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What is the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC)?

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What is the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC)?

From Chapter 5 of the 2017 Legislative Manual:

Pursuant to NRS 233B.062, it is the policy of the State of Nevada that every regulation adopted pursuant to law by a State agency be made easily accessible to the public and expressed in clear and concise language. To assist in carrying out this policy, most permanent regulations are incorporated in Nevada Administrative Code, and procedures for the adoption of emergency or temporary regulations are set forth by statute. Information relating to a proposed or adopted regulation is provided in the Register of Administrative Regulations, which is published by the Legislative Counsel. The Register includes the proposed and adopted text of each permanent, temporary, and emergency regulation, the notice of intent to act upon the regulation, the written notice of adoption of the regulation and an informational statement for the regulation.

Nevada Administrative Code and the Register are available for review in the State and legislative libraries and online at the legislative website. They may also be purchased, in individual volumes or in their entirety, from the Publications Unit of the Legal Division of the Legislative Counsel Bureau.

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  Last updated 5/25/2017