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Nevada Legislative Police

The Legislative Police serve the Legislative Counsel Bureau and Nevada Legislature in Carson City, Las Vegas, and wherever there is a Legislative function being held in the state. The Legislative Counsel Bureau has approximately 320 employees and when the legislature convenes every two years, an estimated 250 additional session employees are brought on staff. The Legislative Building is a modern 184,000 square foot facility and is situated on 12 acres of beautifully - manicured grounds flanked by the State Capitol and Supreme Court.

The Legislative Police serve and protect all legislative employees and property, as well as citizens drawn here by the legislative process. We are an independent agency, working for the legislature, and not a subsidiary of any other state division. We have full-time officers and permanent, part-time intermittent and temporary session officers. All officers have extensive law enforcement backgrounds, and many are retired law enforcement officers from around the country.

Officers of the Legislative Police work in a unique environment in which the citizens come to express their ideas and opinions to the elected members of the Legislative Branch of government. Our officers respect this Legislative process and at the same time stay prepared to protect everyone involved.

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