Bills and Resolutions by Effective Date


9 Results

Requires the creation of the Historic Sites Passport Program as a pilot program. (BDR 33-505)

Revises provisions governing the Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice. (BDR 14-589)

Enacts the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights. (BDR 14-87)

Revises provisions governing short-term lessors of vehicles. (BDR 43-88)

Requires the establishment of a technical advisory program for the protection and preservation of certain buildings and structures. (BDR 33-299)

Revises provisions regarding the manner in which prescriptions are given to pharmacies. (BDR 54-885)

Requires certain health and safety training for workers and supervisors performing certain work at sites where exhibitions, conventions or trade shows occur. (BDR 53-570)

Revises provisions relating to personal information collected by governmental agencies. (BDR 52-547)

Revises provisions relating to health insurance. (BDR 57-788)

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