Bills and Resolutions by Failed Deadline

Note: Bills that have failed to meet a deadline may not be marked as such for up to one day after the deadline date. Please check back periodically on the day following the deadline for the full list of bills.


7 Results

Revises provisions relating to certain emergency response plans and assessments. (BDR 36-280)

Revises the membership of the Board of Wildlife Commissioners. (BDR 45-107)

Makes various changes relating to off-highway vehicles. (BDR 43-464)

Provides for the regulation of high-volume marketplace sellers. (BDR 52-657)

Revises provisions relating to the annual assessment levied to support the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada and the Consumer's Advocate of the Bureau of Consumer Protection. (BDR 58-1087)

Enacts provisions relating to apiaries. (BDR 49-1085)

Urges Congress to provide funding to reduce the wild horse and burro populations to appropriate management levels. (BDR R-465)

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