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What are the Statutes of Nevada?

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What are the Statutes of Nevada?

From Chapter 5 of the 2017 Legislative Manual:

The Statutes of Nevada, sometimes called the session laws, are a bound compilation of all general and special laws and resolutions enacted in a specific legislative year. They have been published for every session since territorial days. Thoroughly indexed, they are normally available within a few months following the close of a session. Between the end of a session and the publication of the Statutes of Nevada, a temporary compilation of the session laws, known as the Advance Sheets, is available to interested parties. This softbound publication contains all of the laws and resolutions adopted at the recently adjourned session in the same order of appearance as in the Statutes of Nevada and includes an index and locater tables.

The text of all bills and resolutions enacted during a session appears in the Statutes of Nevada in the same form as the enrolled copies filed with the Secretary of State. With some exceptions, new material is printed in bolded italics, while material enclosed in brackets with strikethrough is to be deleted. Laws are arranged in the Statutes of Nevada by chapter number assigned by the Secretary of State in the order received from the Governor.

Besides the complete text of all bills and resolutions adopted during a session, the Statutes of Nevada contain indexed copies of the United States and Nevada Constitutions. The Statutes of Nevada also include an index and several tables useful in determining the laws in place in Nevada prior to the biennial reprint of the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS). These tables are:

  1. A table of bills and resolutions passed or vetoed during the session.
  2. A table of sections of NRS amended or repealed during the session.
  3. A table of chapters of NRS amended by the addition of new sections.
  4. A table of titles of NRS amended by the addition of new chapters.
  5. A list of selected special and local acts amended or repealed.
  6. A table of statutes, or sections thereof, amended or repealed.
  7. A table of contents showing the title and chapter numbers (or file numbers for resolutions) of all the measures enacted during the session.

The reprint of NRS incorporates the statutory changes adopted during the previous session.

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  Last updated 5/25/2017