Assemblyman Ira Hansen

Party: Republican

District: 32

County: Esmeralda, Humboldt, Lander, Mineral, Nye (Part), Pershing, Washoe (Part)

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Legislative Service

  • Nevada Assembly, 2011-2014 (first elected November 2010)—two regular sessions
  • 2011 SESSION COMMITTEES: Education, Judiciary, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining
  • 2011-2012 INTERIM COMMITTEES: Legislative Commission, Public Lands, Committee to Study a New Method for Funding Public Schools

Other Achievements

  • Columnist, Sparks Tribune, 1994-2010
  • Radio talk show host, KKFT, 2007-2008, and KOH, 1995-2001
  • Columnist, Elko Daily Free Press, 1994-2001
  • Business owner: Ira Hansen and Sons Plumbing and Heating, Inc.
  • Eagle Scout
  • Licensed Master Plumber
  • Licensed Mechanical Contractor
  • Licensed General Contractor


  • National Rifle Association
  • Lifetime member, Nevada Bighorns Unlimited
  • Active Member, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Coach, Sparks Little League
  • Coach, Sparks Pop Warner
  • Scoutmaster, Boy Scouts of America


Occupation: Plumbing Contractor
Recreation: Nevada history, reading, hunting/fishing, nature study, camping
Born: 1960, Reno, Nevada
Spouse: Alexis (Lloyd)
Children: Daniel, Rachel, Jacob, Sarah, Ian, Forrest, Mallory, Larissa
Grand Children: Lily, London, Finnan, Ellie, Forrest, Emerson, Sawyer

Primary Sponsor

SJR2 Urges Congress to require the United States Board on Geographic Names to consider renaming the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge as the E. R. Sans National Wildlife Refuge. (BDR R-170)
AJR4 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to create an independent redistricting commission. (BDR C-739)
SB113 Revises provisions relating to groundwater management plans. (BDR 48-595)
SB128 Revises provisions relating to fentanyl and certain related opioids. (BDR 40-544)
SB132 Revises provisions relating to insurance coverage for living organ donors. (BDR 57-551)
SB136 Revises provisions relating to states of emergency or declarations of disaster proclaimed by the Governor. (BDR 36-520)
SB140 Authorizes certain counties to obtain reimbursement of costs incurred for certain activities that are subject to the excise tax on live entertainment. (BDR 32-166)
SB141 Revises provisions related to wildlife. (BDR 45-294)
SB149 Revises provisions governing reading and mathematics education. (BDR 34-647)
SB152 Revises provisions relating to the discipline of pupils. (BDR 34-25)
SB157 Revises provisions relating to elections. (BDR 24-173)
SB170 Revises provisions relating to crimes. (BDR 15-581)
SB183 Establishes provisions relating to the collection and destruction of unused drugs. (BDR 54-576)
SB186 Revises provisions relating to certain state property. (BDR S-197)
SB188 Revises provisions governing firearms. (BDR 15-172)
SB193 Revises provisions governing the commerce tax. (BDR 32-584)
AB194 Revises provisions governing the discipline of pupils. (BDR 34-199)
SB197 Establishes and revises the penalties for certain offenses involving fentanyl and carfentanil. (BDR 40-579)
SB201 Revises provisions governing pharmacists. (BDR 54-582)
SB205 Revises provisions relating to the registration of off-highway vehicles. (BDR 43-546)
SB212 Authorizes the reimbursement of teachers for certain out-of-pocket expenses. (BDR 34-585)
SB224 Revises the membership of the Board of Wildlife Commissioners. (BDR 45-1013)
SB228 Revises provisions relating to governmental financial administration. (BDR 23-945)
SB229 Exempts certain persons who perform certain dental services on equines and livestock from provisions governing veterinary medicine. (BDR 54-1022)
SB230 Requires certain proof of identity to vote in an election. (BDR 24-175)
SB238 Makes various changes relating to certain voter registration agencies. (BDR 43-583)
SB241 Revises provisions relating to Medicaid. (BDR 38-971)
SB245 Provides that peace officers are immune from civil liability under certain circumstances. (BDR 3-1023)
AB273 Makes an appropriation to the Elko County School District for the construction of a school to replace an existing school. (BDR S-201)
SB286 Revises provisions relating to health care. (BDR 40-84)
AB287 Provides that peace officers are immune from civil liability under certain circumstances. (BDR 3-1009)
SB299 Revises provisions related to monorails. (BDR 28-955)
SB305 Provides for the establishment of a retirement savings program for private sector employees. (BDR 31-933)
AB307 Revises provisions relating to elections. (BDR 24-664)
SB310 Establishes provisions relating to dentistry. (BDR 54-601)
SB311 Revises provisions relating to wildlife. (BDR 45-168)
SB312 Revises provisions relating to wildlife. (BDR 45-743)
AB322 Revises provisions relating to kratom products. (BDR 52-763)
SB325 Revises provisions relating to elections. (BDR 24-105)
SB337 Revises provisions governing the forfeiture of property. (BDR 14-746)
AB356 Enacts provisions relating to mobile tracking devices. (BDR 15-1007)
SB358 Repeals provisions governing common-interest communities. (BDR 10-3)
AB370 Revises provisions governing elections. (BDR 24-202)
AB374 Revises provisions governing athletics in schools, the Nevada System of Higher Education and organizations for youth sports. (BDR 34-718)
SB374 Revises provisions relating to property taxes. (BDR 32-578)
SB377 Requires the Legislative Auditor to conduct an audit of certain costs and expenses associated with opioid-related litigation. (BDR S-757)
SB420 Revises provisions relating to the payment of certain fees for legal services. (BDR S-667)


