Senator Skip Daly

Party: Democratic

Legislative Service

  • 2019-2020 INTERIM COMMITTEES: Legislative Commission; Legislative Committee on Public Lands; Sunset Subcommittee of the Legislative Commission
  • 2019 SESSION COMMITTEES: Commerce and Labor; Judiciary; Legislative Operations and Elections
  • Nevada Assembly, 2011-2014 and 2017-2019 (first elected November 2010; after lapse in service, subsequently elected November 2016)—four regular and two special sessions
  • 2017-2018 INTERIM COMMITTEES: Interim Committee on Cognitive Needs of Older Persons in Nevada; Nevada Veterans' Services Commission
  • 2017 SESSION COMMITTEES: Commerce and Labor; Government Affairs; Legislative Operations and Elections

Other Public Service

  • Sparks Charter Committee, 2002-2010
  • Sparks Citizens Advisory Committee, 2002-2010
  • Washoe County Schools Construction and Revitalization Advisory Committee, 2007-2008
  • Advisory Group to Conduct Interim Study on Lease-Purchase and Installment-Purchase Agreements by Public Entities, 2005-2006


  • Northern Nevada Laborers (joint labor and management) pension, health and welfare, vacation plan, and training and apprenticeship trust funds, Chair, Board of Trustees
  • Laborers’ International Union of North America, Local 169
  • United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra, Board Member


  • Truckee Meadows Community College, Reno, A.A.
  • Reed High School, Sparks


Occupation: Former Business Manager/Secretary/Treasurer, Laborers’ Union Local 169, Reno - now retired
Recreation: Travel, golf, hunting, sports
Born: 1959 Reno, Nevada
Spouse: Lisa
Children: Sara, Brian

Primary Sponsor

SB81 Revises provisions governing regional planning. (BDR S-536)
SB82 Revises provisions related to public works. (BDR 28-535)
SB83 Revises provisions governing the confidentiality of the personal information of certain civilian employees of law enforcement agencies. (BDR 20-666)
SB85 Revises provisions relating to retention payments under certain highway contracts. (BDR 35-665)
SB107 Establishes provisions relating to contractors performing work on a highway. (BDR 35-537)
SB116 Establishes provisions governing natural gas infrastructure. (BDR 58-540)
SB133 Revises provisions relating to presidential electors. (BDR 24-539)
AB172 Revises provisions governing collective bargaining for certain public employees. (BDR 23-700)
AB214 Revises provisions governing certain regional transportation commissions. (BDR 22-90)
SB231 Makes appropriations to the Interim Finance Committee for allocation to school districts that budget salary increases for certain employees and to the Department of Education for certain personnel costs. (BDR S-508)
SB257 Revises provisions governing tax abatements for certain renewable energy facilities. (BDR 58-538)
SB272 Revises provisions relating to governmental administration. (BDR 27-876)
SB274 Revises provisions relating to industrial insurance. (BDR 53-946)
SB275 Revises provisions relating to manufactured home parks. (BDR 10-958)
SB299 Revises provisions related to monorails. (BDR 28-955)
SB326 Revises provisions governing elections. (BDR 24-542)
SB363 Revises provisions relating to affordable housing. (BDR 25-1029)
SB384 Establishes certain provisions relating to the award of grants of federal money by a state agency for the development of broadband services and infrastructure. (BDR 18-1035)
SB433 Revises provisions relating to prevailing wages. (BDR 28-541)
SB496 Revises provisions relating to the film industry. (BDR S-1039)


