Assemblywoman Annie Black

Party: Republican

Legislative Service

  • Nevada Assembly, 2021 (first elected November 2020)—one regular session
  • 2021 SESSION COMMITTEES: Government Affairs; Health and Human Services; Natural Resources

Other Public Service

  • Mesquite City Council


  • Clark County Republican Party
  • Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance
  • Mesquite Community Education Advisory Board
  • Mesquite Real Estate Association
  • Mesquite Republican Women’s Club
  • National Rifle Association
  • Nevada Firearms Coalition
  • Nevada Republican Party
  • Pioneer Technology and Arts Academy
  • Virgin Valley High School, Organizational Team


  • Bonanza High School, Las Vegas, Nevada


Occupation: Entrepreneur
Recreation: Off-roading, gun shooting, scuba diving
Born: 1981, Las Vegas, Nevada
Children: Tommy and Tyler

Primary Sponsor

ACR2 Terminates the emergency described in the Declaration of Emergency for COVID-19 issued by the Governor on March 12, 2020. (BDR R-930)
AJR9 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution relating to appropriations for the operation of the Executive Department of the State Government. (BDR C-592)
AJR11 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to require “None of the above” be a choice on the ballot in certain elections. (BDR C-596)
AJR12 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to prohibit a vote on a bill or joint resolution until it has been made available to the public for a certain period. (BDR C-595)
AB120 Exempts businesses that have gross revenue below a certain amount from the requirement to obtain a state business license. (BDR 7-594)
AB183 Revises provisions governing collective bargaining. (BDR 23-803)
AB199 Provides for the designation and operation of charter agencies. (BDR 18-804)
AB232 Creates the Legislative Committee on the Reduction of Nonessential State Expenditures. (BDR 17-593)
AB272 Exempts employers from paying the tax for wages which are paid to certain employees. (BDR 32-650)
AB276 Makes changes to provisions governing public records. (BDR 19-884)


SCR3 Memorializes former state Senator Joseph M. Neal, Jr. (BDR R-901)
ACR6 Memorializes former Assemblyman and Senator Alan H. Glover. (BDR R-1158)
SCR12 Celebrates the sister-state relationship between the State of Nevada and Taiwan, which continues to enhance trade, educational and cultural relations. (BDR R-1151)
SCR14 Memorializes former District Court Judge Don P. Chairez. (BDR R-1140)
AB99 Revises provisions governing public works. (BDR 28-686)
SB127 Revises provisions relating to the Charter of the City of Mesquite. (BDR S-619)
AB134 Revises provisions relating to elections. (BDR 24-801)
SB152 Revises provisions related to education. (BDR 34-622)
AB185 Eliminates certain scheduled increases in the minimum wage. (BDR 53-688)
AB187 Designates the month of September of each year as “Ovarian and Prostate Cancer Prevention and Awareness Month” in Nevada. (BDR 19-917)
AB239 Establishes provisions relating to the enforcement of federal immigration laws. (BDR 14-802)
SB262 Establishes provisions requiring the award of reasonable attorney's fees under certain circumstances. (BDR 2-640)
AB267 Revises provisions governing the Department of Motor Vehicles. (BDR 43-698)
AB293 Revises provisions relating to charitable lotteries. (BDR 41-204)