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      Black powder and smokeless gunpowder, unlawful distribution, penalty, 476.220



      Short title, 224.300

      Task Force

             Creation, membership, 224.320

             Meetings, frequency and location, quorum, 224.330

             Powers, 224.340


      Wireless telecommunications call location information, provision to law enforcement agencies, 707.600-707.650


      Regulations concerning care and sale of dogs or cats, 574.210-574.510

KENO (See also generally GAMING)

      Defined as gambling game, 463.0152



      Establishment, boundaries, 407.090


      Burglary tools, possession, 205.080

      Definition, locksmith laws, 655.020

      Gaming, unlawful possession of key to open or affect operation of devices, 465.080

      Hotel keys, unlawful use, 205.900

      Motor vehicles

             Master key sets, sale and advertising limited, 597.880

             Removal from unattended vehicle required, 484B.530

             Taxicabs, leaving key in unattended vehicle prohibited, 706.8845





      Abducted Children, Alert System for the Safe Return of

             False statements causing activation, penalty, 207.285

             Generally, 432.300-432.380

      Aged persons, additional penalty for crime committed against, 193.167, 193.169

      Aiding and abetting, penalty, 200.340

      Consent not a defense, exception, 200.350

      Conspiracy to commit, penalty, 199.480

      Dangerous weapon used in commission of crime, probation or suspension of sentence prohibited, 193.165, 193.169

      Degrees, 200.310-200.330

      Elections, abduction to prevent vote unlawful, 293.710

      Extortion, kidnapping for purpose of, 200.310

      First degree

             Penalties, 200.320

             Probation prohibited, 176A.100

      First responder or spouse or child, crime committed against, additional penalties, 193.1677, 193.1678, 193.169

      Forfeiture of property used in commission of crime, 179.1156-179.121

      Foster care, children abducted from, requirements, 432B.165, 432B.190

      Habitual felons, definition, punishment, 207.012

      Hate crimes, civil liability, additional criminal penalty, 41.690, 193.1675, 193.169

      Immigrant victims, certification of nonimmigrant status for temporary federal benefits, 217.550-217.590

      Interception of communications authorized, 179.460

      Investigators and related occupations, grounds for disciplinary action, 648.150


             Amber Alert System, 432.300-432.380

             Child Abduction Prevention Act, Uniform, ch. 125D

             Child custody (See CHILD CUSTODY—Detention, concealment or removal of child)

             Crime against a child (See CRIME AGAINST A CHILD)

             Female genital mutilation, removal of child from State for purposes of, penalty, 200.5083

             Law enforcement agencies

                   Reports to law enforcement agency extends limitation of action, victim to be provided copy, 171.084

                   Taking child into protective custody under certain circumstances, 200.357

                   Warrant for arrest of person suspected of criminal responsibility, 432.185, 432.200

             Missing children (See MISSING PERSONS)

             Removal from person with legal custody or jurisdiction of court

                   Arrest warrants, issuance, 200.359

                   District attorneys or Attorney General, powers, 125A.565

                   Law enforcement officer required to take child into protective custody, 200.357

                   Penalties, restitution, exceptions, 200.359

                   Warrant to take physical custody of child, 125A.525

             Reporting requirements when victim 12 years of age or younger, penalty, exemptions, 202.870-202.894

      Missing persons (See MISSING PERSONS)


             Kidnapping for purpose of murder, 200.310

             Perpetration or attempted perpetration of kidnapping, murder in committing offense, 200.030, 200.033

      National Guard, unlawful detention, 412.504

      Older Persons, Alert System for the Safe Return of Missing Endangered

             False statements causing activation, penalty, 207.285

             Generally, 427A.862-427A.870

      Out-of-state, person brought into State, right to punish, 194.020

      Racketeering, crime related to, 207.360

      Report by victim to law enforcement agency extends limitation of action, victim to be provided copy, 171.084

      Robbery, kidnapping for purpose of, 200.310

      Second degree, penalties, 200.330

      Sexually motivated offenses (See also SEX OFFENDERS)

             Hearing to determine if offense sexually motivated, 62F.010, 175.547

             Investigation, polygraphic examination of victim restricted, 171.1228

             Notice of release of defendant and disposition of case, 178.5698

             Sexual assault, kidnapping for purpose of, 200.310

      Solicitation of crime, penalty if no crime committed, 199.500

      Substantial bodily harm

             Definition, 0.060

             Infliction of harm, kidnapping for purposes of, 200.310

      Suspension of sentence and grant of probation, prohibitions, 176A.100

      Tear gas used in commission of crime, probation or suspension of sentence prohibited, 193.165, 193.169

