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The Nevada Senate's Simulation Experience


What is uLegislate?

An educational program designed for adult and student groups alike. Participants take on the roles of officers and members of the Nevada Senate, debating fun topics and learning how the legislative process works. This one-hour simulation provides new perspectives on the challenges of representative government.

Is uLegislate for you?

Schools, community groups and organizations are natural audiences for this fun, hands-on experience. In past years, over 300 Nevadans participated in this unique and informative program.

"I cannot tell you how great of an experience you all provided my students during our uLegislate session in May 2012. The impact of sitting within the state Senate Chambers and the power of the mock session they experienced could be observed in each of the participating students. The program was well organized, well executed and an overall wonderful experience. I look forward to setting up another uLegislate for my students this year! Thanks for all you do and for providing such a great opportunity for the students of Nevada."

"In the Spring of 2012, students in my A.P. Government and Politics class participated in a uLegislate Session in the Senate Chamber of the Nevada Senate. Therefore, our moderators helped students connect classroom learning to real world politics. uLegislate simulates the legislative process, and I found the program to be a unique experience encouraging student interaction on the issues facing our state and local governments. I highly recommend these sessions to any school and instructors interested in teaching civic virtues to students here in Nevada."