Assemblywoman Robin L. Titus

Deputy Minority Whip - North
Party: Republican

Legislative Service

  • Nevada Assembly, 2015-2021 (first elected in November 2014)—four regular and four special sessions
  • 2021 SESSION COMMITTEES: Health and Human Services; Natural Resources; Ways and Means
  • 2019 SESSION COMMITTEES: Health and Human Services; Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining; Ways and Means
  • 2017 SESSION COMMITTEES: Health and Human Services; Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining; Ways and Means
  • 2015 SESSION COMMITTEES: Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Mining (Chair); Health and Human Services (Vice Chair); Ways and Means
  • 2019-2020 INTERIM COMMITTEE: Committee to Conduct an Interim Study Concerning Wildfires; Interim Finance Committee; Legislative Committee on Health Care; Northern Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board
  • 2017-2018 INTERIM COMMITTEES: Interim Finance Committee; Northern Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board
  • 2015-2016 INTERIM COMMITTEES: Interim Finance Committee; Legislative Committee for the Review and Oversight of the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and the Marlette Lake Water System; Legislative Committee on Public Lands

Honors and Awards

  • Topaz Sertoma, Service to Mankind Award, 1991
  • Nevada State Medical Society, Community Service Award,1996
  • American Academy of Family Physicians, Nevada Chapter, Family Physician of the Year, 2008
  • University of Nevada School of Medicine, Thomas J. Scully Preceptor Carissimus Award, 2009
  • University of Nevada School of Medicine, Outstanding Alumna, 2010

Other Achievements

  • Trek to base camp of Mount Everest 2005
  • Trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro 2008
  • Completion of 10 marathons


  • Smith Valley Historical Society, President, current
  • Nevada Academy of Family Physicians, President, 2012-2013
  • Nevada State Medical Association, Rural Member, Executive Board, 2012-present
  • South Lyon Medical Center, Chief of Staff, current
  • Lyon County Health Officer, 1984–present
  • Lyon County Republican Central Committee, Chair, 2010-2012
  • Smith Valley Fire District, EMS Director, 1984-2014
  • University of Nevada School of Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor, current
  • Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners, Member, 1999-2004


  • Smith Valley High School
  • University of Nevada, Reno B.S.
  • University of Nevada School of Medicine, M.D.


Occupation: Family Practice Physician
Recreation: Hunting, fishing, exploring Nevada’s ghost towns, hiking, running
Born: 1954, Trenton, New Jersey
Spouse: Allen Veil
Children: Jennifer, Buck; Stepchildren: Veronica, Erica, Clint
Grand Children: Reegan, Riley, Keelan, Sophia, Olivia, Ukaius, Adeleene, and Tristan

Primary Sponsor

AB113 Revises provisions governing the taxation of certain deliveries and transfers of firearms. (BDR 32-659)
AB147 Authorizes a physician assistant or advanced practice registered nurse to perform certain services. (BDR 40-85)
AB167 Authorizes the possession of a handgun in a motor vehicle that is on the property of certain educational entities or child care facilities in certain circumstances. (BDR 15-97)
SB187 Revises provisions governing prescriptions for controlled substances by a dentist, optometrist or physician for the treatment of pain. (BDR 54-39)
AB191 Makes an appropriation to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and Human Services to award grants to provide Mobile Outreach Safety Team services in certain counties. (BDR S-667)
AB255 Revises provisions relating to permits to carry concealed firearms. (BDR 15-84)
AB256 Revises provisions governing legislative measures that may be requested for a regular legislative session. (BDR 17-83)
SB259 Revises provisions relating to physicians. (BDR 54-628)
SB265 Revises provisions relating to certain information and records concerning public safety. (BDR 14-1042)
SB282 Limiting the civil liability of crisis support centers under certain circumstances. (BDR 3-614)
AB313 Establishes an occupational licensing database for certain professions. (BDR 18-859)
SB325 Establishes the Nevada Child Adoption Grant Program to provide grants to assist certain prospective adoptive parents with certain costs of adoption. (BDR 11-163)
AB340 Makes various changes concerning the acquisition and use of opioid antagonists by schools. (BDR 40-849)
SB341 Revises provisions relating to enterprise funds created by local governments for the purpose of providing telecommunication services. (BDR 31-1009)
SB345 Revises provisions governing estate distilleries. (BDR 52-980)
AB358 Makes certain changes to attract certain health professionals to practice in Nevada. (BDR 34-851)
SB360 Enacts the Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Prevention Act. (BDR 15-11)
AB380 Revises provisions governing safety in K-12 public schools. (BDR 31-41)
AB381 Designates April 16 as “Healthcare Decisions Day” in Nevada. (BDR 19-660)
AB404 Authorizes the Board of Wildlife Commissioners to establish a program authorizing certain persons to transfer, defer or return certain lawfully obtained tags if certain extenuating circumstances exist. (BDR 45-1029)
AB406 Makes various changes relating to the Airport Authority of Carson City. (BDR S-50)
AB410 Revises provisions relating to orders for protection. (BDR 3-176)
SB411 Authorizes the possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle that is on certain governmental property under certain circumstances. (BDR 15-643)
AB437 Eliminates the requirement to possess a permit to carry a concealed firearm. (BDR 15-992)
AB499 Provides for a special license plate of limited duration commemorating the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage. (BDR 43-1265)


ACR3 Memorializes former Assemblyman Bob Price. (BDR R-971)
AJR4 Urges the President and the Congress of the United States to pass acts to combat illegal harvesting and trafficking of human organs. (BDR R-92)
SCR7 Celebrates the sister state relationship between the State of Nevada and Taiwan. (BDR R-1266)
SCR8 Memorializes former Nevada Attorney General and Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Springer. (BDR R-1259)
ACR9 Celebrates the Life of Assemblyman Odis “Tyrone” Thompson. (BDR R-1291)
AB142 Eliminates the statute of limitations for the prosecution of sexual assault in certain circumstances. (BDR 14-175)
AB154 Revises certain requirements relating to secondhand dealers. (BDR 54-625)
AB161 Revises provisions governing common-interest communities. (BDR 10-705)
AB174 Establishes the Nevada Interagency Advisory Council on Homelessness to Housing. (BDR 18-94)
SB189 Prescribes a procedure to address a patient who requests certain treatment. (BDR 40-525)
AB194 Revises provisions governing the Nevada Early Childhood Advisory Council. (BDR 38-862)
AB204 Revises provisions relating to health care. (BDR 54-932)
AB212 Revises provisions governing the confidentiality of personal information of certain persons. (BDR 20-620)
AB213 Revises provisions governing the issuance of restricted drivers' licenses to certain pupils. (BDR 43-706)
AB218 Revises provisions relating to education savings accounts. (BDR 31-850)
AB229 Requires the establishment of a technical advisory program for the protection and preservation of certain buildings and structures. (BDR 33-299)
AB243 Revises provisions relating to victims of crime. (BDR 15-653)
AB318 Revises provisions relating to workforce development. (BDR 34-315)
AB363 Revises certain provisions relating to homeless youth. (BDR 43-1033)
AB392 Encourages employers to provide work-based learning opportunities for pupils. (BDR 34-952)
AB403 Revises provisions relating to certain traffic offenses. (BDR 43-42)
AB405 Requires the State Treasurer to establish a student loan program for postsecondary education. (BDR 18-276)
AB435 Requires certain children committed to a facility for the detention of children to be enrolled in a program of distance education in certain circumstances. (BDR 5-995)
AB436 Revises provisions governing certain tax exemptions for veterans. (BDR 32-998)
AB441 Creates the Joint Legislative Committee on Federalism. (BDR 17-993)