Instructions for Entering the Legislative Building Once You Have Registered to Participate in a Meeting or Scheduled an Appointment with a Legislator

Printable Instructions (PDF)

Step One: Entrance Badge Required

Before entering the Legislative Building, you must receive a stick-on badge from an LCB staff person who will be located at the mobile site across Fifth Street from the Legislative Building. To receive the stick-on badge you must:

            1. If you are not fully vaccinated, make an appointment to receive a free COVID-19 test for the day you wish to enter the building. Making an appointment for a COVID test is quick and easy:

            (a) Create an account using NIC’s Gov2Go platform.

            (b) Set your primary location to Nevada.

            (c) Select the “Enroll” button and enter the access code of “NVLegTesting.”

            (d) Complete the registration form and schedule your appointment.

Once registered, you may make an appointment for the test. Testing is available from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and until 6 p.m. on Wednesdays. Testing must occur on the date you wish to enter the building. Please wait for your test results, which takes about 15 minutes, but sometimes can take longer. There is a tent where you can be seated while you wait with restrooms available outside the tents. You will receive notification of the test result by email. If you do not have a cellular phone or other device by which to receive the email, please let the person conducting the test know and they will inform the LCB staff person when your test result is available. When received, take the test results to the LCB staff person who will provide the badge required to enter the building. If your test result is positive, however, the Chief HR Counsel for the Legislative Counsel Bureau will be notified and will contact you with the next steps, will assist with any issues relating to presenting or testifying on that day and will help with arrangements for entering the Legislative Building on another day.

            2. If you are fully vaccinated, instead of testing, you may submit your vaccination information to be verified. To do this, you may email your first name, last name, date of birth and phone number to be verified by the Department of Health and Human Services at Information must be received by not later than 4:00 p.m. the day before you wish to enter the Legislative Building. Alternatively, there will be someone from the Department of Health and Human Services at the mobile site during the same hours as testing who can verify your vaccination status on site. If the information is verified via email, you may pick up a stick-on badge at the mobile testing area by providing your name to the person distributing badges. If your information is verified on-site, you will receive the badge after the information is verified. Once verified, your name will be provided to Risa Lang, Chief HR Counsel for LCB so that if you receive permission to enter the building on other dates, you will not need to have the information verified another time. If for any reason your vaccine information cannot be verified, you will be required to go to the testing location to be tested for COVID-19. In that case, you may be tested without an appointment and will be required to demonstrate a negative test result before entering the Legislative Building.

If you have difficulty making an appointment or have questions relating to this process, you may contact Risa Lang, Chief Human Resources Counsel, at (775) 684-6834.

Step Two: Enter through one of the Metal Detectors

After you receive the stick-on badge, you may proceed directly to the front (West side) of the Legislative Building or to the garage area (immediately across from the East entrance to the Legislative Building) to pass through a metal detector. If you pass through the metal detector located in the garage area, you will receive a ticket to enter the building after you pass through the metal detector.

If you are authorized to enter the building and wish to enter the building after hours, you may do so if you have your vaccine verified in advance or have been issued a badge earlier that day. After hours, you may enter through the East entrance to the building and if you have not yet received a badge, you may receive a badge from the Legislative Police if your vaccine status has been verified. You will also be wanded by the Legislative Police if the metal detectors are no longer in service that day.

Your stick-on badge is valid for entry into the Legislative Building for the entire legislative day on which it is issued. You may re-enter the building if you leave, but you must pass through the metal detector each time you enter the building.

Vaccine Information

COVID-19 vaccinations using the Moderna vaccine are now being offered free of charge in the mobile units operated by TourHealth across from the Legislative Building in the parking lot next to the Sedway Office Building located on the corner of 7th and Plaza Streets. You may schedule an appointment here: Appointments will be available each week so check back if no appointments are currently available.

How to View Meetings and Floor Sessions

Look for the View button anywhere meetings and floor sessions are listed. This will allow you to view either the livestream of the meeting or the video of a meeting that has already occurred. If you'd prefer to watch the meetings and floor sessions via YouTube, you may do so from our YouTube channel.

You do not need to register or sign in to view meetings.

