Vetoed Bills

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Revises provisions governing motor vehicle registration. (BDR 43-1052)
Vetoed 6/11/2015
Returns to next legislative session

Revises provisions governing the use of money in the Patriot Relief Account. (BDR 36-1163)
Vetoed 6/8/2015
Returns to next legislative session

Revising provisions governing sex offenders and offenders convicted of a crime against a child. (BDR 14-134)
Vetoed 1/30/2015

Revises provisions governing product liability. (BDR 3-949)
Vetoed 2/16/2015

Makes various changes relating to the Nevada Transportation Authority. (BDR 58-717)
Vetoed 2/23/2015

Provides for the submission of a certain advisory question to the voters of the City of Ely. (BDR S-709)
Vetoed 3/10/2015

Revises provisions relating to exemplary or punitive damages in certain civil actions. (BDR 3-940)
Vetoed 3/16/2015

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