      Vulnerable persons, additional penalty, 193.167


      Anatomical gifts, 451.500-451.598, 460.100-460.160

      Dialysis technicians, authority to possess and administer dangerous drugs, 454.213

      Facility for treatment of irreversible renal disease defined, 449.0046

      Hemodialysis products, sales and use tax exemptions, 372.283, 374.287

      Liability for procurement, distribution or use of body parts for transplantation, 460.010

      Medicaid, payment of certain costs related to dialysis and emergency care to treat kidney failure, 422.2723

      Race-based health disparities, grants to address, 439.261

      Sale or purchase of body parts for transplantation prohibited, 201.460, 451.590



      Accessory to crime, definition, penalty, 195.030, 195.040

      Accommodation of relatives at certain care facilities, 449.199

      Adoption proceedings

             Files and records, persons authorized to inspect, 127.140

             Inheritance rights of adopted child, 127.160, 134.190

             Interstate Compact on Placement of Children, applicability, 127.330

             Orders for visitation with sibling, inclusion with decree, procedures, enforcement, 127.140, 127.2827

             Placement together with siblings, 127.2825

             Requirement that child live 6 months in home of petitioners, applicability, 127.150

             State Register for Adoptions, release of information, 127.007

             Two or more children, adoption by same petitioners, requirements, 127.060

             Visitation rights, petitions, 127.171

      Affinity defined, 10.015, 28.020, 64.030

      Ambulances, patient’s relatives may ride in, 450B.171

      Appraisers of county or city property, prohibited acts, 244.2795, 268.059

      Assistance to relatives obtaining legal guardianship of certain children, program for, 422A.650

      Behavior analysis, applied, applicability of laws, 641D.110

      Charter schools, priority enrollment for certain pupils, 388A.456

      Child abuse or neglect (See also Termination of parental rights, this heading)

             Death of child, authority to request review, 432B.405

             Educational decision maker, appointment in certain proceedings, qualifications, 432B.462

             Investigating agency authorized to interview victim’s siblings, 432B.270

             Protective custody of child

                   Kinship Guardianship Assistance Program, 432B.6201-432B.626

                   Person who has special interest in child, term defined, 432B.457

                   Placement of child, 432B.390, 432B.3905, 432B.480, 432B.550

                   Visitation rights, 432B.480, 432B.560, 432B.580

      Child custody (See CHILD CUSTODY)

      Child-placing agencies to give preference to placing child with sibling, 127.2825, 432.530

      Common-interest communities

             Board members or officers, 116.31034, 116.31084

             Foreclosure of liens, persons prohibited from purchasing units, 116.31164

      Competency of criminal defendants, recovery of certain expenses, 178.435

      Condominium hotels, restrictions on serving as officer or on executive board, 116B.445

      Contractors’ Recovery Fund, certain persons ineligible to recover from, 624.510

      Coroners, notification of deaths of decedents, 244.163, 259.045

      Corporations, associate defined, 78.413

      County hospitals, recovery of charges for care of indigent persons, 450.390

      Crimes against children, exemptions from reporting requirements, 202.888

      Criminal sentencing hearings, relative defined for notice purposes, 176.015

      Dead bodies

             Anatomical Dissection, Committee on, restriction on delivery of bodies to, 451.420

             Autopsy, authorization, 451.010

             Burial, authority to order, 451.024

             Cemetery lot or plat, inalienability, 452.285

             Coroners, notification of deaths of decedents, 244.163, 259.045

             Cremation, authority to order, 451.024, 451.660

             Disinterring or reinterring, notice to cemetery of desire to be present, 451.150-451.190

             Removal of human remains interred in religious cemetery, 451.340

      Delinquency, petitions alleging, contents, 62C.110

      Deposition, disqualification for interest, NRCP 28(c), JCRCP 28(c)

      Developmental disabilities, persons with, assistance to certain caregivers, 435.365

      Divorce proceedings, persons who may attend, 125.080

      Domestic violence (See also DOMESTIC VIOLENCE)

