not to be arrested, 6.

      registration of, 7.

      Senators and Assemblymen to be qualified, 8.

      registration of, 140, 146. See Registration.

Elko, county of, Act for organization of, 153.

      boundaries of, 153.

      county seat of, 154.

      Governor to appoint County Commissioners of, 154.

      when Lieutenant-Governor to appoint, 154.

      Registry Agents of, 154.

      organization of, 154.

      election of officers of, 154.

      election of Judge for, 155.

      attached to Lander, for judicial purposes, 155.

      what Judicial District to constitute, 155.

      election in, when to be held, 155.

      representation of, 155.

      terms of officers of, and salaries, 156.

      terms of Court, 156.

      to assume and pay portion of the debt of Lander County, 156.

      Recorder of Lander County to transcribe records relating to property in, 157.

      compensation to Recorder to be allowed and paid, 157.

Enacting Clause, 9.

Esmeralda County, Act to transfer certain moneys from Indigent Sick Fund, 47

      Act authorizing payment of indebtedness of, 58.

      Acts repealed in relation to, 59.

      Act concerning boundaries of, 128.

Evidence, Act for preservation of official acts of officers, 72.

Examiners, Board of, duties of, 14.

      Act to amend Act to define duties of, 116.

      sections of former Acts repealed, 116.

      claim of Slingerland to be presented to, 118.

      duty of, in relation to claim of A. W. Nightingill, 147.

      as to orphan asylum, 107.

Exceptions. See Civil Practice, 225.

Execution. See Civil Practice, 229.

      proceedings supplementary to, 236.

Exemption, what property exempt from execution, 231, 232.


Fines, Act in relation to, amended, 96.

      to be paid into State Treasury for educational purposes, 96.

Foreclosure. See Civil Practice, 238.

Forfeiture, of witness for disobeying subpoena, 257.

Francis, D. G., granted leave of absence, 301.

Frasier, Robert A., granted leave of absence, 294.

Fund, Act to transfer moneys out of indigent sick to redemption of Esmeralda County, 47.

      redemption, 57.

      jail building, 57.

      for creation of redemption in Esmeralda County, 58.

FundS, Act to create Legislative, 54.

      Act to transfer certain, 68.

      Act supplementary to Act to create Legislative, 159.


Gaming, Act to restrict, 119.

      penalty for, without license, 119.

      how license for, may be procured, 119.

      Auditor to prepare blanks, 119.

      license for, what to contain, etc., 119.

      amount to be paid for license for, 120.

      license money for, how disposed of, 120.

      punishment for, without license, 120.

      not to be carried on in front room, etc., 120.

      who not to engage in, 120.

      licensed houses for, not to be suppressed, 120.

      testimony in relation to, 120.

      fees for conviction, 120.

      statutes repealed, 120.

Gold Hill, Act to incorporate town of, 78.

      bounds and wards of, 79.

      officers of, 79.

      terms of office, 79.

      vacancies, meetings, rules, etc., 80.

      duties of officers, 83, 84.

      style of ordinance of, 85.

      Acts repealed, 85.

      civil actions, how to be brought, 84.

      absence of officers, 84.

      debts legalized, 85.

Good Templars, Independent order of, Act to incorporate Grand Lodge of, 66.

      provisions of law, 66.

Government, seat of, 22.

Governor, how elected, 11, 12.

      eligibility to office of, 12.

      term of office of, 12.

      commander-in-chief, 12.

      duties and powers of, 12.

      may remit fines and grant pardons, 13.

      to commission officers, 28.

      duties of, 30, 31, 32, 78.

Governor, Lieutenant, election of, 13.

      duties devolving upon, 13.

      granted leave of absence, 304.

Guardian, of insane, duties of, 245.

      of infant, duties of, 245.

      when infant to appear by, 197.

      of infant, how appointed, 197.


Habeas Corpus, writ of, 5.

Hamilton, Act to incorporate town of, 162-168.

      boundaries of, 162.

      corporate powers in whom vested, 162.

      terms of office, 162.

