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Statutes of the State of Nevada - Eleventh Special Session, 1965








AN ACT appropriating $150,000 from the general fund in the state treasury to the legislative fund. Senate Bill No. 1–Senator Lamb.  Approved October 28, 1965



AN ACT to amend NRS section 218.050, relating to the number and apportionment of legislators, by declaring policy, increasing the number of senators and assemblymen, and creating legislative districts; to amend NRS sections 218.020 and 218.030, relating to the election of legislators, by providing for certificates of election in multicounty districts and for allotting long and short initial terms of senators; to amend NRS sections 293.185, 293.393 and 293.395, relating to candidacy filings and certificates of election, by providing for multicounty legislative districts; to amend NRS sections 218.060 and 218.080, relating to assembly districts, and chapter 218 of NRS, relating to the state legislature, by providing for legislative districts in Washoe and Storey counties, by providing for new assembly and for senatorial districts in Clark County, and by providing for the filling of vacancies; and providing other matters properly relating thereto. Assembly Bill No. 1–Messrs. Knisley and Gibson.  Approved November 15, 1965