34th (2023) Special Session

  Legislator Party District County
Anderson, Natha C. image Anderson, Natha C.
Democratic No. 30 Washoe (Part)
Currently Serving
Backus, Shea image Backus, Shea
Democratic No. 37 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Bilbray-Axelrod, Shannon image Bilbray-Axelrod, Shannon
Democratic No. 34 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Brown-May, Tracy image Brown-May, Tracy
Democratic No. 42 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Carter, Max image Carter, Max
Democratic No. 12 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Cohen, Lesley E. image Cohen, Lesley E.
Democratic No. 29 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Considine, Venicia image Considine, Venicia
Democratic No. 18 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
DeLong, Rich image DeLong, Rich
Minority Whip
Republican No. 26 Washoe (Part)
Currently Serving
Dickman, Jill image Dickman, Jill
Co-Deputy Minority Floor Leader North
Republican No. 31 Washoe (Part)
Currently Serving
D'Silva, Reuben image D'Silva, Reuben
Democratic No. 28 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Duran, Bea image Duran, Bea
Democratic No. 11 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Gallant, Danielle image Gallant, Danielle
Co-Deputy Minority Floor Leader South
Republican No. 23 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
González, Cecelia image González, Cecelia
Democratic No. 16 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Gorelow, Michelle image Gorelow, Michelle
Democratic No. 35 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Gray, Ken image Gray, Ken
Republican No. 39 Douglas, Lyon (Part)
Currently Serving
Gurr, Bert image Gurr, Bert
Republican No. 33 Elko (Part), Eureka (Part), Lincoln (Part), Nye (Part), White Pine
Currently Serving
Hafen, Gregory T., II image Hafen, Gregory T., II
Republican No. 36 Clark (Part), Lincoln (Part), Nye (Part)
Currently Serving
Hansen, Alexis image Hansen, Alexis
Republican No. 32 Elko (Part), Eureka (Part), Humboldt, Lander, Pershing, Washoe (Part)
Currently Serving
Hardy, Melissa image Hardy, Melissa
Republican No. 22 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Hibbetts, Brian image Hibbetts, Brian
Republican No. 13 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Jauregui, Sandra image Jauregui, Sandra
Majority Floor Leader
Democratic No. 41 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Kasama, Heidi image Kasama, Heidi
Republican No. 2 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Koenig, Gregory image Koenig, Gregory
Republican No. 38 Churchill, Esmeralda, Lyon (Part), Mineral, Nye (Part)
Currently Serving
La Rue Hatch, Selena image La Rue Hatch, Selena
Democratic No. 25 Washoe (Part)
Currently Serving
Marzola, Elaine image Marzola, Elaine
Democratic No. 21 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
McArthur, Richard image McArthur, Richard
Republican No. 4 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Miller, Brittney image Miller, Brittney
Democratic No. 5 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Miller, Cameron (Cameron (C.H.)) image Miller, Cameron (Cameron (C.H.))
Assistant Majority Floor Leader
Democratic No. 7 Clark (Part)
Served in the Nevada Assembly 2020-2023.
Monroe-Moreno, Daniele image Monroe-Moreno, Daniele
Speaker Pro Tempore
Democratic No. 1 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Mosca, Erica image Mosca, Erica
Democratic No. 14 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Newby, Sabra image Newby, Sabra
Democratic No. 10 Clark (Part)
Served in the Nevada Assembly in 2023.
Nguyen, Duy image Nguyen, Duy
Democratic No. 8 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
O’Neill, Philip P.K. image O’Neill, Philip P.K.
Minority Floor Leader
Republican No. 40 Carson City, Storey, Washoe (Part)
Currently Serving
Orentlicher, David image Orentlicher, David
Democratic No. 20 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Peters, Sarah image Peters, Sarah
Assistant Majority Whip (North)
Democratic No. 24 Washoe (Part)
Currently Serving
Summers-Armstrong, Shondra image Summers-Armstrong, Shondra
Democratic No. 6 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Taylor, Angie image Taylor, Angie
Democratic No. 27 Washoe (Part)
Currently Serving
Thomas, Clara (Claire) image Thomas, Clara (Claire)
Democratic No. 17 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Torres, Selena image Torres, Selena
Assistant Majority Whip (South)
Democratic No. 3 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Watts, Howard image Watts, Howard
Majority Whip
Democratic No. 15 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Yeager, Steve image Yeager, Steve
Democratic No. 9 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving
Yurek, Toby image Yurek, Toby
Republican No. 19 Clark (Part)
Currently Serving