      Board of Trustees of, 162.

      election, when held, 162.

      vacancies, how filled, 163.

      officers of, to qualify, etc., 163.

      powers of Board of Trustees, 163, 164, 165, 166.

      duties of officers, 166, 167.

      style of ordinance, 167.

      civil actions, how brought, 167.

      officers for, appointed, 167.

Harmon, F. H., Commissioners of Lander County directed to allow claim of, 75.

HOmestead, exempt from forced sale, 10.

Hotels, license for, 181.

Humboldt County, Board of Commissioners constituted to report claims for losses by Indian depredations, 45.

      payment of indebtedness of, 91.

      claims against, to be allowed, 91.

      order of payment, 91.

      kind of money to be paid, 91.

      transfer of funds of, 92.

      duty of County Treasurer, 92.

      warrants, how drawn, 92.

      Acts repealed, 92.

      an Act to transfer certain funds, 68.


Impeachment, how tried, 17.

      who to preside on trial of, 17.

      conviction on, 17.

      who liable to, 17.

      removal on conviction, 17.

Incorporation, Act to repeal Act incorporating Aurora, to City of Aurora, amended, 59.

      Act to amend Act to provide for railroad companies, amended, 65.

      Act to provide for, Grand Lodge, Independent Order of Good Templars, 66.

      Act for, Protestant Episcopal Churches, amended, 76.

      Act to incorporate Town of Gold Hill, 78.

      Act to provide for, of railroads, amended, 89.

      Act to incorporate Hamilton, 162.

      Act to incorporate Shermantown, 175.

Indian Reservation, resolution relative to, 295.

Individuals, Act in relation to changing names of, 60.

      petitions of, for changing names, 60.

      Court to make order changing name of, 60.

      order changing name of, to be recorded, 60.

infirm, counties to provide for, 22.

Inhabitants, enumeration of, to be made, 24.

Injunction. See Civil Practice, 212.

Insane, Act to provide for, care of, 104-107.

      guardian of, 245.

INSTITUTIONS, benevolent, 22.

Insurance companies, Act to regulate foreign, doing business in this State, 130.

      documents to be filed by, 130.

      bond of, 131.

      who deemed agents of, 131.

      express companies deemed foreign, 131.

      bond for express companies, 131.

      Acts repealed, 132.

INTERROGATORIES, by whom prepared, 260.

      how settled, 260.

      time of settling, 260.

Intermediate Order. See Civil Practice, 249.

Intervention. See Civil Practice, 287.

Issue. See Civil Practice, 219.

Items of Account. See Civil Practice, 205.


joint debtors. See Civil Practice, 252.

judges, when to qualify, 28.

judges, district, election of, 15.

      jurisdiction and powers of, 15, 16.

      salaries of, and how paid, 17, 28.

      office of, when vacated, 17.

      salaries of, may be changed, 28.

      vacancies in office, how filled, 29.

      salaries of, 87.

      Act to provide for payment of, amended, 98.

      Act to provide offices for, 115.

      duty in relation to insane, 105, 106.

judgment. See Civil Practice.

      in general, 218.

      on failure to answer, 219.

      confession of, 253.

      how given and entered, 228.

Judicial department, power of, in whom vested, 14.

      Judicial Districts, 15.

Judicial Districts, one Judge for each, 15.

      Act to redistrict State, 86.

      salaries of Judges, 87.

      terms of Court, 87, 88.

      Act supplementary, etc., of, to redistrict, 133.

      terms of Court, 133.

      not to affect Act creating County of Elko, 134.

Judicial Officers, not to receive fees, 16.

      ineligible to other office, 16.

      to receive salaries, 17.

      office of, when vacated, 17.

Jurisdiction, of the Supreme Court, 14.

      of the District Courts, 15.

      of the Justices’ Courts, 16, 272.

      of Municipal courts, 16.

      relinquished over Mint lands, 71.

Jurors, Act concerning certain expenses of, 111.

      expenses to be taxed as other disbursements, 111.

