Senator Tick Segerblom

Party: Democratic

Legislative Service

  • Nevada Senate, 2013 -Present (first elected November 2012)
  • Nevada Assembly, 2007-2012 (first elected November 2006)

Other Public Service

  • Board of Directors, First Asian Bank
  • Board of Directors, Citizenship Project
  • Commissioner, National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, 2008
  • Chair, Las Vegas Historical Preservation Commission, 1996-2000
  • Member, Las Vegas Planning Commission, 1991-1995
  • Board of Governors, Nevada Trial Lawyers Association, 1985-1993
  • Member and Western Regional Director, Colorado River Commission, 1988-1990
  • Vista Volunteer, 1968

Honors and Awards

  • Best Lawyers in America, 1993-2010
  • Civil Libertarian of the Year, ACLU, 1992
  • Single Season Rushing Record, Pomona College, 1967
  • Most Valuable Athlete, Boulder City High School, 1965-1966
  • Most Valuable Player, Nevada State AA Football, 1965
  • Third-generation Nevadan


  • Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada
  • Neon Museum
  • Clark County Historic Preservation Society
  • Member, Executive Committee, Nevada Democratic Party, 2008
  • Asian Chamber of Commerce
  • Clark County Bar Association
  • Nevada Bar Association
  • National Employment Lawyers Association
  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
  • State Chair, Nevada Democratic Party, 1990-1994
  • Member, Democratic National Committee, 1978-1979


  • Boulder City High School
  • Pomona College, B.A.
  • University of Denver, J.D.


  • Nevada Coordinator, Dukakis for President, 1988
  • White House Personnel Office, 1977
  • General Counsel, Asian Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee
  • General Counsel, League of Korean Citizens Nevada


Occupation: Lawyer
Born: 1948 - Boulder City, Nevada
Spouse: Sharon
Children: Mary Clare, Eva, Carl

Primary Sponsor

SJR8* Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to revise provisions relating to the State Legislature. (BDR C-626)
SJR8 Amends the Nevada Constitution to increase the minimum wage per hour worked. (BDR C-425)
SJR10 Requests the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences to conduct an independent scientific and economic analysis of the management of the Colorado River. (BDR R-70)
SJR13* Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to require the recognition of all marriages, regardless of gender. (BDR C-88)
SJR18 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to repeal term limits for state and local offices. (BDR C-137)
SJR19 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to authorize the imposition of an additional estate tax. (BDR C-136)
SB97 Revises provisions governing the restoration of certain civil rights for ex-felons. (BDR 16-138)
SB98 Revises Nevada's public policy concerning gaming. (BDR 41-100)
SB99 Revising provisions governing sex offenders and offenders convicted of a crime against a child. (BDR 14-134)
SB128 Revises provisions relating to the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship. (BDR 34-96)
AB164 Revises provisions relating to access by patients to certain investigational drugs, biological products and devices. (BDR 40-125)
SB165 Enacts the Domestic Workers' Bill of Rights. (BDR 53-135)
SB166 Proposes to revise provisions relating to the preservation and promotion of the arts and museums in this State. (BDR 18-424)
SB179 Revises provisions relating to the sale of certain motor vehicles. (BDR 43-866)
SB180 Requires a court to award certain relief to an employee injured by certain unlawful employment practices under certain circumstances. (BDR 53-863)
SB189 Makes various changes concerning the collection of information relating to the treatment of trauma. (BDR 40-95)
SB190 Revises provisions relating to employment. (BDR 18-785)
SB202 Revises provisions relating to hydraulic fracturing in this State. (BDR 46-438)
AB208 Revises provisions governing certain sexual offenses. (BDR 14-233)
AB209* Revises provisions governing the distribution and sale of raw milk. (BDR 51-1011)
SB211 Revises provisions governing public schools. (BDR 34-426)
SB216 Revises provisions governing certain reports concerning the quality of care and charges by hospitals and governing hospital billing. (BDR 40-427)
SB221* Makes certain changes relating to public safety. (BDR 14-943)
AB225 Revises provisions governing programs for reentry of offenders and parolees into the community. (BDR 16-45)
SB275 Revises provisions governing certain alcohol and drug abuse programs. (BDR 16-39)
SB276 Revises provisions governing medical marijuana establishments. (BDR S-996)
SB277 Enacts the Nevada Environmental Policy Act. (BDR 40-439)
SB279 Revises various provisions relating to corrections. (BDR 16-428)
SB283 Authorizes the establishment of marijuana financial services cooperatives in this State. (BDR 56-997)
SB305 Authorizes industrial hemp farming in this State under certain circumstances. (BDR 49-656)
SB336 Revises provisions governing prescribing, dispensing and administering controlled substances designed to end the life of a patient. (BDR 40-32)
SB351 Establishes certain provisions governing the placement of offenders in isolated confinement in facilities and institutions of the Department of Corrections. (BDR 16-574)
SB366 Revises provisions governing the possession of marijuana. (BDR 40-884)
SB367 Revises provisions governing controlled substances. (BDR 40-883)
SB372 Makes various changes relating to medical marijuana. (BDR 40-657)
SB373* Makes various changes relating to judgments. (BDR 2-932)
SB393 Revises provisions related to Oriental medicine. (BDR 54-864)
SB408 Revises provisions relating to naturopathic medicine. (BDR 54-663)


