Assemblywoman Susie Martinez

Party: Democratic

Legislative Service

  • Nevada Assembly, 2019-2021 (first elected November 2018)—two regular sessions and two special sessions
  • 2021 SESSION COMMITTEES: Commerce and Labor; Government Affairs; Natural Resources
  • 2019 SESSION COMMITTEES: Commerce and Labor; Government Affairs; Taxation
  • 2019-2020 INTERIM COMMITTEE: Committee on High-Level Radioactive Waste; Nevada Commission on Aging

Other Achievements

  • Emerge Nevada, Graduate, 2018
  • Teamsters Local 986, elected Shop Steward, 2010–current


  • Eldorado High School
  • College of Southern Nevada, General Education


Occupation: Guest Service Agent
Recreation: Swimming, skiing, hiking
Born: 1966, Las Vegas, Nevada
Children: Victoria

Primary Sponsor

AB103 Revises provisions governing the preservation of certain prehistoric sites. (BDR 33-763)
AB138 Revises provisions governing the eligibility of certain convicted persons for public assistance. (BDR 38-760)
AB170 Revises provisions governing animals. (BDR 14-762)
AB209 Prohibits the removal or disabling of the claws of a cat under certain circumstances. (BDR 50-211)
AB257 Establishes provisions governing indoor air quality in public schools. (BDR 34-212)
AB284 Revises provisions relating to statutory liens on motor vehicles. (BDR 9-761)
AB307 Revises provisions governing employment practices. (BDR 18-764)


SCR3 Memorializes former state Senator Joseph M. Neal, Jr. (BDR R-901)
ACR6 Memorializes former Assemblyman and Senator Alan H. Glover. (BDR R-1158)
AJR7 Urges the Congress of the United States to pass the National Infrastructure Bank Act of 2020. (BDR R-765)
SJR10 Urges Congress to protect the public lands including and adjacent to Sunrise Mountain, Frenchman Mountain and Rainbow Gardens. (BDR R-101)
SCR12 Celebrates the sister-state relationship between the State of Nevada and Taiwan, which continues to enhance trade, educational and cultural relations. (BDR R-1151)
SCR14 Memorializes former District Court Judge Don P. Chairez. (BDR R-1140)
AB116 Revises provisions relating to traffic offenses. (BDR 43-491)
AB118 Revises provisions relating to the transportation of children in motor vehicles. (BDR 43-209)
AB121 Revises certain provisions relating to elections. (BDR 24-774)
AB124 Revises provisions relating to employment. (BDR 53-169)
SB128 Directs the State Treasurer to conduct a study concerning publicly funded scholarship and grant programs in this State. (BDR S-535)
AB130 Revises provisions governing insurance. (BDR 57-780)
AB131 Revises provisions relating to the use of portable event recording devices by peace officers. (BDR 23-241)
AB132 Establishes provisions relating to custodial interrogations of children. (BDR 5-783)
AB133 Revises provisions relating to peace officers. (BDR 23-240)
AB143 Establishes provisions concerning victims of human trafficking. (BDR 16-856)
AB148 Revises provisions governing mining. (BDR 46-134)
AB155 Increases the maximum amount of certain fees imposed by the Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing Board. (BDR 54-603)
AB172 Requires the Nevada Veterans Services Commission to conduct a study relating to the Department of Veterans Services. (BDR S-712)
AB177 Revises provisions relating to prescriptions. (BDR 54-61)
AB186 Establishes provisions relating to the issuance of citations and arrests by peace officers. (BDR 23-634)
AB187 Designates the month of September of each year as “Ovarian and Prostate Cancer Prevention and Awareness Month” in Nevada. (BDR 19-917)
AB189 Expands Medicaid coverage for certain pregnant women. (BDR 38-130)
AB194 Revises provisions governing the suspension and expulsion of pupils. (BDR 34-176)
AB195 Revises provisions relating to pupils who are English learners. (BDR 34-174)
AB197 Revises provisions relating to persons experiencing homelessness. (BDR 11-682)
AB198 Requires Medicaid to cover certain genetic testing. (BDR 38-13)
AB215 Revises provisions governing the eligibility requirements for participation in courses for an adult to earn a high school diploma. (BDR 34-653)
AB224 Provides for access to menstrual products in certain public schools. (BDR 34-767)
AB230 Revises provisions relating to juvenile justice. (BDR 5-791)
AB240 Revises provisions governing mining. (BDR 46-936)
AB254 Revises provisions governing collegiate athletics. (BDR 34-879)
AB262 Revises provisions governing education. (BDR 34-946)
AB317 Revises provisions relating to housing. (BDR 10-778)
AB327 Requires certain mental health professionals to complete continuing education relating to cultural competency. (BDR 54-175)
AB331 Makes various changes to provisions relating to affordable housing. (BDR 22-807)
AB371 Enacts provisions governing discrimination based on race. (BDR 34-697)
AB376 Enacts the Keep Nevada Working Act and makes various other changes relating to immigration. (BDR 18-737)
AB382 Revises provisions relating to student education loans. (BDR 55-116)