Como Ver Reuniones de los Comités y sesiones de las cámaras

Busque el enlace “View” dondequiera que se encuentren las reuniones de los comités y/o las sesiones de las cámaras. Este enlace le permitirá ver la transmisión de la reunión en vivo, o ver un video de una reunión que ya ha terminado. Los videos también están disponibles en nuestra página de YouTube.

No es necesario registrarse para ver una reunión.

How to Register to Participate in Committee Meetings

Find the meeting you want to participate in. You can find meetings listed in several places in NELIS: the home page, the Meetings & Floor Sessions page, or by opening the Committees menu item, selecting a committee, then selecting Meetings. 

Select the 'Participate' button to register. You will be taken to a form to fill in your information (much like the paper sign-in sheets we used for in-person meetings), select agenda items you are interested in, note your position on agenda items, indicate whether or not you want to speak, and tell us who you represent. If you would simply like to let the Committee know you are "in the room" as a resource, you do not have to choose the 'I want to speak' option; you also do not have to choose a specific agenda item or position.

If you are registering another person for the meeting, please make sure you are signed out of your NVLeg Account; otherwise, the registration will be linked to you. To sign out, go to the top right menu where you see the "Welcome, username" text, open the dropdown, and choose "Sign out."

If you are a registered lobbyist, please make sure to sign into your NVLeg Account. This allows us to identify you as a registered lobbyist for the committee.

Submit your registration. Once you complete and submit your registration, you will receive a confirmation screen, as well as an email, with the phone number and meeting ID you will need to call in to at the time of the meeting. This information is not to be shared. 

Registering to participate does not guarantee you will get to speak; the amount of testimony taken and who testifies are at the discretion of the Chair.

Como registrarse para participar en reuniones de comités

Encuentre la reunión en la que le gustaría participar. Se puede encontrar las reuniones en varios lugares de la página “NELIS,” incluso en la página principal y en la página “Meetings & Floor Sessions.” También se puede hacer clic en “Committees,” seleccionar el comité, hacer clic en “Meetings,” y seleccionar la fecha de la reunión deseada.

Seleccione el botón “Participate” para registrarse. Esto lo llevará a un formulario para ingresar sus datos, seleccionar los puntos de la agenda en los que le gustaría comentar, indicar su posición acerca de los puntos de la agenda, indicar si le gustaría ofrecer comentarios en vivo, e indicar si usted representa a un grupo particular. Si simplemente desea que el comité sepa que esta “presente” en la reunión, tal vez como un recurso o experto, no es necesario seleccionar la opción “I want to speak” (“deseo hablar”). Tampoco es necesario que elija un punto especifico de la agenda o que elija una posición a favor o en contra de una propuesta de ley.

Si usted está registrando a otra persona para la reunión, antes de hacerlo, favor de asegurarse de haber cerrado la sesión de su propia cuenta de NVLeg. Si no lo hace, el registro estará vinculado a usted y no a la otra persona. Para cerrar su sesión, haga clic donde dice “Welcome, (nombre de usuario)” y seleccione “Sign out”.

Si está registrado como cabildero, favor de usar su cuenta de NVLeg. Esto nos permitirá identificarlo como un cabildero registrado ante el comité.

Completar el registro. Después de completar su registro, usted verá una página de confirmación y recibirá un correo electrónico con el número telefónico y el código de la reunión que necesitará para ingresar cuando inicie la reunión. No se debe compartir esta información.

El registrarse para participar no garantiza la oportunidad de comentar. El presidente del comité puede limitar el tiempo que se dedicará para comentarios públicos y quien puede comentar.

Remote Testimony in Committee Meetings

Before the meeting. Make sure to register to participate (instructions on this page). You will be contacted by staff if you have been approved, at the direction of the Chair, to participate as part of the video call. You may otherwise use the phone number and meeting ID provided in the registration confirmation to join the audio-only call.

If you will be joining the video call, use the connection information provided by staff to connect at least 45 minutes in advance of the meeting. This will allow Broadcast and Production Services (BPS) staff to ensure you are able to connect and help you check your audio/video.

If you will be joining to audio-only call, use the phone number and meeting ID provided to dial in and enter the waiting room. You may dial in before or during the meeting.