      Act concerning compensation of, 138.

      rights and duties of, 222.

Jury. See Civil Practice.

      right of trial by, 5.

      trial by, in general, 221.

Justices’ courts, proceedings in, in civil cases, 272.

      See Civil Practice.

Justices of the peace, to act in lieu of Recorder in Virginia City, 121.

      ex officio Registry Agent, 140.

      proceedings in Courts of, 272.

Justices of the Supreme Court, election and term of office of, 14.

      salaries of, 17.

      how superseded, 17.

      vacancies in, how filled, 29.


Keller, John W., Act to provide for payment of claim of, 195.

      Aldermen, authorized to audit claim, etc., 195.

Krutschnitt, A. M., Act for the relief of, 117.

Kinsey, Stephen A., granted leave of absence, 294.


Lander county, Act to transfer records and suits from, to White Pine County, 137.

      certified copies of record of, to be delivered, 137.

      proviso relative to Judicial District, 137.

      Act in relation to boundary of, etc., 128.

      portion of indebtedness of, to be assumed by White Pine County, 109.

      same as to Elko County, 156.

Lands, Act for the relief of the inhabitants of cities and towns on public, 68.

      Act to relinquish title to and jurisdiction over, for Mint purposes, 71.

      Act to provide for selection, sale, and reclamation of swamp and overflowed, 190, 195.

      an Act to authorize Superintendent of Public Instruction to draw percentage on sales of, 56.

Laws, ex post facto, 5.

      what to embrace, 9.

      to be general, 9.

      publication of, 23.

      of the Territory, to remain in force, 25.

      Act to provide for the preservation of manuscripts of, and other documents, 102.

Legal Notices.      See Civil Practice, 270.

Legislature, sessions of, when held, 7.

      vacancies in, how filled, 8.

      quorum, 8.

      members of, when chosen, 7.

      terms of office of members of, 8.

      members of, to be qualified voters, 8.

      may punish or expel its members, 8.

      members of, not eligible to civil appointment, 8.

      doors of, may be closed, 8.

      powers of, restricted, 9.

      duties of, in relation to county and township governments, 10.

      members of, exempt from jury service, 10.

      elections of members of, 10.

      pay of members of, how drawn, 10.

      time of session, 10.

      election of officers of, 10.

      who may convene, and adjourn, 12.

      oath of office of members of, 23.

      officers and members of, 38.

      Act to create fund of, 54.

      Act supplementary to Act to create funds, 159.

      warrants, how paid, 159.

      appropriation, what deemed, 159.

Licenses, for sale of liquor, 157.

      Sheriff ex officio collector of, 168.

      for billiard tables, theaters, pawnbrokers, etc., 168.

      for hotel-keepers, 181.

      hotel, not to include sale of liquors, 182.

      for gaming, 119.

Liens, Act supplementary to Act securing to mechanics and others, 61.

      mode of filing, claim of, 61.

      proceedings in relation to, in action for partition of real property, 240.

Lindley, curtis H., Act to confer powers, etc., of an adult on, 77.

Logan, W. K., Commissioners of Lander County directed to allow claim of, 75.

Lotteries, prohibition of, 10.

Lyon County, Act in relation to finances of, 52.

      Act authorizing the issue of bonds of to V. and T. R. R. Company, 62.


Mandamus. See Civil Practice, 264.

Marlette, S. H., resolution granting copies of report to, 305.

Mechanics’ Liens, Act securing, 61.

Memorial to U. S. Congress in relation to Territorial expenses, 292.

McClinton, J. G., granted leave of absence, 293.

Mineralogist, state, Act to create office of, 97.

      appointment of, 97.

      election of, 97.

      residence, and salary of, 97.

      duties and powers of, 97, 98.

      to report to the Legislature, 98.

Mighels, H. R., granted leave of absence, 300.

Militia, organization of, 21.

      how may be called out, 21.

      Act to amend Act for organization of, 60.

      when exempt from jury duty, 61.

