About uLegislate

Engage in the Legislative Process

1Identify Your Role:
Take on the role of a Senator, the Lieutenant Governor/President of the Senate, Secretary of the Senate, or Invocation/ Prayer Leader and learn how they work together to ensure a well-run Senate Floor Session.

2Debate Bills:
Should the Nevada Senate amend the Nevada Constitution to guarantee equal rights? Should the State of Nevada increase the minimum wage required to be paid to employees in private industry? Should neon be designated as the official State element? Should every school adopt a policy concerning safe exposure to the sun? These relevant topics form the backdrop for your legislative experience.

3Vote for Legislation:
When debate on each bill concludes, it is time to vote. When YOU push the very same vote buttons used by your Senators to cast their votes, your name appears on the voting screen in the Senate Chamber! Learn how many votes are needed to pass legislation, and experience the pressure of elective office.

uLegislate Bills & Resolutions