             Siblings and cousins

                   Acts by do not constitute domestic violence, exceptions, 33.018

                   Applicability of laws, 171.137, 171.1375

                   Arrest, when arrest may be made, 171.136

      Driving ability of relative, reports of inability to operate vehicle safely, 483.363

      Election boards, restrictions on appointments, 293.217, 293C.220

      Employment of minors in certain positions prohibited, criminal penalty, 609.210

      Estates of decedents (See also Intestate succession, this heading)

             Administration, 139.040, 139.060

             False representation of entitlement to interest or share in estate, 199.360

      Firearms, sales or transfers between immediate family members, exception to background check requirement, 202.2548

      Foster care, requirements, 127.2825, 432.525, 432.530, 432B.3905, 432B.550

      Fraudulent transfers, relative defined, 112.150

      General improvement districts, appraisers of property, restrictions, 318.5121


      Grandparents and grandchildren (See GRANDPARENTS AND GRANDCHILDREN)

      Grief support services, funding, 439.5132


             Appointment of guardian

                   Ad litem guardians, applications for appointment, 12.050, 65.010

                   Notice of entry of court order to certain relatives, 159.055, 159A.055

                   Preferences, 159.0613, 159A.061

             Communication, visitation and interaction between protected person and relatives, 159.331-159.338, 159A.0565

             Conflicts between siblings, appointment of separate guardian or attorney, Statewide Guardianship Rule 8, Statewide Guardianship Rule 9

             Death of protected person, notification by guardian, 159.0809, 159A.0809

             Kinship Guardianship Assistance Program, 432B.6201-432B.626


                   Citations, 159.047, 159.0475, 159A.047, 159A.0475

                   Notice by petitioner, 159.034, 159A.034

             Public guardians, access to information, 253.220

             Removal of guardian, who may petition, 159.1853, 159A.1853


             Patients, designation of caregivers, 449A.300-449A.330

             Release of child, restrictions, 449.245

      Hunting tags, transfer of tag to another eligible person due to death of big game hunter, requirements, 502.103

      Husband and wife (See MARRIED PERSONS)

      Incest, definition, penalty, 201.180

      Indigent persons, financial responsibility, 428.070, 428.215

      Intellectual disabilities, persons with, assistance to certain caregivers, 435.365

      Intestate succession

             Adopted children, 127.160, 134.190

             Degrees of kindred, computation, 134.150

            Half blood, equality, 134.160

      Judge or justice, grounds for disqualification, 1.225, 1.230

      Judicial emancipation of minors, contents and notice of petitions, 129.090, 129.110

      Juror, grounds for challenge for cause, 16.050

      Juvenile court, preference in placement of child, 62C.010, 62E.120, 62E.170

      Kinship Guardianship Assistance Program, 432B.6201-432B.626

      License plates

             Armed Forces

                   Gold Star plates, families of persons killed in line of duty, 482.3785

                   Injuries sustained on active duty, family members of person who died of, 482.3787

             Peace officer recipients of medals, family members of, 482.3757

      Life-sustaining treatment, written consent to withhold or withdraw, 449A.454

      Lobbying, gifts from relatives, 218H.060


             Between kin, limitations, penalties, 122.020, 201.180

             Void marriages, 125.290

      Masters, grounds for objection to appointment, NRCP 53(b)(3), JCRCP 53(a)(2)

      Mental health crisis, persons in a

             Emergency admission, notice to family member, 433A.190

             Involuntary court-ordered admission to facilities, 433A.270

      Mental health facilities

             Costs of care, responsibility for, 433A.165, 433A.600, 433A.610

             Involuntary court-ordered admissions, 433A.270

      Missing persons, reports, duties, 480.500

      Mortgage companies, 645B.0245, 645B.186

      Murder or felonious killing of decedent, forfeiture of benefits by culpable actor, ch. 41B

      Narcotic use disorders, persons with, payment of cost of treatment, 453.710

      Nepotism, public officers or employees, 281.210

      Nevada Youth Legislature, qualifications, 219A.140

      Next-of-Kin Registry

             Access to Registry, 483.280, 483.490, 483.651

             Accident or emergency resulting in death or injury, procedures following, 483.657

