Ethics And Disclosure

The Assembly Select Committee on Ethics was created pursuant to Rule No. 23 of the Assembly Standing Rules.  The Committee hears complaints concerning members of the Assembly on specific questions of alleged breaches of ethics and conflicts of interests.  In addition, the Committee may hear requests brought by members of the Assembly for advice on specific questions of potential breaches of ethics and conflicts of interest.

A complaint which alleges a breach of ethics or a conflict of interest must be made in writing on a form provided by the Legislative Counsel, signed and verified under penalty of perjury by the person making the allegation, and filed with the Legislative Counsel.  Legislative Counsel will review the complaint and any other relevant information and consult with the Chair of the Committee or, if the Chair is the subject of the complaint, with the Vice Chair to evaluate whether the Committee has jurisdiction and whether an investigation is warranted in the matter.  Please see Assembly Standing Rule No. 23 for detailed information on the complaint process.


      Assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui (D), Chair
      Assemblyman Steve Yeager (D), Vice Chair
      Assemblywoman Alexis Hansen (R)
      Maggie McLetchie (D)
      Laura Fitzsimmons (D)
      Richard Staub (R)

      Assemblywoman Daniele Monroe-Moreno (D)
      Assemblyman PK O’Neill (R)
      Marissa Pensabene (D)
      Greg Juhl (R)

      Nevada law also requires legislators to file annual financial disclosure statements and contribution and expense reports with the Secretary of State’s office.  You can search these reports on the Secretary of State’s website.