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2009 Commemorative Coin in Silver (Numbered) or Bronze
2009 Commemorative Medallion in Bronze

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The face of the medallion features Nevada's original State Seal. The reverse of the medallion depicts the current Great Seal of the State of Nevada.

Bronze medallions are not numbered.

UP IN SMOKE: The original state seal depicts the smoke from the train and the mill blowing in opposite directions.  A Nevada legend claims that the design of the seal was a hoax pulled off by Mark Twain and his acquaintances.  In truth, the seal was adopted by the legislature on February 24, 1866.  Confusion over which way the smoke should blow came many years later and by 1917, the state printer began featuring on state publications the seal with smoke blowing to the left, as shown on the reverse side of the medallion.  Today, the description of the state seal is found in Nevada Revised Statutes 235.010.

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