32nd (2020) Special Session

  Legislator Party District County
Brooks, Chris image Brooks, Chris
Democratic No. 3 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Cancela, Yvanna D. image Cancela, Yvanna D.
Co-Majority Whip
Democratic No. 10 Clark (Part)
Served in the Nevada Senate 2017-2021.
Cannizzaro, Nicole J. image Cannizzaro, Nicole J.
Majority Leader
Democratic No. 6 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Denis, Moises (Mo) image Denis, Moises (Mo)
President pro Tempore
Democratic No. 2 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Dondero Loop, Marilyn image Dondero Loop, Marilyn
Democratic No. 8 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Goicoechea, Pete image Goicoechea, Pete
Republican No. 19 Clark (Part), Elko, Eureka, Lincoln, Nye (Part), White Pine
Currently Serving
Hammond, Scott image Hammond, Scott
Co-Minority Whip
Republican No. 18 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Hansen, Ira image Hansen, Ira
Republican No. 14 Esmeralda, Humboldt, Lander, Mineral, Nye (Part), Pershing, Washoe (Part)
Currently Serving
Hardy, Joseph (Joe) P. image Hardy, Joseph (Joe) P.
Assistant Minority Leader
Republican No. 12 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Harris, Dallas image Harris, Dallas
Democratic No. 11 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Kieckhefer, Ben image Kieckhefer, Ben
Republican No. 16 Carson City, Washoe (Part)
Served in the Nevada Senate 2010-2021. Resigned October 7, 2021.
Ohrenschall, James image Ohrenschall, James
Democratic No. 21 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Parks, David R. image Parks, David R.
Democratic No. 7 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Pickard, Keith F. image Pickard, Keith F.
Republican No. 20 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Ratti, Julia image Ratti, Julia
Assistant Majority Leader
Democratic No. 13 Washoe (Part)
Served in the Nevada Senate 2016-2021. Resigned November 19, 2021.
Scheible, Melanie image Scheible, Melanie
Democratic No. 9 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Seevers Gansert, Heidi image Seevers Gansert, Heidi
Co-Minority Whip
Republican No. 15 Washoe (Part)
Currently Serving
Settelmeyer, James A. image Settelmeyer, James A.
Minority Leader
Republican No. 17 Churchill, Douglas, Lyon, Storey
Currently Serving
Spearman, Pat image Spearman, Pat
Co-Majority Whip
Democratic No. 1 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Washington, Marcia L. image Washington, Marcia L.
Democratic No. 4 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Woodhouse, Joyce image Woodhouse, Joyce
Chief Majority Whip
Democratic No. 5 Clark (Part)
Served in the Nevada Senate 2006-2010 and 2012-2020.