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Use this search to access more than 4,300 legislative histories compiled by Research Library Staff, including minutes and exhibits from 1965 to 1983 for bills and resolutions without compiled histories.

Any combination of fields will work - use as many or as few as you need. The symbols & / ! represent Boolean AND, OR, NOT and may be used between words or phrases. Include a space before and after the symbol. For example, you could search for airports / aviation in the Subject field and you would get results that had one or the other subject assigned to it. If you search for airports & Clark County in the same field, you will get results that have both of those subjects. Likewise, if you search for airports ! Clark County in the same field, you will get results that have the airports subject, but not Clark County.

Configure Your Search

Don't know the bill type/number? That's okay. You can use the year and page number given in the history line at the end of the Nevada Revised Statutes section and usually looks like: (Added to NRS by 1987, 2230). In this case, '1987' is the year and '2230' is the page number.

Note: There may be two or more bills printed on a page in the Statutes of Nevada. Therefore, you may receive more than one result in a search or you may receive a result for a bill other than the one you were searching for.

This field includes information such as whether the bill was on the ballot, amended another bill, was related to another bill, was vetoed, etc.
The status includes "Enacted," "Not Enacted," and "Vetoed," as well as the chapter of Statutes of Nevada, if enacted.
Searches the following fields: Bill Number, Year, Title, Subject, Location, Notes, Links Text, Bill Type, Committee, Notes, Sponser and Summary.

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