Bills and Resolutions by Effective Date


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Increases the number of judges in the Second and Eighth Judicial Districts. (BDR 1-371)

Creates the Advisory Committee for the Prevention and Treatment of Stroke and Heart Disease within the Health Division of the Department of Health and Human Services. (BDR 40-208)

Revises provisions governing special license plates. (BDR 43-958)

Authorizes certain governmental entities to adopt regulations or ordinances to allow certain low emission and energy-efficient vehicles to be operated in designated lanes. (BDR 43-40)

Makes various changes concerning cosmetology and certain related practices. (BDR 54-681)

Provides for the collection and sharing of certain statistical data and information relating to the criminal justice system. (BDR 14-1154)

Ensures sufficient funding for K-12 public education for the 2009-2011 biennium. (BDR S-1322)

Revises provisions governing safe and respectful learning environments in public schools to prohibit bullying and cyber-bullying. (BDR 34-28)

Enacts provisions relating to the Department of Motor Vehicles and registration under the federal Military Selective Service Act. (BDR 43-119)

Makes various changes to provisions governing physicians and certain related professions. (BDR 54-757)

Enacts provisions governing hunting in the Carson Lake Wildlife Management Area. (BDR 45-156)

Revises provisions governing the allocation of certain money from the Fund for a Healthy Nevada. (BDR 40-1133)

Enacts the Uniform Debt-Management Services Act. (BDR 56-1279)

Establishes provisions relating to certain early childhood education programs. (BDR 34-1134)

Revises provisions relating to disproportionate share payments to certain hospitals. (BDR 38-1105)

Revises provisions governing accountability in public schools. (BDR 34-807)

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