Assemblywoman Teresa Benitez-Thompson

Party: Democratic

Legislative Service

  • Nevada Assembly, 2011-2014 (first elected November 2010)—two regular sessions
  • 2011 SESSION COMMITTEES: Government Affairs; Health and Human Services; Taxation; Transportation
  • 2011-2012 INTERIM COMMITTEES: Legislative Commission's Subcommittee to Review Regulations; Legislative Committee for the Review and Oversight of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the Marlette Lake Water System; Legislative Committee on Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice; Legislative Committee on Senior Citizens, Veterans, and Adults with Special Needs; Legislative Committee to Oversee the Western Regional Water Commission

Other Public Service

  • Board of Directors for Corporation for Public Benefit for Nevada Youth Legislature (NRS 385.581), Member

Honors and Awards

  • Twenty Under 40 Award, Reno Gazette-Journal, 2010
  • Adelante Award, Nevada Hispanic Services, 2009
  • Honored for achievements in the area of economic justice, National Center for Law and Economic Justice, 2006
  • Miss Nevada (Third Runner-Up to Miss America), 2002
  • First Place, Standard Debate, Nevada Forensic Association, 1995


  • Northern Nevada RAVE Family Foundation, Board Member, 2005-2008
  • Alliance of Latinas in Teen Action and Solidarity, teen mentor
  • Women Work!, Board Member, 2007-2008
  • Our Savior Lutheran Church, Member


  • McQueen High School, Reno
  • University of Nevada, Reno, B.A.
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, M.S.W.


Occupation: Licensed Social Worker
Recreation: Family, volunteer activities, baking
Born: 1978, Ventura, California
Spouse: Jeff Thompson
Children: Lillian, Eli, and Sandra

Primary Sponsor

AB115 Revises provisions governing the information required to be provided to suspected victims of domestic violence by law enforcement. (BDR 14-628)
AB116 Revises certain provisions concerning accessories to certain crimes. (BDR 15-135)
AB139 Revises provisions relating to the state business portal. (BDR 7-127)
AB172 Revises provisions governing bidder preferences on certain public works. (BDR 28-110)
AB277 Revises provisions governing dental hygienists. (BDR 54-788)
AB350 Revises provisions relating to the submission of reports to the Legislature. (BDR 17-794)
AB366 Revises certain provisions governing nonprofit cooperative corporations. (BDR 7-764)


SCR2 Commemorates the 20th anniversary of the donation of precious art from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the people of the State of Nevada, reaffirms the sister-state relationship between the State of Nevada and the Republic of China (Taiwan) and celebrates the donation of additional artwork to the Nevada Legislature under the Nevada Senate's SENarts initiative. (BDR R-695)
ACR4 Honors Nevadans who have lost their lives in the Global War on Terrorism. (BDR R-246)
ACR5 Memorializes former Assemblyman John W. Marvel. (BDR R-1211)
SCR5 Commemorates the 150th anniversary of the State of Nevada. (BDR R-613)
AJR6 Recognizes Nevada's partnership and friendship with, and expresses support for, the State of Israel. (BDR R-458)
ACR6 Expresses appreciation to the staff of the Legislative Counsel Bureau. (BDR R-1219)
SCR6 Memorializes former State Senator William J. Raggio. (BDR R-622)
ACR8 Memorializes John J. McDonald. (BDR R-1231)
SJR8 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise provisions relating to the State Legislature. (BDR C-626)
SCR10 Memorializes former University Regent Dorothy Gallagher. (BDR R-1238)
AR11 Expresses appreciation to the Chief Clerk and staff of the Assembly. (BDR R-1217)
SJR15 Urges Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform. (BDR R-1208)
AB85 Revises provisions governing certain purchasing contracts and consolidation agreements. (BDR 27-277)
AB86 Requires the State Contractors' Board to suspend or revoke the license of a contractor for failure to satisfy certain judgments concerning unemployment compensation or to comply with certain provisions governing industrial insurance and insurance for occupational diseases. (BDR 54-276)
AB87 Revises provisions relating to consistency in zoning ordinances with respect to certain standards and specifications for the construction or alteration of public schools in certain counties. (BDR 22-274)
AB95 Revises provisions governing prescription labels. (BDR 54-648)
AB117 Revises provisions governing rules of the road. (BDR 43-566)
AB133 Makes various changes to criminal law. (BDR 14-423)
AB147 Requires the notification of patients regarding breast density. (BDR 40-172)
AB150 Creates the Legislative Committee on Governmental Oversight and Accountability. (BDR 17-739)
AB152* Creates an advisory committee to develop recommendations for the funding of highways in this State. (BDR S-180)
AB154 Revises provisions concerning child death review teams. (BDR 38-611)
AB155 Revises provisions governing reports of the abuse or neglect of a child. (BDR 38-610)
SB169 Revises provisions governing criminal penalties. (BDR 15-495)
AB175 Revises provisions relating to uniformed-service and overseas voters. (BDR 24-635)
AB181 Makes various changes to provisions governing employment practices. (BDR 53-48)
SB182 Expands full-day kindergarten in public schools. (BDR 34-138)
SB187 Revises provisions relating to the Nevada Youth Legislature. (BDR 34-516)
SB201 Revises provisions governing the employment of retired public employees. (BDR 23-559)
AB222 Requires certain school districts to adopt pilot programs for the establishment of reading skills development centers. (BDR S-482)
AB230 Revises provisions governing courses of instruction in sex education. (BDR 34-1034)
AB247 Enacts the Nevada Buy American Act. (BDR 28-190)
AB248 Creates a statutory subcommittee of the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice (BDR 14-616)
AB252 Makes various changes to the Nevada Administrative Procedure Act. (BDR 18-539)
AB256 Makes various changes relating to motorcycles. (BDR 43-661)
SB266 Revises provisions governing coverage for chemotherapy in a policy of health insurance or health care plan. (BDR 57-879)
AB272 Revises provisions governing education. (BDR 34-791)
AB278 Enacts provisions related to multicultural education. (BDR 34-512)
AB283 Makes various changes to provisions governing public works. (BDR 28-658)
AB296 Revises provisions governing certain tax exemptions for veterans. (BDR 32-810)
SB299 Revises provisions governing falconry. (BDR 45-589)
SB303 Provides for the issuance of driver authorization cards. (BDR 43-596)
AB307 Revises provisions governing victims of crime. (BDR 16-743)
AB344 Provides for the use of Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment in this State. (BDR 40-682)
AB361 Directs the Legislative Committee on Health Care to conduct an interim study to determine the benefits and feasibility of providing for the establishment of community paramedicine programs in this State. (BDR S-1040)
AB367 Revises provisions relating to constructional defects. (BDR 3-670)
AB374 Revises provisions relating to counties. (BDR 20-520)
AB376 Authorizes the reimbursement of teachers for certain out-of-pocket expenses. (BDR 34-774)
AB396 Revises provisions relating to the waters of this State. (BDR 26-763)
AB412 Makes various changes relating to the Legislature. (BDR 17-528)