Assemblyman James Ohrenschall

Party: Democratic

Legislative Service

  • Nevada Assembly, 2007-2014 (first elected November 2006)—four special and four regular sessions
  • 2011 SESSION COMMITTEES: Judiciary (Vice Chair); Commerce and Labor; Legislative Operations and Elections
  • 2009-2010 INTERIM COMMITTEE: Legislative Commission (Alternate Member)

Other Public Service

  • Member, Governor’s Workforce Investment Board, 2009-2010
  • Commissioner, National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 2009-2010
  • Nevada Statewide AIDS Advisory Task Force, 2009-2010
  • Nevada Autism Task Force, 2007-2008
  • Appointee, Law and Criminal Justice Standing Committee, National Conference of State Legislatures

Honors and Awards

  • Autism Advocate Award, Grant a Gift Autism Foundation
  • Ralph J. Roske Award for Outstanding Work in Introductory History, UNLV Department of History
  • Semifinalist, Clark County Bar Association Client Counseling Competition, William S. Boyd School of Law, UNLV
  • Dean’s Honor List, William S. Boyd School of Law, UNLV
  • Academic Merit Scholarship, William S. Boyd School of Law, UNLV
  • Meritorious Public Service Award, American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association
  • Outstanding Grass-Roots Democrat of the Year Award, Paradise Democratic Club of Clark County

Other Achievements

  • Delegate representing Nevada, Young Democrats of America National Convention
  • Graduate, Western Legislative Academy, The Council of State Governments–WEST


  • Nevada State Bar
  • United States District Court for the District of Nevada
  • United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit
  • UNLV Alumni Association
  • Founding Member, Pi Mu Epsilon, National Mathematics Honor Society, UNLV Chapter
  • Former Member, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local Union No. 631, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Paradise Democratic Club of Clark County
  • Delegate representing Nevada and the United States, World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association Bi-Annual Meeting


  • Chaparral High School, Sunset High School, Las Vegas
  • College of Southern Nevada
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), B.A., Economics
  • William S. Boyd School of Law, UNLV, J.D


Occupation: Attorney at Law
Recreation: Hiking, climbing, skiing
Born: 1972, Las Vegas, Nevada

Primary Sponsor

SJR11 Urges Congress to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution to restore the authority of the governments of the United States and individual states to regulate and restrict independent political expenditures. (BDR R-1047)
SJR13 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to require the recognition of all marriages, regardless of gender. (BDR C-88)
AB90 Revises provisions governing representation of injured workers in hearings or other meetings concerning industrial insurance claims. (BDR 53-820)
AB99 Revises provisions relating to notarial acts. (BDR 19-1)
AB110 Revises provisions concerning canines and breed discrimination. (BDR 15-567)
SB128 Exempts certain persons from the licensing requirements for broker-dealers. (BDR 7-444)
AB144 Revises certain provisions pertaining to anatomical gifts. (BDR 40-141)
AB145 Provides for retrofitting of roads and streets in consideration of different types of users. (BDR 43-662)
AB147 Requires the notification of patients regarding breast density. (BDR 40-172)
AB156 Revises provisions relating to the sealing of certain records. (BDR 14-590)
AB159 Establishes a diversion program for certain defendants. (BDR 14-669)
AB160 Revises provisions governing the death penalty. (BDR 14-2)
SB169 Revises provisions governing criminal penalties. (BDR 15-495)
AB175 Revises provisions relating to uniformed-service and overseas voters. (BDR 24-635)
SB180 Requires a court to award certain relief to an employee injured by certain unlawful employment practices under certain circumstances. (BDR 53-561)
SB196 Revises provisions governing manufactured home parks. (BDR 10-627)
SB203 Requires legislative lobbyists to file quarterly reports concerning lobbying activities under certain circumstances. (BDR 17-26)
AB207 Revises provisions relating to juveniles. (BDR 5-51)
AB209 Revises provisions governing the distribution and sale of raw milk. (BDR 51-1011)
SB213 Revises certain provisions relating to trapping. (BDR 45-450)
AB215 Provides for the collection and application of graywater for a single-family residence. (BDR 40-3)
SB230 Provides for the design, construction or installation and maintenance of a memorial dedicated to Nevada's fallen soldiers. (BDR S-553)
AB240 Revises provisions relating to civil actions. (BDR 3-1021)
AB262 Revises provisions governing the award of attorney's fees in certain domestic relations actions. (BDR 11-951)
SB308 Clarifying provisions governing certain tax exemptions for veterans. (BDR 32-644)
SB316 Revises provisions relating to materials recovery facilities. (BDR 54-1067)
AB330 Requires labeling of certain genetically engineered foods. (BDR 51-955)
AB358 Enacts the Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act. (BDR 11-171)
AB359 Revises provisions relating to gaming. (BDR 41-591)
AB369 Revises provisions relating to coverage for autism spectrum disorders in certain policies of health insurance and health care plans. (BDR 57-819)
AB370 Revises provisions concerning common-interest communities. (BDR 3-1016)
AB375 Revises provisions relating to services for persons with autism spectrum disorders. (BDR 40-999)
SB375 Revises provisions relating to elections. (BDR 24-496)
AB386 Establishes a pilot program for the administration of mental health screenings to pupils enrolled in selected secondary schools in the Clark County School District and the Washoe County School District. (BDR S-1022)
SB409 Makes various changes relating to gaming. (BDR 41-1054)
SB410 Revises provisions governing hypodermic devices. (BDR 40-451)
AB412 Makes various changes relating to the Legislature. (BDR 17-528)


