Assemblyman Jason Frierson

Assistant Majority Floor Leader
Party: Democratic

Legislative Service

  • Nevada Assembly, 2011-2014 (first elected November 2010)—two regular sessions
  • 2011 SESSION COMMITTEES: Transportation (Vice Chair); Judiciary; Health and Human Services
  • National Black Caucus of State Legislators
  • 2011-2012 INTERIM COMMITTEES: Legislative Committee on Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice; Committee to Study the Structure and Operations of the Nevada Legislature; Committee to Study Trademark and Copyright Law

Honors and Awards

  • Outstanding Freshman Legislator, 2011
  • Barbara Buckley Community Service Award, 2001
  • Roosevelt Fitzgerald Outstanding Student Award, 2001
  • Kappa Alpha Psi Leadership League and Jason Frierson Day award for leadership and community service, City of Las Vegas, 1994

Other Achievements

  • Henry Toll Fellowship Program, CSG, 2012
  • Graduate, Western Leadership Academy, CSG-WEST
  • Leadership Las Vegas, Class of 2008
  • President, Las Vegas Chapter, National Bar Association, 2005
  • Special Projects Editor, Nevada Law Journal, 2001
  • President, Student Bar Association, Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), 1999-2000
  • President, Associated Students of the University of Nevada, 1994-1995
  • Running Back, University of Nevada, Reno, 1988-1992
  • AmeriCorps program, 1995-1996


  • Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association
  • Clark County Bar Association
  • University of Nevada Alumni Association
  • Alumni Association, Boyd School of Law, UNLV
  • Nevada Black Elected Officials Caucus
  • Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
  • Football Official, Southern Nevada Officials Association


  • University of Nevada, Reno, B.S., Health Science
  • William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), J.D.


Occupation: Attorney
Recreation: Family, fishing, traveling, weight lifting, officiating youth sports
Born: 1970, Los Angeles, California
Spouse: Abbie
Children: Matthew

Primary Sponsor

AJR7 Urges recognition of the importance of mid-20th century architecture in Nevada. (BDR R-609)
SJR15 Urges Congress to enact comprehensive immigration reform. (BDR R-1208)
AB82 Revises provisions governing evidence in certain court proceedings. (BDR 11-78)
AB89 Authorizes the formation of benefit corporations. (BDR 7-28)
SB111 Requires production of certain evidence under certain circumstances. (BDR 3-771)
AB114 Revises provisions governing interactive gaming. (BDR 41-97)
AB127 Authorizes the Nevada Gaming Commission to adopt a seal identifying certain licensees of interactive gaming and prohibits the unauthorized use of such a seal. (BDR 41-99)
SB135 Revises provisions governing redevelopment agencies. (BDR 22-876)
AB146 Revises provisions governing servitude of a minor. (BDR 15-752)
AB154 Revises provisions concerning child death review teams. (BDR 38-611)
AB155 Revises provisions governing reports of the abuse or neglect of a child. (BDR 38-610)
SB165 Provides for transferable tax credits to attract film and other productions to Nevada. (BDR 32-781)
SB171 Provides for a program of matching grants to local governments for the maintenance and repair of public works. (BDR 43-621)
AB181 Makes various changes to provisions governing employment practices. (BDR 53-48)
SB206 Revises provisions relating to food establishments. (BDR 40-935)
AB208 Prohibits the Department of Taxation from applying sales taxes to the provision of meals by employers to their employees. (BDR 32-492)
AB234 Revises provisions relating to firearms. (BDR 15-915)
AB248 Creates a statutory subcommittee of the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice (BDR 14-616)
AB261 Revises provisions governing the crime of sexual conduct between certain school employees or volunteers at a school and a pupil. (BDR 15-521)
SB268 Requires a provider of wireless telecommunications to provide call location information to a law enforcement agency in certain emergency situations. (BDR 58-623)
AB300 Revises provisions governing real property. (BDR 9-961)
AB300* Revises provisions governing foreclosures on property. (BDR 9-668)
AB311 Creates the Contingency Account for Victims of Human Trafficking. (BDR 16-715)
SB321 Enacts a “Homeowner's Bill of Rights.” (BDR 9-748)
AB348 Revises provisions relating to foster care. (BDR 38-457)
AB351 Requires the Legislative Committee on Health Care to study the laws prohibiting a person from having a specified amount of certain prohibited substances in his or her blood or urine while driving or being in actual physical control of a vehicle. (BDR S-733)
AB352 Revises provisions governing hoax bombs. (BDR 15-510)
AB353 Authorizes the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada to establish a financial aid program for students enrolled in the Nevada System of Higher Education. (BDR 34-918)
AB377 Revises provisions governing the crime of sexual conduct between certain school employees or volunteers at a school and pupils. (BDR 15-514)
AB378 Revises provisions governing spendthrift trusts. (BDR 13-656)
AB389 Revises provisions governing parentage. (BDR 11-922)
AB394 Revises provisions relating to statements of financial disclosure. (BDR 23-50)
AB404 Revises provisions relating to time shares. (BDR 10-960)
SB409 Makes various changes relating to gaming. (BDR 41-1054)


