Welcome to the Nevada Legislature Personalized Legislative Tracking (PLT)

What is Personalized Legislative Tracking (PLT)?

  • PLT allows you to track BDRs, bills, and budgets that are of interest to you, and subsequently tag and create notes on your tracked items.
  • The advantage of PLT is that you will receive immediate notifications of hearings, a daily status notification, and have access to tailored, exportable reports for the items you have chosen to track.
  • PLT is an optional, upgraded feature of the Nevada Electronic Legislative Information System (NELIS) and of the Nevada Legislature website. All of the information is available for free on NELIS.

How can I sign up for PLT?

Sign Ups for PLT for past Sessions are not available.
However, if you were subscribed to PLT during a past Session, you can Sign In and view your subscription information for that Session.

To subscribe to PLT for the 81st (2021) Session, change sessions by clicking here.

PLT Pricing Structure

Option 1 -- $275 Track a maximum of 100 BDRs, bills, and budgets.
Option 2 -- $650 Track an unlimited number of BDRs, bills, and budgets.
Option 3 -- $55 Track a maximum of 25 BDRs, bills, and budgets.
Option 4 -- Free Track a maximum of 10 BDRs, bills, and budgets.
Option 5 -- Legislator Constituent Legislator Constituent Account
Free Unlimited Nevada State Agencies and Local Government Entities