Minor, James D., Act for relief of, 147.

      granted leave of absence, 299.

Minor, Act to confer powers upon, 77.

      Act concerning conveyances of mining locations by, 96.

      how to appear in civil action, 197.

      guardian of, how appointed, 197.

Mining, Act for encouragement of, amended, 135.

      proceedings in action for partition of mining claims, 246.

Monument, Act to aid in the erection of the National Lincoln, 71.

Mortgages, of personal property, when valid, 55.

      upon growing crops, 56.

      affidavit required in order to render valid, 56.

      action for foreclosure of, 238.

      See Civil Practice.

Motions. See Civil Practice, 270.

Municipal Corporations. See Corporations.


Names of Individuals, Act in relation to changing, 60.

Nevada Orphan Asylum. See Orphan Asylum.

New Trial. See Civil Practice.

Nightingill, A. W., Act for payment of claim of, 147.

Nonsuit, judgment of, when entered, 218.

Notices. See Civil Practice, 270.

Nuisance, definition of, 238.

      action for, how brought, 238.

      judgment in action for, 239.

Nusbaum, A. B. C., claims of against Virginia City directed to be audited and paid, 183.

Nye County, Act for paying indebtedness of, 99.

      Warrants on, how payable, 99.

      redemption fund of, to be created, 99.

      certain indebtedness of, to bear interest, 99.

      duties of Treasurer in relation to redemption fund, 100.

      proposals for surrender of indebtedness of, 100.

      certificate of purchase to be canceled, 100.

      indebtedness of, purchasable, 100.

      Acts repealed, 101.

      Acts to define and establish boundaries of, etc., 128.


Oaths. See Civil Practice, 261.

      of office, 23.

Offer, to submit action without controversy, 253.

      to compromise the whole or part of an action, 254.

      See Civil Practice.

Office, who not eligible to, 8, 23.

      removal from, 18.

      oath of, 23.

      tenure of, 24.

Offices, Act providing for, District Judges, 115.

Officers, State, election returns of, how made, 12.

      oath of, 23.

      where to hold office, 24.

      salaries of, 23, 26.

      terms of, 26.

Officers, county, where to hold office, 23.

      how chosen, 23.

Officers, an Act to amend Act in relation to, 64.

      an Act for preserving evidence of the official acts of, 72.

Orders. See Civil Practice, 270.

Ordinance, 3.

      of election, 29.

Ormsby County, an Act to amend an Act to consolidate and pay certain indebtedness of, 57.

      Commissioners authorized to issue bonds of, to V. & T. R. R. Co., 43.

Orphan asylum, Act to provide for fostering and supporting the Nevada, 107.

      appropriation for, 107.

      claims against, to whom presented, 107.

      County Commissioners authorized to send orphans to, 108.

      duty of Trustees of, 108.

Orphans’ home, Act for erection of State, 111.

      to be established within Carson City, 111.

      to be under control of Board of Directors, 111.

      powers and duties of the Board of Directors of, 111.

      organization of Board, 112.

      money appropriated for, how used, 112.

      Directors to fix location, 112.

      who to be admitted to, 112.

      salary of officers of, 111.

Overflowed lands, Act to provide for selection and sale of, 190.

      locating agents of, 190.

      purchase of, 190.

      oath and statement on application for purchase of, 190.

      payment for, on purchase, 191.

      patent for, 191.

      in purchases of, preference to whom given, 192.

      fund arising from sale of, 192.

      fees and expenses attending purchase of, 192.

      contests in relation to, 193.

      reclamation of, 193.

      contracts for reclamation of, 193-4-5.

      who not to be interested in contracts for reclamation of, 195.


papers, service of, 270.

      with defective title, 271.

      See Civil Practice.

parties to actions. See Civil Practice, 196.

PARTITION, action for, of real property, 240.

      See Civil Practice.

Pay, of Senators and Assemblymen, 26.

perishable property, disposition of, 216.

      See Civil Practice.

