Nevada Legislature Interim Committees

About the Interim

The Nevada Legislature meets every other year (biennially) for a 120-day session to adopt a two-year budget and to enact new laws or revise existing laws. Following each session, there is a 20-month period between sessions referred to as the "interim." Interim committees are created by the Legislature to work on specific and often complex issues between sessions. Interim committees receive reports and public comment, debate public policy issues, and formulate recommendations for new legislation in the next legislative session.

Committee Tracking Information

Tracking a committee enables you to receive email notifications when an agenda, minutes or reports become available for the committee. Below are instructions for tracking an interim committee using this website.

  • Register and/or Sign In to your Nevada Legislature account.
  • Use the Click to Track button to track a committee.
  • To receive information by mail, navigate to the committee's Staff tab and contact the secretary.

Today's Meetings

There are no meetings scheduled for Friday, June 9, 2023.

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Past Meetings

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