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Information to help you navigate the legislative process and/or NELIS.



Legislators for the 35th (2023) Special Session are listed below. Listings include contact and biographcial information. To explore more legislator information, please see the Research Library's Legislator Database.



Proclamation to Convene Special Session

The Governor may, for a specific purpose, call the Legislature into special session.

Proclamation to Convene the 35th (2023) Special Session

Journals and Histories

Each house of the Nevada Legislature publishes a daily journal of its proceedings, which is the only official record of floor activity. The Histories list each bill and resolution introduced in the respective chamber for which they are reporting in numerical sequence by bill number or the number of the resolution.


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Press and Lobbyists

Information regarding press accreditation, as well as lobbyist registration and reports..

Press Accreditation and Information

Lobbyist Registration and Reports

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