Assemblywoman Heidi Swank

Party: Democratic

Legislative Service

  • Nevada Assembly, 2013 (first elected November 2012)—one regular session

Honors and Awards

  • Vegas Seven, Best New Politician, 2012

Other Achievements

  • Founder and Chair, Flamingo Club, 2006-current
  • Editorial Board, “Written Language and Literacy,” 2010-current
  • Member, Nevada Faculty Alliance, 2009-2012


  • Executive Board Member, Vice President, Southwest Anthropological Association, 2009-2012
  • Nominations Committee, Society for Linguistic Anthropology, 2011-current
  • President, Beverly Green Neighborhood Association, 2011-current
  • Secretary, Vice President, Beverly Green Neighborhood Association, 2006-2010


  • Prescott High School, Prescott, Wisconsin
  • Hamline University, B.A., St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Northwestern University, M.A., Ph.D., Evanston, Illinois


Occupation: Educator and Community Development Professional
Recreation: Camping, hiking, collecting midcentury furniture
Born: 1968, Prescott, Wisconsin
Spouse: Scott

Primary Sponsor

AJR7 Urges recognition of the importance of mid-20th century architecture in Nevada. (BDR R-609)
SB159 Declares the Legislature's support for a land exchange near the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. (BDR S-552)


SCR2 Commemorates the 20th anniversary of the donation of precious art from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the people of the State of Nevada, reaffirms the sister-state relationship between the State of Nevada and the Republic of China (Taiwan) and celebrates the donation of additional artwork to the Nevada Legislature under the Nevada Senate's SENarts initiative. (BDR R-695)
ACR4 Honors Nevadans who have lost their lives in the Global War on Terrorism. (BDR R-246)
ACR5 Memorializes former Assemblyman John W. Marvel. (BDR R-1211)
SCR5 Commemorates the 150th anniversary of the State of Nevada. (BDR R-613)
AJR6 Recognizes Nevada's partnership and friendship with, and expresses support for, the State of Israel. (BDR R-458)
ACR6 Expresses appreciation to the staff of the Legislative Counsel Bureau. (BDR R-1219)
SCR6 Memorializes former State Senator William J. Raggio. (BDR R-622)
ACR8 Memorializes John J. McDonald. (BDR R-1231)
SJR9 Urges the Director of the Bureau of Land Management to expedite the process for approving special recreation permits for certain uses of federal public lands in Nevada. (BDR R-1008)
SCR10 Memorializes former University Regent Dorothy Gallagher. (BDR R-1238)
AR11 Expresses appreciation to the Chief Clerk and staff of the Assembly. (BDR R-1217)
SJR11 Urges Congress to propose an amendment to the United States Constitution to restore the authority of the governments of the United States and individual states to regulate and restrict independent political expenditures. (BDR R-1047)
SJR13 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to require the recognition of all marriages, regardless of gender. (BDR C-88)
AB89 Authorizes the formation of benefit corporations. (BDR 7-28)
AB117 Revises provisions governing rules of the road. (BDR 43-566)
AB124 Revises provisions governing eligibility for a Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship. (BDR 34-60)
SB139 Expands provisions governing criminal and civil liability for certain crimes to include crimes motivated by the victim's gender identity or expression. (BDR 15-703)
AB147 Requires the notification of patients regarding breast density. (BDR 40-172)
AB175 Revises provisions relating to uniformed-service and overseas voters. (BDR 24-635)
AB179 Revises provisions governing audits of certain regulatory boards of this State. (BDR 17-770)
SB180 Requires a court to award certain relief to an employee injured by certain unlawful employment practices under certain circumstances. (BDR 53-561)
AB181 Makes various changes to provisions governing employment practices. (BDR 53-48)
AB192 Repeals the prospective expiration of the authority of county clerks to charge and collect an additional fee for filing and recording a bond of a notary public. (BDR S-1037)
AB203 Revises provisions governing the granting of the right to visit a child to grandparents and great-grandparents of the child. (BDR 11-750)
AB208 Prohibits the Department of Taxation from applying sales taxes to the provision of meals by employers to their employees. (BDR 32-492)