Personal property, claim of delivery of, 210.

      claim by third party, 216.

      See Civil Practice.

Petition, right to assemble, and

      place of trial, 198.

      See Civil Practice.

Plaintiff. See Civil Practice, 197.

Pleadings, in civil actions, 202.

      See Civil Practice.

poll tax, 7.

postponement, of trial, 220.

      See Civil Practice.

Powers, of Federal Government, 4.

      restriction of, 7.

Preamble, to the Constitution, 3.

Prison, state, resolution relative to, 293.

      to be established, 22.

      Board of Commissioners of, 13.

Process, service of, 200.

      See Civil Practice.

Proof, of service of summons, 202.

Protestant episcopal church, incorporation of, 76.

publication, of decisions of Supreme Court, 47.

public lands, right and title to, disclaimed, 3.

      Act in relation to cities and towns on, 68.

      Act relating to possessory actions on, 72.

      what lands deemed to be, 72.

      unlawful entry on, 72.


Railroad, Act to provide for incorporation of, amended, 89.

      Act in relation to county aid, from Elko to Colorado River, 160.

      Act for issuing bonds of Ormsby County to, 43.

      same as to Storey County, 49.

      same as to Lyon County, 62.

      Act to issue bonds of Washoe County to, 138.

Railroad companies, Act in relation to incorporation of, amended, 65.

      Act for the incorporation of, 89.

      statements to be furnished by, to Assessor, etc., 184.

      word railroad, what held, 185.

      failure to furnish statement, 185.

Real estate, action relating to, 268.

      See Civil Practice.

Record. See Civil Practice, 262.

Recorder of Lander County to transcribe records for White Pine County, 109-137.

      of Lander to transcribe records for Elko County, 157.

      Act abolishing Court of, in Virginia City, 121.

Referee, trial by, 224.

      See Civil Practice.

Regents, board of, 21.

      Act to provide for election of, 134.

      vacancies in, how filled, 134.

      organization of, 134.

      present Board of, when to be succeeded, 134.

      joint convention to elect, 304.

Registration, of electors, required, 7.

      Act to provide for, of the names of electors, 140.

      ex officio Registry Agents, 140.

      County Commissioners may appoint, when, 140.

      power to administer oaths, 140.

      books, etc., to be provided for agents, 140.

      form of official registry, 140.

      duty of registry agents to receive and register names, etc., 140.

      notice of expiration of time to register, 141.

      form of oath, 141.

      duty of agent upon challenge, etc., 141.

      who deemed registered, 142.

      when certificate of naturalization is lost, etc., 142.

      duty of Registry Agent to post and distribute notices of names registered, 143.

      notices of objections, 143.

      examination of persons objected to, 143.

      person may apply to District Court, 144.

      official copies of registers to be made, 144.

      index books to be prepared, 144.

      copies of check lists and index books to be delivered, 144.

      elector moving may change registration, 144.

      Registry Agents to take oath, 145.

      compensation of Registry Agents, 145.

      poll-tax required to be paid, 145.

      poll-tax receipts, 145.

      who not entitled to vote, 146.

      illegal voting, 146.

      punishment for certain offenses, 146.

      punishment, where penalty not prescribed, 146.

Registry Agents, duties of, 140.

      books and papers to be kept by, 144.

      to take oath, 145.

Religion, perfect toleration, 3.

Removal, from civil office, 18.

Reporter, payment of, 29.

Residence, when not gained or lost, 6.

Resolutions, assembly, relative to mail service from Belmont to Aurora, 291.

      granting leave of absence to James Dawley, 292.

      relative to expenses of Territorial Government, 292.

      granting leave of absence to J. S. Shoemaker, 293.

      granting leave of absence to J. G. McClinton, 293.

      relative to title to State Prison, 293.

      relative to Mount Vernon, 294.

      granting leave of absence to S. A. Kinsey, 294.

      granting leave of absence to Robert A. Frasier, 294.

      relative to Walker River Indian Reservation, 295.

      relative to mail from Belmont to Shermantown, 295.

      relative to navigation of Colorado River, 296.

