Welcome to the Research Division

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We Are Nevada's Nonpartisan Policy and Research Team

The Research Division provides high-quality public policy analysis, research, and assistance to the Legislature—its members, committees, and constituents.

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We Provide Materials on Legislative Issues

The Legislative Counsel Bureau (LCB) Research Library maintains print and digital collections of legislative histories and publications, select state and federal documents, governmental studies, and more.

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We Provide Answers to Constituent Questions

The Constituent Services Unit (CSU) of the Research Division helps legislators and the public with questions about the Legislature, the legislative process, bills, and government agencies.

Our Content

Explore the information our analysts and librarians have created and curated.

Publications and Webpages

We've produced hundreds of publications on various policy topics that span decades of activity and assembled webpages filled with information. Scroll down to view by subject.

Additional Resources

Our Research Library has several searchable databases on various legislative topics, as well as an online archive of old committees, minutes, and exhibits from 1965 to 1981.

By Subject

Commerce, Labor, Energy

Find information on renewable energy, occupational licensing, homeowners' associations, financial institutions, minimum wage, and more.


Find information on early childhood education, charter schools, class-size reduction, postsecondary education, and more.

Government & Elections

Find information on public records, open meeting law, collective bargaining, campaign practices, prevailing wage, ethics, and more.

Health & Human Services

Find information on mental health, public welfare, services for aging and disabled individuals, foster care, public health, and more.


Find information on residency requirements, firearms, gaming, criminal procedure, the court system, corrections, family law, juvenile justice, and more.


Find information on the legislative process, summaries of enacted legislation, term limits, past and present legislators, political history, and more.

Natural Resources

Find information on water resources, public lands, radioactive waste, the environment, mining, wildlife, agriculture, and more.


Find information on drivers' licenses and authorization cards, autonomous vehicles, license plates, unmanned aircraft, mass transit, roadways, and more.

Our Features

About Legislators

A page filled with information about legislators—past and present—including membership profiles, contact information, leadership positions, demographic profiles, and other historical facts and figures.

About Districts

This page contains statistical information about districts, demographic profiles, district shapefiles, maps, and reapportionment and redistricting information. It includes a tool to look up who represents an area.

Reapportionment and Redistricting

Every ten years, following the Federal Census, the Nevada State Legislature is responsible for reapportioning and redistricting the districts for various offices. This page contains background information, maps, and data tables.