SCR2 Declares April 2023 as Financial Literacy Month. (BDR R-1096)
SCR3 Memorializes esteemed attorney and lobbyist Ben Graham. (BDR R-1095)
SR4 Inducts Richard Bryan into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1196)
SR5 Inducts Joseph Paul Hardy into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1195)
SJR5 Urges Congress to expand the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children to cover the purchase of menstrual products. (BDR R-980)
SR6 Inducts Claire Jesse Clift as an honorary member into the Senate Hall of Fame. (BDR R-1197)
AJR6 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to adopt the National Popular Vote Compact. (BDR C-389)
SJR7 Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to establish certain rights relating to reproductive health. (BDR C-864)
SB131 Revises provisions relating to reproductive health care. (BDR 54-44)
SB132 Revises provisions relating to insurance coverage for living organ donors. (BDR 57-551)
SB134 Revises provisions relating to vision insurance. (BDR 57-642)
SB142 Enacts the Homeless Persons' Bill of Rights. (BDR 38-195)
SB145 Revises provisions related to employee misclassification. (BDR 53-159)
SB147 Makes changes relating to employment. (BDR 53-463)
SB148 Revises provisions relating to local school precincts. (BDR 34-160)
AB151 Provides for the issuance for a limited duration of special license plates commemorating the 150th anniversary of the founding of the University of Nevada, Reno. (BDR 43-89)
SB161 Makes revisions relating to personal health and wellness. (BDR 38-811)
SB166 Revises provisions relating to collective bargaining by public employees. (BDR 23-556)
SB167 Prohibits the imposition of step therapy under certain circumstances. (BDR 57-81)
AB173 Revises provisions governing public works. (BDR 28-735)
SB189 Makes an appropriation to Communities In Schools of Nevada for the purpose of providing integrated student support services. (BDR S-499)
SB208 Requires counties and cities to enact certain ordinances relating to battery-charged fences. (BDR 20-853)
SB222 Revises provisions relating to juries. (BDR 1-192)
SB232 Requires the State Plan for Medicaid to include coverage for postpartum care services. (BDR 38-45)
SB239 Establishes provisions governing the prescribing, dispensing and administering of medication designed to end the life of a patient. (BDR 40-677)
SB243 Revises provisions relating to catalytic converters. (BDR 15-37)
SB244 Makes an appropriation to the Other State Education Programs Account for the creation and maintenance of school gardens. (BDR S-557)
SB249 Revises provisions relating to cosmetology. (BDR 54-829)
SB260 Revises provisions relating to certain persons providing referrals to group housing for persons who are aged. (BDR 40-675)
SB263 Makes an appropriation to the Children's Cabinet for the purchase and renovation of a parcel of land to carry out the Oddie Project. (BDR S-921)
SB273 Changes the name of the Nevada State College to the Nevada State University. (BDR 34-968)
SB283 Revises certain provisions relating to health care . (BDR 54-555)
SB285 Makes an appropriation for civics education programs. (BDR S-86)
SB286 Revises provisions relating to health care. (BDR 40-84)
SB291 Makes various changes relating to education. (BDR 34-503)
SB293 Revises provisions relating to distributed generation systems. (BDR 52-459)
SB301 Revises provisions governing public works. (BDR 28-967)
SB303 Revises provisions relating to motor vehicles. (BDR 43-673)
SB305 Provides for the establishment of a retirement savings program for private sector employees. (BDR 31-933)
SB309 Makes various changes relating to health care. (BDR 15-498)
SB317 Establishes provisions relating to resources for persons experiencing homelessness. (BDR 38-981)
SB320 Revises provisions related to the Legislature. (BDR 23-194)
SB339 Makes an appropriation to the Department of Education for the provision of grants to organizations to provide certain supplies and materials to teachers and specialized instructional support personnel. (BDR S-85)
SB340 Revises provisions relating to education. (BDR S-10)
SB341 Revises provisions relating to governmental financial administration. (BDR S-502)
SB342 Enacts provisions relating to veterinary medicine. (BDR 34-1012)
SB368 Revises provisions relating to real property. (BDR 10-989)
SB370 Revises provisions relating to the protection of consumer information. (BDR 52-42)
SB381 Prohibits a landlord from requiring a tenant to pay certain charges. (BDR 10-650)
SB390 Enacts provisions relating to neurodegenerative diseases. (BDR 40-135)
SB392 Revises provisions relating to commercial kitchen equipment. (BDR 42-966)
SB403 Makes an appropriation to the Department of Motor Vehicles to provide discounts on the governmental services tax. (BDR S-997)
SB425 Establishes the Commission on Innovation and Excellence in Education to develop a statewide vision and implementation plan to improve the public education system in this State. (BDR 34-1060)
AB529 Revises provisions relating to the compensation of certain county officers. (BDR 20-1229)