Senator Becky Harris

Caucus Policy Coordinator
Party: Republican

Legislative Service

  • Nevada Senate, 2015 (elected November 2014)

Honors and Awards

  • CAI, Nevada Chapter, Legislator of the Year, 2015
  • NASB Executive Director's Award, 2015
  • NEA Republican Educators Caucus, Pacific Region Legislator of the Year, 2015

Other Achievements

  • Mediator, Foreclosure Mediation Program, State of Nevada, 2010 - 2014


  • General Member, Nevada Dispute Resolution Coalition (NDRC), 2013 - Present
  • Member, US Supreme Court Bar, 2007 - Present
  • Member, State Bar of Nevada, 1999 - Present
  • Member, State Bar of Virginia, 1992 - Present


  • Brigham Young University, B.A.
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas, M.A.
  • Brigham Young University, J.D.
  • University of Nevada, Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law, LL.M


Occupation: Attorney/Mediator
Recreation: Hiking, traveling, reading
Born: 1968 - Provo, Utah
Spouse: R. Garth Harris
Children: Sydney, Mallory

Primary Sponsor

SJR17 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to expand the rights guaranteed to victims of crime. (BDR C-952)
SB119 Revises provisions relating to educational facilities. (BDR 28-732)
SB133 Authorizes the reimbursement of teachers for certain out-of-pocket expenses. (BDR 34-118)
SB154 Revises provisions relating to common-interest communities. (BDR 10-725)
SB167 Revises provisions relating to employment. (BDR 18-265)
SB170 Provides for a partial abatement of certain taxes for new or expanding data centers and related businesses in this State. (BDR 32-765)
SB192 Revises provisions relating to sexual conduct between certain persons. (BDR 14-731)
SB207 Revises provisions relating to financing of school facilities. (BDR 30-1256)
SB208 Requires certain notice to be provided to certain parents and legal guardians when a new charter school will begin accepting applications or an existing charter school expands enrollment by a certain percentage or opens a new facility. (BDR 34-729)
SB212 Revises provisions governing discipline of pupils and prohibited acts at public schools. (BDR 34-177)
SB225 Revises provisions relating to the sale and distribution of tobacco products, vapor products and alternative nicotine products. (BDR 15-796)
SB226 Revises provisions relating to education. (BDR 34-790)
SB251 Ratifies the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. (BDR 54-576)
SB254 Revises provisions relating to construction. (BDR 28-791)
SB260 Revises provisions governing common-interest communities. (BDR 10-726)
SB262 Revises provisions relating to guardians. (BDR 13-643)
SB264 Exempts spendthrift trusts from the application of the periods of limitation set forth in the Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act. (BDR 10-780)
AB276 Provides certain protections and services for victims of human trafficking. (BDR 16-1005)
AB289 Directs the Legislative Commission to appoint a committee to conduct an interim study concerning issues related to the provision of mental health services. (BDR S-693)
SB320 Revises provisions relating to time shares. (BDR 10-1034)
SB321 Revises provisions concerning real property. (BDR 9-728)
AB321 Revises provisions relating to school police officers. (BDR 34-925)
SB322 Revises provisions relating to printed electioneering communications. (BDR 24-733)
SB327 Revises certain provisions governing air ambulances. (BDR 40-1017)
SB328 Revises provisions relating to policies of health insurance. (BDR 57-794)
SB330 Revises provisions relating to education. (BDR 34-724)
SB390 Revises provisions relating to charter schools. (BDR 34-78)
SB391 Revises provisions governing educational instruction in the subject of reading. (BDR 34-644)
SB394 Revises provisions relating to the protection of children. (BDR 38-264)
SB405 Expands the program of Zoom schools and the provision of programs and services to children who are limited English proficient in certain other schools. (BDR S-887)
SB412 Provides for a credit against taxes imposed on certain employers that make a matching contribution to certain college savings plans. (BDR 32-1033)
SB511 Establishes the Teach Nevada Scholarship Program and incentives for new teachers in certain schools. (BDR 34-1277)


ACR3 Honors Nevadans who have lost their lives in the Global War on Terrorism. (BDR R-202)
SR4 Inducts Dean Rhoads into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1268)
ACR4 Memorializes former Assemblyman Joseph “Joe” Michael Hogan, Sr. (BDR R-1260)
ACR5 Memorializes former Assemblyman Peter L. “Pete” Livermore. (BDR R-1259)
SR5 Inducts Terry Care into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1270)
SR6 Inducts Randolph J. Townsend into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1269)
SCR8 Commemorates the 30th anniversary of the sister-state relationship between the State of Nevada and Taiwan. (BDR R-1265)
SB156 Makes various changes concerning motor vehicles. (BDR 43-11)
SB175 Makes various changes relating to public safety. (BDR 15-515)
AB180 Revises provisions governing the biennial audit requirements for the Public Employees' Retirement System. (BDR 23-569)
AB205 Requires the Legislative Committee on Education to consider matters relating to certain mentorship programs. (BDR S-116)
SB211 Revises provisions governing public schools. (BDR 34-426)
SB220 Requires instruction on financial literacy in public middle schools and junior high schools. (BDR 34-654)
SB227 Creates the Silver State Opportunity Grant Program. (BDR 34-216)
AB234 Enacts provisions related to multicultural education. (BDR 34-102)
SB240 Makes certain changes relating to public safety. (BDR 14-955)
SB250 Revises provisions relating to policies of health insurance. (BDR 57-687)
SB256 Revises provisions relating to the civil liability of innkeepers. (BDR 54-1018)
SB261 Makes various changes relating to certain research facilities. (BDR 50-56)
SB334 Proposes to exempt sales of certain durable medical equipment, mobility-enhancing equipment, hearing aids, hearing aid accessories, and ophthalmic or ocular devices or appliances from sales and use taxes and analogous taxes. (BDR 32-262)
SB386 Revises provisions relating to motor vehicles. (BDR 40-675)
SB397 Revises provisions relating to the funding formula for K-12 public education. (BDR 34-563)