Police Badge
Nevada Legislative Police
Our Mission

The mission of the Legislative Police is to support the State Legislature by creating a secure environment in which to conduct the legislative process. We will carry out this role in a manner that respects the rights and dignity of all persons. Our members will perform their duties with enthusiasm, professionalism, courtesy and efficiency. They will act in accordance with the highest standards of ethics, with a commitment to excellence and outstanding public service.

Our Philosophy and Goals

SERVICE to the Legislative Counsel Bureau, promoting openness and access to government;
PROFESSIONALISM based on honesty, integrity, loyalty, and awareness of basic human values in our response to every individual;
COOPERATION with the public we serve, making their goals, needs, and priorities our own;
INNOVATION in thought and action, recognizing and responding to current and future needs;
TEAMWORK to foster a sense of cooperation among all, recognizing the importance of serving our customers; and
TRUST earned by managing and maintaining the Unit’s resources responsibly, and conducting ourselves in a way that fosters the highest level of confidence from the legislators we work with and the citizens we serve.