Assemblywoman Heidi Kasama

Party: Republican

Legislative Service

  • Nevada Assembly, 2021 (first elected November 2020)—one regular session
  • 2021 SESSION COMMITTEES: Commerce and Labor; Judiciary; Revenue

Honors and Awards

  • Nevada Realtor of the Year, 2015

Other Achievements

  • Faith Community Lutheran Church, Board of Directors
  • Las Vegas Association of Realtors, President, 2014
  • Nevada Association of Realtors, President, 2018
  • National Association of Realtors, Finance Committee, 2017-current
  • Fluent in Norwegian


  • Las Vegas Association of Realtors
  • National Association of Realtors
  • Nevada Association of Realtors
  • Sons of Norway


  • Central Washington University, B.S., Accounting


Occupation: Realtor
Recreation: Golf, reading
Born: New York, New York
Spouse: Peter Kasama
Children: Serena, Karina, Leona, Nicole

Primary Sponsor

AJR4 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to create an independent redistricting commission. (BDR C-739)
SB134 Revises provisions relating to vision insurance. (BDR 57-642)
AB158 Revises provisions relating to emergency medical services. (BDR 40-511)
AB159 Revises provisions relating to cruelty to animals. (BDR 16-71)
SB170 Revises provisions relating to crimes. (BDR 15-581)
AB184 Establishes an incentive program for the purchase of certain zero-emission medium-duty and heavy-duty vehicles. (BDR 40-588)
AB186 Establishes requirements relating to the provision of drinking water at food establishments. (BDR 40-454)
AB187 Prohibits certain instruction in public schools. (BDR 34-565)
AB188 Revises provisions governing investigational treatments. (BDR 40-567)
AB190 Revises provisions relating to elections. (BDR 24-293)
AB194 Revises provisions governing the discipline of pupils. (BDR 34-199)
AB245 Revises provisions governing education. (BDR 34-818)
AB247 Revises provisions governing education. (BDR 34-570)
SB266 Revises various provisions relating to gaming. (BDR 41-943)
AB284 Authorizes the business of a mortgage company to be conducted from a remote location under certain circumstances. (BDR 54-941)
SB313 Revises provisions relating to mental health education. (BDR 34-58)
SB320 Revises provisions related to the Legislature. (BDR 23-194)
SB321 Revises provisions relating to crimes. (BDR 14-550)
AB326 Revises provisions relating to elections. (BDR 24-690)
AB356 Enacts provisions relating to mobile tracking devices. (BDR 15-1007)
AB392 Makes various changes relating to property. (BDR 10-209)
AB393 Establishes the Doctors for Nevada Program to attract providers of health care to this State. (BDR 18-207)
AB397 Revises provisions governing public safety. (BDR 43-210)


AJR1 Urges the United States Department of Veterans Affairs to study the effectiveness and use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for veterans. (BDR R-838)
AJR2 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise certain procedures relating to proposed amendments to the Nevada Constitution. (BDR C-851)
SCR3 Memorializes esteemed attorney and lobbyist Ben Graham. (BDR R-1095)
SB129 Revises provisions relating to certain civil actions involving sexual assault. (BDR 2-573)
AB140 Makes Juneteenth Day a legal holiday in this State. (BDR 19-63)
AB155 Establishes provisions relating to biomarker testing. (BDR 40-305)
AB174 Revises provisions governing the state militia. (BDR 36-734)
AB177 Revises provisions governing parcel datasets. (BDR 20-715)
SB220 Revises provisions relating to the Nevada Educational Choice Scholarship Program. (BDR 34-99)
AB228 Revises provisions governing required courses in high school. (BDR 34-572)
SB244 Makes an appropriation to the Other State Education Programs Account for the creation and maintenance of school gardens. (BDR S-557)
AB258 Enacts certain provisions governing the confidentiality of certain personal information of a donor, member or volunteer of a nonprofit organization. (BDR 19-605)
AB273 Makes an appropriation to the Elko County School District for the construction of a school to replace an existing school. (BDR S-201)
AB274 Revises provisions governing required instruction in financial literacy. (BDR 34-759)
AB287 Provides that peace officers are immune from civil liability under certain circumstances. (BDR 3-1009)
AB370 Revises provisions governing elections. (BDR 24-202)
AB374 Revises provisions governing athletics in schools, the Nevada System of Higher Education and organizations for youth sports. (BDR 34-718)
AB429 Revises provisions relating to aviation. (BDR 18-716)