Senator Keith F. Pickard

Party: Republican

Legislative Service

  • Nevada Senate, 2018 - Present (first elected November 2018)
  • 2017 SESSION COMMITTEES: Corrections, Parole, and Probation; Education; Judiciary; Taxation
  • 2017-2018 INTERIM COMMITTEES: Legislative Commission; Legislative Commission's Sunset Subcommittee; Committee to Review Child Support Guidelines
  • Nevada Assembly, 2016 (first elected November 2016)—one regular session

Other Achievements

  • President, National Council of Legislators from Gaming States, 2020 - 2021
  • Real estate broker, 2009 - 2017
  • Licensed contractor and real estate developer, 1993 - 2011
  • High school teacher, 1990 - 1992
  • Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Japan Osaka Mission


  • Henderson Chamber of Commerce
  • Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce
  • National Council of Legislators from Gaming States, 2017 to Present
  • Nevada Bar Association, 2011 - Current
  • Utah Bar Association, 2012 - Current (Inactive)
  • Nevada Justice Association, 2011 - Current


  • Brigham Young University, B.S.
  • Boyd S. School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, J.D.


Occupation: Attorney at Law
Recreation: Competitive shooting, reading, woodworking and finish carpentry, cooking, family
Born: 1962, Long Beach, California
Spouse: Margaret
Children: Lisa, Stetson, Dean, Rian, Bailey, Hayden, and Kathleen

Primary Sponsor

SJR2 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise the membership of the Commission on Judicial Selection. (BDR C-83)
SB88 Revises provisions relating to emergency management. (BDR 36-51)
AB113 Increases the limitation of time within which a criminal prosecution for sex trafficking must be commenced. (BDR 14-610)
SB118 Establishes provisions relating to education. (BDR 34-155)
SB119 Revises provisions relating to domestic relations. (BDR 11-163)
SB130 Provides for a presidential preference primary election. (BDR 24-37)
SB131 Revises provisions relating to the Office of Grant Procurement, Coordination and Management in the Department of Administration. (BDR 18-100)
SB132 Makes an appropriation from the State General Fund to the Eighth Judicial District for the funding of support services provided by juvenile justice assessment centers to pupils at public schools in the Clark County School District. (BDR S-553)
SB133 Establishes provisions relating to obligations for the support of children. (BDR 11-552)
SB136 Revises provisions relating to offenders. (BDR 16-625)
SB137 Establishes provisions relating to certain information and records concerning public safety. (BDR 14-7)
SB138 Revises provisions relating to planned development. (BDR 22-566)
AB159 Limits the civil liability of certain public schools for personal injury or death resulting from exposure to COVID-19. (BDR 3-230)
SB181 Revises provisions relating to alcohol and drug counselors. (BDR 54-558)
AB182 Revises the elements of the crime of advancing prostitution. (BDR 15-744)
SB196 Prohibits the performance of a pelvic examination in certain circumstances. (BDR 54-34)
SB206 Revises provisions relating to insurance which provides for the payment of expenses not covered by Medicare. (BDR 57-556)
SB207 Requires the development, creation and administration of a pilot program for the purpose of establishing new apprenticeship programs for certain industries. (BDR S-876)
SB216 Revises provisions relating to community water systems. (BDR 19-590)
SB225 Revises provisions relating to elections. (BDR 24-550)
AB244 Revises provisions relating to insurance which provides for the payment of expenses not covered by Medicare. (BDR 57-654)
SB244 Revises provisions relating to education. (BDR 34-621)
SB252 Extends the period during which certain complaints may be filed with the State Contractors' Board under certain circumstances. (BDR 54-961)
SB262 Establishes provisions requiring the award of reasonable attorney's fees under certain circumstances. (BDR 2-640)
SB264 Prohibits trucks and truck-tractors over a certain weight from using the left lane on highways with two lanes in the same direction of travel except to pass when no other traffic will be impeded, from using the left lane at all on highways with three or more lanes in the same direction, and from using a high-occupancy vehicle lane when there is only one such lane. (BDR 43-962)
SB265 Revises provisions relating to work-based learning programs. (BDR 34-624)
AB314 Revises provisions governing civil liability for injury or death resulting from exposure to COVID-19. (BDR 3-448)
AB328 Expands the circumstances in which a county clerk is required to cancel a preregistration or registration to vote. (BDR 24-609)
SB330 Revises provisions relating to education. (BDR 34-554)
SB331 Makes an appropriation to the Interim Finance Committee for allocation to the Nevada Highway Patrol Division of the Department of Public Safety for the costs of restoring certain suspended merit salary increases. (BDR S-162)
SB339 Authorizes a unit-owners' association of a common-interest community to lease abandoned residential property within the common-interest community in certain circumstances. (BDR 10-557)
SB343 Revises provisions relating to education. (BDR 34-551)
SB351 Imposes a charge on the wholesale sales of electricity generated from renewable energy. (BDR 58-555)
SB374 Revises provisions relating to taxation. (BDR 32-161)
SB375 Appropriates additional money for teacher salaries and class size reduction. (BDR 34-951)
SB403 Makes various changes relating to legislative measures. (BDR 17-30)
SB419 Revises provisions relating to unemployment compensation. (BDR 53-1139)
SB462 Creates the Reapportionment and Redistricting Advisory Commission. (BDR 17-1180)


SCR3 Memorializes former state Senator Joseph M. Neal, Jr. (BDR R-901)
SJR5 Urges the Legislature, Governor and community organizations to work together to resolve various issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic. (BDR R-958)
SR5 Inducts David R. Parks into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1165)
SR6 Inducts Mark Amodei into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1164)
ACR6 Memorializes former Assemblyman and Senator Alan H. Glover. (BDR R-1158)
SCR12 Celebrates the sister-state relationship between the State of Nevada and Taiwan, which continues to enhance trade, educational and cultural relations. (BDR R-1151)
SCR14 Memorializes former District Court Judge Don P. Chairez. (BDR R-1140)
SB99 Makes changes to provisions relating to fiscal notes. (BDR 17-700)
AB99 Revises provisions governing public works. (BDR 28-686)
AB116 Revises provisions relating to traffic offenses. (BDR 43-491)
SB117 Revises provisions relating to economic development. (BDR 18-600)
AB168 Revises provisions relating to riots. (BDR 15-518)
AB183 Revises provisions governing collective bargaining. (BDR 23-803)
SB221 Revises provisions relating to public employment. (BDR 23-629)
SB243 Revises provisions governing the confidentiality of the personal information of certain persons. (BDR 20-938)
AB272 Exempts employers from paying the tax for wages which are paid to certain employees. (BDR 32-650)