Constituent Services Unit
Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What does the Constituent Services Unit do?

  • Whom do I contact to report someone who is operating without a contractor's license?

  • Is there a statute of limitations for credit card and hospital debt?
  • If a debt collection agency has contacted me, what are my rights under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?
  • Do debt collection agencies need to be licensed in Nevada? How do I file a complaint against a collection agency?

  • Which carry-concealed weapons (CCW) permits from other states does Nevada recognize?
  • I am interested in obtaining a Nevada CCW permit. How do I apply?

  • How do I contact my federal representatives?
  • How do I contact my State legislator?
  • How do I find a Bill Draft Request (BDR) for the Nevada Legislature?
  • Whom do I contact about neighborhood issues such as graffiti, trash/debris in neighboring yards, garbage, noisy animals, residential vehicle parking, wrecked or junk vehicles, fences/walls, potholes, garage sales, abandoned homes, zoning?

  • What agency can help with medical billing problems?
  • What agency can help with workers' compensation problems?
  • Where can I find care and support services?

  • Where can I find landlord/tenant laws?
  • How can I get legal help regarding landlord/tenant issues in Las Vegas?
  • How can I get legal help regarding landlord/tenant issues in Carson City or Reno?

  • I have a criminal offense in my past. I would like to have it removed from my criminal record. Is there a process?
  • I have a small legal dispute with someone. Whom can I see about filing a small claims action?

  • I am having a problem with my homeowners' association (HOA). What can I do about it?

  • What are the minimum automobile liability coverage requirements in Nevada?
  • What should I know about changing my car insurance from one company to another?
  • When I'm selling my car, is it ok to just cancel the insurance?
  • I just moved here from another state and I have motor vehicle insurance. Is it accepted in Nevada?
  • I'm having trouble with a body shop. To whom can I complain?
  • Does Nevada have a "Lemon Law" for the repairing of vehicles still under the original manufacturer's warranty?
  • Does Nevada have a "Lemon Law” for used vehicles?
  • What other remedies might apply to vehicle purchases?

  • I am a military service veteran. What resources are available in the State of Nevada to assist veterans?
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      Last updated 7/12/2019