Resolutions, Senate, relative to printing Governor’s message, 297.

      relative to printing rules, 297.

      requesting copies of certain bills, 297.

      relative to printing report of Superintendent of Public Instruction, 298.

      relative to printing reports of Controller and Treasurer, 298.

      relative to printing report of State Mineralogist, 298.

      relative to Senate Concurrent Resolution No. 28, 298.

      relative to printing report of State Mineralogist, 299.

      relative to printing report of Warden of Prison, 299.

      granting leave of absence to Robert McBeth and J. D. Minor, 299.

      granting leave of absence to committee, 299.

      allowing Controller copies of his report, 300.

      granting leave of absence to Hiram Welch, 300.

      granting leave of absence to H. R. Mighels, 300.

      relative to distribution of Reports of Surveyor General and State Mineralogist, 300.

      relative to appropriation to J. A. Thompson for mail service, 301.

      relative to orders for printing, 301.

      granting leave of absence to D. G. Francis, 301.

      relative to protection of fish, 302.

      ratifying Art. 15, Constitutional Amendments, 302.

      relative to military stations, 302.

      granting leave of absence to H. G. Blasdel, 303.

      relative to payment of guards at State Prison, 303.

      granting leave of absence to Lieutenant-Governor, 304.

      relating to election of Board of Regents, 304.

      requesting more troops to be stationed at Camp McDermitt, 304.

      appointing committee to wait on the Governor, 305.

      relative to printing sermon of Rev. Allen, 305.

      tendering thanks to Hillyer and others, 305.

      relative to distribution of Report of Surveyor General, 305.

Rewards, Act authorizing payment of, in certain cases, 114.

Revenue, Act in relation to, amended, 94, 113, 157.

      Acts to provide for the support of the State Government amended, 168, 181.

      Acts supplementary to for support of State Government, 184.

      railroad companies required to furnish statement to Assessor, 184.

      word railroad, what held, 185.

      failure to furnish statement, 185.

Rights, declaration of, 4.

      trial by jury, 4.

      of free religious worship, 4.

      of habeas corpus, 5.

      of freedom of speech, 5.

      of debtors, 5.

      of bona fide residence, 5.

      against seizure and search, 6.

      of suffrage, 6.

      of persons arrested in criminal cases, 5.


Salaries, may be increased or diminished, 23.

      to be paid in coin, 51.

      of judicial officers, 17.

Satisfaction. See Civil Practice.

Sale. See Civil Practice.

Seals, great of State, 13.

      of Court, how impressed, 263.

      appropriation for drawing design of Seal of State, 147.

Secretary of State, election and duties of, 13.

      office of, where kept, 24.

      duty of, as State Printing Commissioner, 91.

      duty of, in preserving manuscript laws, etc., 102.

      abstract of votes to be submitted to, 78.

      duty of, in relation to insane, 104, 106, 107.

Senators, State, how chosen. 7.

      term of office of, 8.

      of the United States, 11.

Service of Papers, 270. See Civil Practice.

Schools, Public, to be uniform, 20.

      normal, 21.

      lands, 20.

      tax, 21.

      Act for maintenance of, amended, 169.

      Superintendent required to report, 169.

      powers and duties of County Superintendent of, 169, 170.

      salary of County Superintendent, 170.

      duty of Trustees to take annual census, 172.

      to appoint Census Marshal, 172.

      duty of Census Marshal, 172.

      compensation of Marshal, 172.

      special tax, trustees to call election, etc., 172, 173.

      when County Auditor to enter tax on assessment roll, 173.

      tax to be lien on property, 173.

      rate bills of tuition, 173.

      organization of new districts, 174.

      Board of Examiners, 174.

      when districts not entitled to money, 175.

      new district entitled to portion of money, 175.

      what to constitute district, 175.

Sheriff. See Civil Practice.

      ex officio License Collector, 168.