             Confidentiality of information regarding emergency contact person, 483.659

             Definitions, 483.641-483.647

             Designation of emergency contact person, 483.653

             Establishment of Registry, 483.651

             Immunity from liability for persons accessing or using Registry, 483.661

             Motor vehicle crash resulting in death or injury, procedures following, 483.655

             Registrants, receipt of information, 483.653

             Registration, qualifications, submission of information, 483.653

             Registry record, creation, contents, 483.653

             Regulations, 483.663

             Release of information by Department of Motor Vehicles, restrictions, 481.063

             Use of information, prohibited acts, 481.063, 483.661

      Notaries public, prohibited acts involving relatives, 240.065

      Offenders in state facilities, requests for autopsy, 209.3815

      Ophthalmia neonatorum, duty to report, penalty, 442.040, 442.110

      Parent and child (See PARENT AND CHILD)

      Professional licensing boards

             Appearance before board, licensee to make certain disclosures, 622.300

             Employment of immediate relatives restricted, 622.020, 622.210-622.235

      Public administrators, access to information, 253.042

      Public assistance, relatives’ financial responsibility, 422A.460-422A.475, 432.085

      Public guardians, access to information, 253.220

      Public officers, employment of relatives, 281.210

      Quarantine proceedings, 441A.580, 441A.660

      Real estate brokers listing city property, prohibited acts, 268.061

      Real property transfer taxes, exemption, 375.090

      Road supervisors, prohibited acts, 404.110, 404.160

      Sale of goods, extension of seller’s warranties to buyer’s family, 104.2318

      Sales and use tax exemptions, eligibility of relatives of National Guard members, 372.7281, 372.7282, 374.7285, 374.7286

      Secured transactions, person related to, term defined, 104.9102

      Sexual conduct with person in position of authority over alleged victim, rebuttable presumption of nonconsent, 41.138

      Sick leave, use by employees to assist immediate family member, penalties, 608.01975

      Stalking, conduct causing fear for immediate safety of family member, penalty, 200.575

      Substitution of child, 199.370

      TANF, provision of assistance to fictive kin on behalf of child, eligibility, 422A.538

      Termination of parental rights

             Motion and notice of hearing, service, 432B.5902

             Petitions, contents and notice, 128.050, 128.060

             Preference for placing child, 128.110

      Trust companies, applicability of laws, 669.080

      Trustee of estate of missing person, preference in appointing, 156.040

      Trustees’ Accounting Act, Uniform, relative defined, 165.020

      Trusts Act, Uniform, relative defined, 163.020

      Unemployment compensation, service performed in employ of relative, 612.105

      Veterans’ cemetery, relocation of remains to, family financial assistance program, 417.215

      Veterans with service-connected disabilities and diseases, survivor benefits, 417.127

      Victims of crime (See also VICTIMS OF CRIME)

             Counseling of relatives of certain victims, 217.310, 217.480

             Definition includes certain relatives, 178.569, 213.005, 217.060

             Relative of offender, requirements for award of compensation, 217.220

      Visitation of child of deceased, divorced or separated parent, relatives may be granted rights, 125C.050


             Death of beneficiary, effect, 133.200

             Rights of omitted descendants, 133.160-133.190

      Wrongful conviction actions, award of counseling services, inclusion of certain relatives, 41.950

KLONDIKE (See also generally GAMING)

      Defined as gambling game, 463.0152


      Property tax exemption, 361.135, 361.155


      Property tax exemption, 361.135, 361.155

      Venue of proceedings, 200.350


      Animal part or by-product as fixed part of knife, prohibited acts, exceptions, 597.905

      Child care facilities, carrying or possessing prohibited, exception, 202.265

      Drawing in threatening manner, 202.320

      Duels, punishment when death ensues, 200.410

      Injuries inflicted by knives, reports from health care providers, 629.041

      Machetes, unlawful acts, 202.350

      Parole or probation officers, seizure, custody, use and sale, 213.10985

      Prisoners, possession prohibited, 212.185

      School property, possession on

             Charter schools, grounds for removal of pupil, procedure, 388A.495

             Criminal penalties, 202.265, 393.410

             Expulsion from school, grounds, 392.466

             University schools for profoundly gifted pupils, grounds for removal of pupil, procedure, 388C.150

      School pupils, discipline for simulating weapon or wearing certain clothing or accessories prohibited, exceptions, 392.4634


             Definition, 202.265

             Prohibited acts, penalty, 202.265, 212.185


      Prohibited acts, penalties, 597.998