SCR2 Commemorates the 20th anniversary of the donation of precious art from the Republic of China (Taiwan) to the people of the State of Nevada, reaffirms the sister-state relationship between the State of Nevada and the Republic of China (Taiwan) and celebrates the donation of additional artwork to the Nevada Legislature under the Nevada Senate's SENarts initiative. (BDR R-695)
ACR4 Honors Nevadans who have lost their lives in the Global War on Terrorism. (BDR R-246)
ACR5 Memorializes former Assemblyman John W. Marvel. (BDR R-1211)
SCR5 Commemorates the 150th anniversary of the State of Nevada. (BDR R-613)
ACR6 Expresses appreciation to the staff of the Legislative Counsel Bureau. (BDR R-1219)
SCR6 Memorializes former State Senator William J. Raggio. (BDR R-622)
ACR8 Memorializes John J. McDonald. (BDR R-1231)
SJR8 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise provisions relating to the State Legislature. (BDR C-626)
SCR10 Memorializes former University Regent Dorothy Gallagher. (BDR R-1238)
AR11 Expresses appreciation to the Chief Clerk and staff of the Assembly. (BDR R-1217)
SB139 Expands provisions governing criminal and civil liability for certain crimes to include crimes motivated by the victim's gender identity or expression. (BDR 15-703)
AB139 Revises provisions relating to the state business portal. (BDR 7-127)
AB147 Requires the notification of patients regarding breast density. (BDR 40-172)
SB169 Revises provisions governing criminal penalties. (BDR 15-495)
AB173 Revises provisions governing rates which may be charged by certain electric utilities. (BDR 58-966)
AB175 Revises provisions relating to uniformed-service and overseas voters. (BDR 24-635)
AB192 Repeals the prospective expiration of the authority of county clerks to charge and collect an additional fee for filing and recording a bond of a notary public. (BDR S-1037)
AB228 Authorizes certain providers of health care to provide voluntary health care service in this State in association with certain organizations. (BDR 54-245)
AB247 Enacts the Nevada Buy American Act. (BDR 28-190)
AB252 Makes various changes to the Nevada Administrative Procedure Act. (BDR 18-539)
AB262 Revises provisions governing the award of attorney's fees in certain domestic relations actions. (BDR 11-951)
AB263 Revises provisions governing bidding on certain highway projects. (BDR 35-792)
SB266 Revises provisions governing coverage for chemotherapy in a policy of health insurance or health care plan. (BDR 57-879)
SB269 Revises provisions governing education. (BDR 34-892)
AB270 Revises provisions governing minority affairs. (BDR 18-130)
AB271 Revises provisions governing alimony, spousal support and property division in cases involving veterans with a service-connected disability. (BDR 11-936)
AB272 Revises provisions governing education. (BDR 34-791)
AB273 Revises provisions relating to the Foreclosure Mediation Program. (BDR 9-719)
SB278 Establishes an expedited process for the foreclosure of abandoned residential property. (BDR 9-134)
SB303 Provides for the issuance of driver authorization cards. (BDR 43-596)
AB306 Revises provisions relating to private investigators and related professions. (BDR 54-677)
AB344 Provides for the use of Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment in this State. (BDR 40-682)
AB374 Revises provisions relating to counties. (BDR 20-520)
AB375 Revises provisions relating to services for persons with autism spectrum disorders. (BDR 40-999)
AB376 Authorizes the reimbursement of teachers for certain out-of-pocket expenses. (BDR 34-774)
AB393 Expands the rights of children placed in foster care. (BDR 38-919)
AB412 Makes various changes relating to the Legislature. (BDR 17-528)