Shermantown, Act for incorporation of, 175, 181.

      officers of, appointed, 181.

Shoemaker, J. S., granted leave of absence, 293.

Slander. See Civil Practice, 205.

Slavery, prohibition of, 3.

Slingerland, James S., Act for relief of, 118.

      granted leave of absence, 304.

Soldiers’ Votes, 31.

Standing Army, not to be maintained, 5.

State of Nevada, officers of, when to qualify, 28.

      benevolent institutions to be fostered by, 22.

      prison of, to be established, 22.

      seat of government of, 22.

      Acts to establish financial transactions of, on a coin basis, 51, 85.

      Act to relinquish title of, to certain property, 71.

      Acts to redistrict, 86, 133.

      judicial districts of, 133.

      terms of District Courts of, 133.

      Act to provide for survey eastern boundary line of, 136.

State Printer, Act in relation to creation of, 90.

      compensation for, how determined, 91.

State Controller. See Controller.

State Treasurer. See Treasurer.

Stay of proceedings on appeal, 250.

      See Civil Practice.

Storey County, Act authorizing issuance of bonds of, to V. and T. R. R. Company, 49.

      An Act to authorize the payment of the bond due Wm. Ede, 182.

Submission, of controversy without action, 253.

      See Civil Practice.

Subpoena. See Civil Practice, 256.

Suffrage, right of, 6.

      who entitled to, 6.

      of persons in military service, 6.

Summons. See Civil Practice, 199, 200, 201, 202.

Superintendent of Public Instruction, election and term of office of, 20.

      to draw percentage on sale of public lands, 56.

      to make annual report, 169.

      duties of County, 170.

      powers of County, 170.

      salary of County, 170.

Supreme Court, jurisdiction of, 14.

      Chief Justice of, 14.

      when and where terms are to be held, 16.

      decisions of, how published, 47.

      Clerk appointed Commissioner for printing reports of, 48.

      to prescribe rules in cases of injunction, 213.

      to prescribe rules for its own government and for the government of the District Courts, 286.

Surveyor General, of United States to survey State boundary line, 136.

      resolution granting copies of report to, 300.

      printing report of, 299.

Sureties, may be examined under oath, 288.

      See Civil Practice-Security.

Swamp and Overflowed. See Lands.


Tax, United States land exempt from, 4.

      poll, 7.

      special, 21.

      to be levied in coin, 51.

      special, to be levied in Ormsby County, 44.

      special, to be levied in Storey County, 50.

      apportionment of, in Lyon County, 52.

      assessment and collection of, in Gold Hill, 83.

      levy and collection of, in Hamilton, 163.

      State compensation for collecting of, 94.

      annual, to be levied, 19.

      proceeds of, how appropriated, 19.

      to be equal, 19.

      property exempt from, 19.

telegraph, Act to repeal an Act to encourage the construction of line from Unionville to Star City, 49.

Terms, explanation of, 286.

      of State officers, 26.

      of Senators and Assemblymen, 26, 27.

      of District Courts, 133.

      of Supreme Court, 16.

      of District Courts, when held, 16.

Territory, laws of, to remain in force, 25.

      property of, to vest in State, 25.

      offenses committed against laws of, 25.

      how prosecuted, 25.

      fines, etc., accruing to, in inure to State, 25.

Testimony, manner of obtaining, 255.

      proceedings to perpetuate, 260.

      See Civil Practice.

Thompson, J. A., appropriation for, 301.

Time. See Civil Practice.

Title, to Mint land relinquished, 71.

Toll Roads, Act in relation from Virginia City to Truckee Meadows, etc., 129.

      rates of toll, 129.

      percentage to be paid into County Treasury, 129.

Towns. See Cities and Towns.

Transfer. See Civil Practice.

Treasure City, Act to incorporate, 122, 127.

      boundaries of, 122.

      corporate powers, in whom vested, 122.

      terms of office, 122.

