Assemblyman Jason Frierson

Party: Democratic

Legislative Service

  • Speaker, 79th, 80th, and 81st Sessions, 2016-2021
  • Nevada Assembly, 2011-2014 and 2017-2021 (first elected November 2010; after lapse in service, subsequently elected November 2016)—five regular and four special sessions
  • 2021 SESSION COMMITTEES: Commerce and Labor; Legislative Operations and Elections; Ways and Means
  • 2019 SESSION COMMITTEES: Commerce and Labor (Vice Chair); Ways and Means
  • 2017 SESSION COMMITTEES: Commerce and Labor; Taxation; Ways and Means (Vice Chair)
  • 2013 SESSION COMMITTEES: Judiciary (Chair); Commerce and Labor; Taxation; Select Committee on the Assembly
  • 2011 SESSION COMMITTEES: Transportation (Vice Chair); Judiciary; Health and Human Services
  • 2019-2020 INTERIM COMMITTEES: Committee to Conduct an Interim Study of the Requirements for Reapportionment and Redistricting in the State of Nevada (Vice Chair); Committee to Consult with the Director; Interim Finance Committee; Legislative Commission; Legislative Commission's Subcommittee to Review Regulations
  • 2017-2018 INTERIM COMMITTEES: Legislative Commission (Chair); Committee to Consult with the Director (Chair); Interim Finance Committee
  • 2013-2014 INTERIM COMMITTEES: Legislative Commission (Vice Chair); Legislative Committee on Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice (Chair); Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice
  • 2011-2012 INTERIM COMMITTEES: Legislative Committee on Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice; Committee to Study the Structure and Operations of the Nevada Legislature; Committee to Study Trademark and Copyright Law

Other Public Service

  • State Legislative Leaders Foundation
  • National Black Caucus of State Legislators

Honors and Awards

  • Battleborn Progress Progressive Leader of the Year, 2019
  • Nevada Press Association First Amendment Champion, 2019
  • Advocate of the Year, Nevada Justice Association, 2018
  • UNLV Distinguished Service Alumni Award, 2017
  • Attorney of the Year Award, Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association, 2016
  • Outstanding Freshman Legislator, 2011
  • Barbara Buckley Community Service Award, 2001
  • Roosevelt Fitzgerald Outstanding Student Award, 2001
  • Kappa Alpha Psi Leadership League and Jason Frierson Day award for leadership and community service, City of Las Vegas, 1994

Other Achievements

  • Henry Toll Fellowship Program, CSG, 2012
  • Western Leadership Academy, CSG-WEST, Graduate
  • Leadership Las Vegas, Class of 2008
  • Las Vegas Chapter, National Bar Association, President, 2005
  • Nevada Law Journal, Special Projects Editor, 2001
  • Student Bar Association, Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), President,1999-2000
  • Associated Students of the University of Nevada, President, 1994-1995
  • University of Nevada, Reno, Running Back, 1988-1992
  • AmeriCorps program, 1995-1996


  • Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association
  • Clark County Bar Association
  • University of Nevada Alumni Association
  • Alumni Association, Boyd School of Law, UNLV
  • Nevada Black Elected Officials Caucus
  • Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity
  • Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
  • Southern Nevada Officials Association, Football Official


  • University of Nevada, Reno, B.S., Health Science
  • William S. Boyd School of Law, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), J.D.


Occupation: Attorney
Recreation: Family, fishing, traveling, bass guitar
Born: 1970, Los Angeles, California
Spouse: Abbie
Children: Two