SCR2 Commemorates the 20th anniversary of the donation of precious art from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the people of the State of Nevada, reaffirms the sister-state relationship between the State of Nevada and the Republic of China (Taiwan) and celebrates the donation of additional artwork to the Nevada Legislature under the Nevada Senate's SENarts initiative. (BDR R-695)
SJR4 Urges the Government of Turkey to grant the Ecumenical Patriarch international recognition and to respect the human rights and property rights of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. (BDR R-885)
ACR4 Honors Nevadans who have lost their lives in the Global War on Terrorism. (BDR R-246)
ACR5 Memorializes former Assemblyman John W. Marvel. (BDR R-1211)
SCR5 Commemorates the 150th anniversary of the State of Nevada. (BDR R-613)
ACR6 Expresses appreciation to the staff of the Legislative Counsel Bureau. (BDR R-1219)
SCR6 Memorializes former State Senator William J. Raggio. (BDR R-622)
AJR6 Recognizes Nevada's partnership and friendship with, and expresses support for, the State of Israel. (BDR R-458)
ACR8 Memorializes John J. McDonald. (BDR R-1231)
SCR10 Memorializes former University Regent Dorothy Gallagher. (BDR R-1238)
AR11 Expresses appreciation to the Chief Clerk and staff of the Assembly. (BDR R-1217)
AB89 Authorizes the formation of benefit corporations. (BDR 7-28)
AB95 Revises provisions governing prescription labels. (BDR 54-648)
AB97 Revises provisions governing habitual criminals, habitual felons and habitually fraudulent felons. (BDR 15-680)
SB111 Requires production of certain evidence under certain circumstances. (BDR 3-771)
SB113 Makes various changes to provisions governing the termination of parental rights. (BDR 11-434)
AB139 Revises provisions relating to the state business portal. (BDR 7-127)
SB142 Makes various changes to provisions governing local government contracting. (BDR 27-676)
AB143 Makes various changes relating to concealed firearms. (BDR 20-615)
AB150 Creates the Legislative Committee on Governmental Oversight and Accountability. (BDR 17-739)
SB156 Requires certain policies of health insurance and health care plans to provide coverage for acupuncture treatments in certain circumstances. (BDR 57-602)
SB159 Declares the Legislature's support for a land exchange near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. (BDR S-552)
AB181 Makes various changes to provisions governing employment practices. (BDR 53-48)
AB183 Allows a person who is 16 years of age to donate blood with the consent of his or her parent or guardian. (BDR 40-1015)
AB192 Repeals the prospective expiration of the authority of county clerks to charge and collect an additional fee for filing and recording a bond of a notary public. (BDR S-1037)
AB195 Revises provisions governing applications for the renewal of permits to carry concealed firearms. (BDR 15-446)
AB227 Creates the Nevada Land Management Task Force to conduct a study addressing the transfer of certain public lands in this State. (BDR S-594)
AB228 Authorizes certain providers of health care to provide voluntary health care service in this State in association with certain organizations. (BDR 54-245)
AB248 Creates a statutory subcommittee of the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice (BDR 14-616)
SB266 Revises provisions governing coverage for chemotherapy in a policy of health insurance or health care plan. (BDR 57-879)
AB278 Enacts provisions related to multicultural education. (BDR 34-512)
AB281 Revises provisions relating to recordkeeping on public works projects. (BDR 28-1070)
AB282 Revises provisions governing certain sales of motor vehicles. (BDR 43-640)
AB290 Revises provisions relating to certain tax exemptions for certain veterans. (BDR 32-438)
AB300* Revises provisions governing foreclosures on property. (BDR 9-668)
AB314 Makes various changes relating to lobbyists. (BDR 17-1027)
AB353 Authorizes the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada to establish a financial aid program for students enrolled in the Nevada System of Higher Education. (BDR 34-918)
AB393 Expands the rights of children placed in foster care. (BDR 38-919)
AB394 Revises provisions relating to statements of financial disclosure. (BDR 23-50)
AB395 Revises provisions regarding common-interest communities. (BDR 10-1013)
AB396 Revises provisions relating to the waters of this State. (BDR 26-763)
AB399 Revises various provisions relating to unarmed combat. (BDR 41-142)