      Board of Trustees, 122.

      elections, when held, 123.

      vacancies, how filled, 123.

      officers of, to qualify, etc., 123.

      powers of Board of Trustees, 123, 124, 125, 126.

      duties of officers, 126, 127.

      style of ordinances, 127.

      officers for, appointed, 127.

      civil actions, how brought, 127.

treasurer, State, how elected and eligible, 13.

      term of office of, 13.

      duties of, 14.

      required to execute bond, 28.

      to convert currency into coin, 51.

      duty in relation to Legislative funds, 55.

      to receive school money, 56.

      Act supplementary to Act defining duties, 101.

      duty of, as to payment of warrants, 101.

      penalty for violation of law as to payment of warrants, 101.

      required to keep money in safe, 101, 102.

      prohibited from using money except in payment of warrants, 102.

      money to be kept in his office, 102.

      Act supplementary to Act defining duties of, 139.

      money to be kept in vault, etc., 139.

Treasurer, County, of Esmeralda, to transfer funds, 47.

      duties of, of Lyon County, 52.

      to convert currency into coin, 51.

      duties of, of Esmeralda County, 58.

      duties of, of Humboldt County, 92.

      compensation of, for collecting State taxes, 94.

      to set apart money for District Judge’s salary, 98.

      salaries of, 113.

      duty of, as to foreign insurance companies, 132.

trespass, action for, on real property, 239.

      See Civil Practice.

Treason, 6.

Trial. See Civil Practice.

      by jury, 221.

      by Court, 224.

      by referee, 224.

      general provisions relating to, 225.

      proceedings to obtain new, 226.

truckee River, protection of fish in, 302.

Trustees, Board of, of public schools, 171.

      term of office of, 171.

      oath of office of, 171.

      vacancies, how filled, 171.

      duties and powers of, 171.


Undertaking. See Civil Practice.

united STates, lands of, exempt from tax, 3.

      Senators of, how elected, 11.

      constitution of, adopted, 3.

      paramount allegiance due to the Government of, 4.

      powers of the Government of, 4.

University, State, to be established, 20.

      by whom controlled, 21.

      election of the Board of Regents of, 134.

      organization of Board of Regents of, 134.

      funds of, how managed, 134.

      who not to be interested in contracts, 134.

Usurpation, actions for, of office or franchise, 247.

      See Civil Practice.


Vacancies, in office, how filled, 12.

      in Supreme Court, 28.

Varian, C. S., Act for relief of, 43.

verdict. See Civil Practice, 223.

verification, of pleadings, 204.

      See Civil Practice.

virginia city, Recorder’s Court in, abolished, 121.

      Act to provide for payment of certain claims against, 183.

      Alderman required to audit and direct payment of claims of A. B. C. Nusbaum, 183, 184.

Virginia and truckee railroad. See Railroad.

voluntary appearance. See Civil Practice, Appearance, 199.

Voters, when qualified, 7, 30.

      See Electors.


Washington, resolution relative to tomb of, 294.

Washoe, County, Act to authorize issue of bonds of, in aid of a railroad, 138.

Waste, action for, 239.

      See Civil Practice.

Water, Act relative to diversion of, 129.

Welch, Hiram, leave of absence granted to, 300.

White Pine County, Act to create, 108-110.

      boundaries of, 108.

      county seat of, located, 108.

      officers of, constituted, 109.

      to constitute one Senatorial and Assembly District, 109.

      salaries of officers of, 109.

      duty of Recorder of Lander County in relation to records of, 109.

      representation of, 109.

      to assume portion of indebtedness of Lander County, 109.

      what Judicial District to constitute, 133.

      terms of District Court in, 133.

      appointment of District Judge of, 87.

      Act to transfer records and suits to, from Lander County, 137.

Wife, may hold property, 10.

      property of, to be registered, 10.

      when party to an action, 197.

      defense by, 197.

Witnesses, manner of compelling attendance of, 250.

      See Civil Practice.

Woodworth, J. M., Act for relief of, 138.

Writs, of certiorari, 263.

      of mandamus, 264.

      See Civil Practice.