ACR3 Honors Nevadans who have lost their lives in the Global War on Terrorism. (BDR R-202)
SR4 Inducts Dean Rhoads into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1268)
SCR4 Directs the Legislative Commission to conduct an interim study relating to energy efficiency programs. (BDR R-537)
ACR4 Memorializes former Assemblyman Joseph “Joe” Michael Hogan, Sr. (BDR R-1260)
ACR5 Memorializes former Assemblyman Peter L. “Pete” Livermore. (BDR R-1259)
SCR5 Directs the Legislative Commission to appoint a committee to conduct an interim study relating to the working conditions at state correctional institutions and facilities and to the supervision of offenders. (BDR R-536)
SR5 Inducts Terry Care into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1270)
SR6 Inducts Randolph J. Townsend into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1269)
SCR8 Commemorates the 30th anniversary of the sister-state relationship between the State of Nevada and Taiwan. (BDR R-1265)
SJR9 Expresses support for continued enforcement action against voting discrimination. (BDR R-7)
SJR16 Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. (BDR R-786)
SB187 Revises provisions concerning the ownership, possession and control of firearms by certain persons. (BDR 3-871)
SB261 Makes various changes relating to certain research facilities. (BDR 50-56)
SB262 Revises provisions relating to guardians. (BDR 13-643)
SB265 Makes various changes concerning health care. (BDR 18-94)
SB267 Revises provisions relating to the safe transportation of children. (BDR 43-686)
SB268 Temporarily provides certain services for veterans. (BDR 37-1042)
SB269 Establishes an interim study committee to research issues regarding the behavioral health and cognitive care of older persons. (BDR S-1035)
AB281 Creates a statutory subcommittee of the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice. (BDR 14-243)
SB282 Revises provisions relating to energy. (BDR 58-259)
SB284 Requires the State Plan for Medicaid to provide for certain nonmedical transportation. (BDR 38-974)
SB285 Revises provisions relating to local law enforcement agencies. (BDR 20-208)
AB291 Makes an appropriation for school districts to provide early childhood education programs. (BDR S-273)
SB295 Revises provisions relating to education. (BDR 34-789)
SB316 Revises provisions relating to voter registration. (BDR 24-652)
AB318 Revises provisions governing financial services. (BDR 52-245)
SB339 Authorizes the Nevada System of Higher Education to impose additional restrictions relating to the use of tobacco. (BDR 15-873)
SB347 Makes an appropriation to enable junior high schools and middle schools that are low performing academically to provide programs and services to certain pupils. (BDR S-219)
SB349 Revises provisions governing mortgages. (BDR 54-99)
SB360 Provides for an interim study concerning energy efficiency programs and the financing of clean energy in this State. (BDR S-41)
SB361 Makes various changes relating to health care facilities that employ nurses. (BDR 40-18)
SB362 Authorizes the Director of the Department of Health and Human Services to establish a program regarding the prevention of domestic violence under certain circumstances. (BDR 18-112)
AB364 Revises provisions relating to the state business portal. (BDR 7-696)
SB368 Revises provisions concerning elections. (BDR 24-885)
SB381 Creates the Nevada Task Force on Financial Security. (BDR S-1037)
SB382 Revises provisions relating to sales and use taxes. (BDR 32-660)
SB397 Revises provisions relating to the funding formula for K-12 public education. (BDR 34-563)
SB398 Prohibits the sale or transfer of ivory under certain circumstances. (BDR 52-1022)
SB399 Creates the Nevada Boost Grant Program. (BDR 34-890)
SB400 Creates the Nevada Advisory Commission on Immigration and Migration. (BDR 18-888)
SB401 Revises provisions relating to notaries public and document preparation services. (BDR 19-895)
SB402 Makes various changes concerning the prevention and treatment of obesity. (BDR 40-891)
SB405 Expands the program of Zoom schools and the provision of programs and services to children who are limited English proficient in certain other schools. (BDR S-887)