SB230 Provides for the design, construction or installation and maintenance of a memorial dedicated to Nevada's fallen soldiers. (BDR S-553)
SB236 Revises provisions governing state agencies. (BDR 19-769)
SB240 Authorizes the reimbursement of teachers for certain out-of-pocket expenses. (BDR 34-651)
AB247 Enacts the Nevada Buy American Act. (BDR 28-190)
AB248 Creates a statutory subcommittee of the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice (BDR 14-616)
SB258 Creates the Task Force on the Prevention of Sexual Abuse of Children. (BDR 38-192)
AB262 Revises provisions governing the award of attorney's fees in certain domestic relations actions. (BDR 11-951)
AB266 Revises provisions relating to veterans. (BDR 37-527)
AB267 Revises certain provisions governing publication of legal notices and legal advertisements. (BDR 19-730)
AB272 Revises provisions governing education. (BDR 34-791)
AB278 Enacts provisions related to multicultural education. (BDR 34-512)
AB281 Revises provisions relating to recordkeeping on public works projects. (BDR 28-1070)
AB296 Revises provisions governing certain tax exemptions for veterans. (BDR 32-810)
AB301 Requires the Legislative Committee on Public Lands to conduct a study concerning water conservation and alternative sources of water for Nevada communities. (BDR S-807)
AB307 Revises provisions governing victims of crime. (BDR 16-743)
SB308 Clarifying provisions governing certain tax exemptions for veterans. (BDR 32-644)
AB314 Makes various changes relating to lobbyists. (BDR 17-1027)
AB327 Revises provisions governing state accountability. (BDR 31-554)
AB329 Revises provisions governing taxicabs in certain counties. (BDR 58-555)
AB333 Revises provisions relating to incentives for economic development. (BDR 31-811)
AB334 Provides certain exemptions from provisions relating to contractors. (BDR 54-921)
AB344 Provides for the use of Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment in this State. (BDR 40-682)
SB345 Creates the Advisory Council on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. (BDR S-700)
AB351 Requires the Legislative Committee on Health Care to study the laws prohibiting a person from having a specified amount of certain prohibited substances in his or her blood or urine while driving or being in actual physical control of a vehicle. (BDR S-733)
AB353 Authorizes the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada to establish a financial aid program for students enrolled in the Nevada System of Higher Education. (BDR 34-918)
AB354 Prohibits the manufacture, sale or distribution of certain consumer products that contain or come in direct physical contact with Bisphenol A. (BDR 52-789)
AB356 Encourages the development of recommendations to preserve the Nevada State Prison for historic and certain other purposes. (BDR S-493)
AB361 Directs the Legislative Committee on Health Care to conduct an interim study to determine the benefits and feasibility of providing for the establishment of community paramedicine programs in this State. (BDR S-1040)
SB374 Provides for the registration of medical marijuana establishments authorized to cultivate or dispense marijuana or manufacture edible marijuana products or marijuana-infused products for sale to persons authorized to engage in the medical use of marijuana. (BDR 15-89)
AB375 Revises provisions relating to services for persons with autism spectrum disorders. (BDR 40-999)
AB376 Authorizes the reimbursement of teachers for certain out-of-pocket expenses. (BDR 34-774)
SB376 Proposes to revise provisions relating to the preservation and promotion of the arts and museums in this State. (BDR 18-625)
AB393 Expands the rights of children placed in foster care. (BDR 38-919)
SB396 Makes various changes relating to firearms. (BDR 15-931)
AB398 Makes an appropriation to the Department of Motor Vehicles for the creation and maintenance of a branch office in Assembly District No. 6 in Clark County. (BDR S-1018)
AB399 Revises various provisions relating to unarmed combat. (BDR 41-142)
AB402 Provides for the legalization and taxation of marijuana. (BDR 15-1069)
SB410 Revises provisions governing hypodermic devices. (BDR 40-451)
AB412 Makes various changes relating to the Legislature. (BDR 17-528)