During the meeting. Listen for the verbal prompts given by the Chair and BPS staff as to how to participate during the meeting. The Chair will announce when an agenda item is up, as well as when testimony will be taken in each position. For the audio-only call, BPS staff will let you know what keys to press to raise your hand or to unmute yourself; in this call, BPS will call on you to speak by the last three digits of the phone number you've used to dial in with. If you experience any issues connecting during the meeting, you may call (775) 684-6990 for assistance.

Testimonio Remoto en Reuniones de comités

Antes de la reunión. Es necesario registrarse para participar. Si el presidente del comité lo aprueba, usted recibirá instrucciones para participar por videollamada. De lo contrario, puede utilizar el número telefónico y el código de la reunión que se le proporcionó en la confirmación de registro para participar por llamada de solo audio.

Si va a participar por videollamada, utilice la información proveída para conectarse por lo menos 45 minutos antes de la reunión. Esto permitirá que los empleados de la oficina de Servicios de Transmisión y Producción (conocido como “BPS” por sus signos en inglés) se aseguren que pueda conectarse y lo ayuden a verificar su audio/video.

Si va a participar por llamada audio solamente, use el número telefónico y el código de la reunión para llamar y entrar a la sala de espera. Puede llamar antes de la reunión o durante la reunión.

Durante la reunión. Escuche las indicaciones verbales del presidente del comité y los empleados de BPS. El presidente del comité anunciará cada parte de la agenda y el tiempo indicado para comentar. En las llamadas de solo audio, los empleados de BPS le dirán que teclas presionar para levantar la mano o para reactivar el sonido. También le indicarán cuando usted puede hablar al decir los últimos tres dígitos de su número telefónico. Si tiene dificultades de conexión durante la reunión, puede llamar al (775) 684-6990.

How to Submit Written Testimony to Committees

Please note that there may be slight variations between houses and/or committees about how or when the committee prefers to receive comments. Refer to the meeting agenda for details specific to the committee.

You may otherwise generally send your written comments to the committee email. Use the Committees menu item, then select the committee to which you'd like to send comments. The committee email is found on the overview tab in a section called Contact Information. 

Como entregar testimonio escrito a los comités

Tenga en cuenta que puede haber variaciones leves de como los comités o las cámaras prefieren recibir comentarios escritos del público. Refiérase a la agenda de la reunión para las instrucciones específicas del comité al que desea entregar su comentario.

Generalmente, se pueden enviar los comentarios al correo electrónico del comité. Haga clic en “Committees” y seleccione el comité deseado. El correo electrónico se encuentra en la sección “Contact Information” de la sección “Overview.”

How to Share Your Opinion on a Bill or Resolution Without Registering

There are two ways to navigate to the Opinions application. Open the Legislation menu item and select 'Share Your Opinion on Bills and Resolutions.' There is also a 'Submit Opinion' button located next to each meeting in most places meetings are listed.

You will be taken to a form where you can select a bill or resolution, note whether you are in favor or or against the measure, add your comments, and provide your information. We use your address only to determine your legislative district, but do not store it. By looking up your district, we allow legislators to see comments by the constituents in their districts.

Comments submitted through this site are not made part of the public record, but are accessible to all legislators. 

Como puede Compartir Su Opinión sobre propuestas de ley sin registrarse

Puede usar la aplicación “Opinions” para compartir su opinión con los legisladores. Hay dos maneras para hacerlo. Puede hacer clic en “Legislation” y seleccionar “Share Your Opinion on Bills and Resolutions.” Por otra parte, puede usar el botón “Submit Opinion” que se encuentra en las mismas páginas donde se encuentran las agendas de las reuniones.

Los enlaces lo llevarán a un formulario donde puede seleccionar una propuesta o una resolución, indicar si está a favor o en contra, agregar sus comentarios, y proveer sus datos. Solo usamos su dirección para determinar en qué distrito legislativo vive. Permitimos que legisladores puedan ver los comentarios de los constituyentes de sus distritos.

Los comentarios entregados de esta manera no serán parte de ningún registro público, pero están disponibles para todos los legisladores.

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