Primary Sponsor

AJR1 Expresses objection to the transfer of radioactive plutonium to this State. (BDR R-977)
ACR3 Memorializes former Assemblyman Bob Price. (BDR R-971)
SJR3* Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to provide certain rights to voters. (BDR C-55)
AR5 Adds former Assemblywoman Sadie Hurst to the Assembly Wall of Distinction. (BDR R-1253)
ACR5 Commemorates the 150th anniversary of the ratification of the 15th Amendment to the United States Constitution by the Nevada Legislature, the first state in the nation to do so. (BDR R-1079)
AR6 Adds former Assemblywoman Genie Ohrenschall Daykin to the Assembly Wall of Distinction. (BDR R-1252)
ACR9 Celebrates the Life of Assemblyman Odis “Tyrone” Thompson. (BDR R-1291)
AB136 Makes various changes relating to public construction. (BDR 28-145)
AB138 Revises provisions governing workers' compensation. (BDR 53-708)
SB143 Repeals, revises and reenacts provisions relating to background checks for certain sales or transfers of firearms. (BDR 15-755)
SB160 Requires the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to adopt certain regulations concerning natural gas infrastructure. (BDR 58-909)
AB170 Revises provisions relating to health insurance coverage. (BDR 57-278)
SB178 Creates the Council on Food Security and the Food for People, Not Landfills Program. (BDR 18-57)
AB183 Prohibits certain correctional services from being provided by private entities. (BDR 16-290)
SB193 Makes an appropriation for educational programs relating to history, law and civics. (BDR S-368)
AB196 Makes an appropriation for incentives for teachers who currently teach at Title I schools and underperforming schools. (BDR S-144)
SB201 Revises provisions governing loans. (BDR 52-568)
AB206* Revises provisions relating to renewable energy and the renewable portfolio standard. (BDR 58-746)
AB207 Revises various provisions relating to business entities. (BDR 7-146)
AB242 Makes various changes relating to regional commercial air service in this State. (BDR 18-1024)
AB247 Makes various changes relating to the care of children. (BDR 38-289)
AB248 Prohibits a settlement agreement from containing provisions that prohibit or restrict a party from disclosing certain information under certain circumstances. (BDR 2-1004)
AB285 Enacts provisions relating to a mental or physical examination of certain persons in a civil action. (BDR 4-1027)
AB286 Makes various changes relating to trusts and estates. (BDR 2-1028)
AB309 Makes various changes relating to state financial administration. (BDR 34-886)
AB310 Revises provisions regarding the manner in which prescriptions are given to pharmacies. (BDR 54-885)
SB336 Requires the Governor to annually proclaim July 28 as Buffalo Soldiers Day in the State of Nevada. (BDR 19-791)
AB345 Makes various changes relating to elections. (BDR 24-873)
AB349 Prohibits sexual conduct between a law enforcement officer and a person who is under arrest or is currently detained by any law enforcement officer. (BDR 15-1003)
AB363 Revises certain provisions relating to homeless youth. (BDR 43-1033)
AB374* Requires the Department of Health and Human Services, if authorized by federal law, to establish a health care plan within Medicaid for purchase by persons who are not otherwise eligible for Medicaid. (BDR 38-881)
AB382* Establishes provisions governing payment for the provision of emergency services and care to patients. (BDR 40-570)
AB383 Provides for the designation of a Student Loan Ombudsman. (BDR 18-880)
AB387 Establishes a program to provide services to families of certain children with a mental illness or emotional disturbance. (BDR 39-1000)
AB393 Provides protections to certain governmental and tribal employees and certain other persons during a government shutdown. (BDR 3-1015)
AB397 Revises provisions governing misconduct by certain public officers. (BDR 18-1038)
AB403* Revises various provisions relating to governmental administration. (BDR 18-573)
AB430 Providing for a study concerning maternal, infant and early childhood home visitation services. (BDR S-1001)
AB431 Revises provisions relating to the right to vote for a convicted person. (BDR 14-981)
AB432 Establishes provisions governing worker cooperative corporations. (BDR 7-1026)
AB478 Requires annual completion by all peace officers of continuing education in certain subjects. (BDR 23-1002)
SB495 Creates the Office of the Small Business Advocate. (BDR 18-136)
AB545 Revises provisions governing money obtained from certain settlements and judgments. (BDR 31-1293)
SB547 Revises provisions relating to providers of new electric resources. (BDR 58-913)


SCR7 Celebrates the sister state relationship between the State of Nevada and Taiwan. (BDR R-1266)
SCR8 Memorializes former Nevada Attorney General and Nevada Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Springer. (BDR R-1259)
AB155 Revises provisions governing the eligibility requirements for grants awarded under the Silver State Opportunity Grant Program. (BDR 34-674)
AB169 Establishes the Maternal Mortality Review Committee. (BDR 40-712)
SB173 Revises provisions relating to criminal convictions of victims of sex trafficking and involuntary servitude. (BDR 14-595)
AB174 Establishes the Nevada Interagency Advisory Council on Homelessness to Housing. (BDR 18-94)
AB182 Designates neon as the official state element of the State of Nevada. (BDR 19-670)
AB190 Revises provisions relating to certain construction. (BDR 28-637)
AB192 Establishes a procedure when certain offenses are decriminalized. (BDR 14-319)
AB232 Makes various changes to provisions governing hospitals. (BDR 40-158)
AB294 Makes various changes concerning graduation requirements for certain pupils who experience instability concerning residence. (BDR 34-1022)
AB303* Requires that core correctional services be provided only by the State or a local government with certain exceptions. (BDR 16-1103)
AB408* Revises provisions relating to Medicaid and health insurance. (BDR 38-957)