[Rev. 11/22/2013 10:22:24 AM--2013]

[NAC-679A Revised Date: 3-00]


679A.010†††††††† Severability.

679A.020†††††††† Entities organized for purpose of or engaged in business of insurance.




††††† NAC 679A.010  Severability.  If any provision in chapters 679A to 697A, inclusive, of NAC or any application thereof to any person, thing or circumstance is held invalid, the commissioner of insurance intends that such invalidity not affect the remaining provisions or applications to the extent that they can be given effect.

†††† (Added to NAC by Commír of Insurance, eff. 8-26-83)

††††† NAC 679A.020  Entities organized for purpose of or engaged in business of insurance. (NRS 679B.130)  For the purposes of NRS 86.141 and 88.342, an entity is organized for the purpose of or engaged in the business of insurance if the entity acts as:

†††† 1.  An insurer pursuant to NRS 679A.100;

†††† 2.  A fraternal benefit society pursuant to chapter 695A of NRS;

†††† 3.  A nonprofit corporation for hospital, medical and dental service pursuant to chapter 695B of NRS;

†††† 4.  A health maintenance organization pursuant to chapter 695C of NRS;

†††† 5.  An organization for dental care pursuant to chapter 695D of NRS;

†††† 6.  A risk retention group pursuant to chapter 695E of NRS; or

†††† 7.  A prepaid limited health service organization pursuant to chapter 695F of NRS.

†††† (Added to NAC by Commír of Insurance by R152-99, eff. 1-28-2000)