AJR1 Urges the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to study the effectiveness and use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for veterans. (BDR R-838)
SCR3 Memorializes esteemed attorney and lobbyist Ben Graham. (BDR R-1095)
SR4 Inducts Richard Bryan into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1196)
SR5 Inducts Joseph Paul Hardy into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1195)
SJR5 Urges Congress to expand the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children to cover the purchase of menstrual products. (BDR R-980)
SR6 Inducts Claire Jesse Clift as an honorary member into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1197)
SB129 Revises provisions relating to certain civil actions involving sexual assault. (BDR 2-573)
SB130 Revises provisions relating to the emergency powers of the Governor. (BDR 36-514)
SB135 Revises the deadline for returning mail ballots by mail. (BDR 24-529)
SB144 Establishes a credit against certain taxes for a taxpayer who donates money to a career and technical program tax credit organization that makes grants to programs of career and technical education. (BDR 34-866)
SB161 Makes revisions relating to personal health and wellness. (BDR 38-811)
SB220 Revises provisions relating to the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program. (BDR 34-99)
SB242 Requires the Department of Health and Human Services to establish the Psychedelic Medicines Working Group. (BDR S-39)
SB263 Makes an appropriation to the Children's Cabinet for the purchase and renovation of a parcel of land to carry out the Oddie Project. (BDR S-921)
SB296 Revises provisions related to traffic stops. (BDR 43-196)
SB300 Makes an appropriation from the State General Fund to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, for a grant program for certain interns. (BDR S-100)
SB322 Revises provisions relating to reckless driving. (BDR 43-934)
SB323 Revises provisions relating to peace officers. (BDR 23-925)
SB334 Revises provisions relating to energy storage systems that are used to meet certain biennial energy storage targets. (BDR 58-30)
SB342 Enacts provisions relating to veterinary medicine. (BDR 34-1012)
SB350 Revises provisions relating to graduate medical education. (BDR 18-553)
SB361 Revises provisions relating to solid waste. (BDR 40-935)
SB364 Makes various changes relating to cultural remains. (BDR 33-533)
SB369 Revises provisions relating to health care. (BDR 32-528)
SB392 Revises provisions relating to commercial kitchen equipment. (BDR 42-966)
AB449 Authorizes a credit or refund of property taxes under certain circumstances when an applicable partial abatement of taxes was not applied or claimed. (BDR 32-767)
SB450 Establishes a program for the relocation of persons residing in the Windsor Park neighborhood of the City of North Las Vegas. (BDR S-794)
SB451 Directs the Joint Interim Standing Committee on Growth and Infrastructure to conduct a study concerning certain subjects related to hydrogen. (BDR S-32)