Bills and Resolutions by Effective Date


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Revises provisions relating to the licensure of medical and related health facilities. (BDR 40-445)

Makes various changes to the Open Meeting Law. (BDR 19-288)

Enacts provisions for the protection of the waters of this State from aquatic invasive species. (BDR 45-847)

Revises provisions regarding salvage vehicles and total loss vehicles. (BDR 43-265)

Revises provisions governing the payment of certain fees for permits to operate certain oversized and overweight vehicles on the highways of this State. (BDR 58-868)

Revises procedures relating to certain accidents occurring in the course of employment. (BDR 53-102)

Enacts provisions relating to the practice of dietetics. (BDR 54-871)

Makes various changes relating to fire performers and apprentice fire performers. (BDR 42-885)

Revises provisions relating to the State Personnel System. (BDR 23-1014)

Requires criminal background investigations of educational personnel upon renewal of a license. (BDR 34-8)

Requires a state agency to enter into or participate in a contract to allow it to accept credit cards, debit cards or electronic transfers of money to the agency unless it is impracticable for the agency to do so. (BDR 31-968)

Revises provisions relating to governmental administration. (BDR 24-1136)

Revises certain provisions governing transportation. (BDR 43-1109)

Increases certain fees for residential and general appraisers to cover an increase in federal registry fees. (BDR 54-1199)

Revises the districts from which the members of the Board of Regents of the University of Nevada are elected. (BDR 34-1293)

Revises the method used to determine the number of justices of the peace in a township in certain counties. (BDR 1-342)

Requires the Division of Mental Health and Developmental Services of the Department of Health and Human Services to adopt certain regulations. (BDR 39-448)

Revises provisions relating to the reporting of and imposition of penalties for certain convictions for the violation of certain traffic laws. (BDR 43-492)

Revises provisions relating to notaries public. (BDR 19-404)

Provides for the realignment of certain judicial districts. (BDR 1-758)

Revises provisions relating to third-party administrators. (BDR 57-232)

Provides for the licensure of music therapists. (BDR 54-377)

Revises provisions governing the system of governance and oversight of public education. (BDR 34-94)

Enacts certain amendments to the Uniform Common-Interest Ownership Act. (BDR 10-298)

Establishes provisions relating to the designation of certain hospitals as primary stroke centers. (BDR 40-938)

Creates the Statewide Alert System for the Safe Return of Missing Endangered Older Persons. (BDR 38-710)

Requires certain entities that have custody of a child pursuant to the order of a court to adopt a policy concerning the administration and management of medication. (BDR 40-796)

Revises provisions relating to health care and health insurance. (BDR 57-253)

Establishes provisions governing providers of health care. (BDR 40-16)

Revises provisions relating to reports of certain medical and related facilities. (BDR 40-261)

Establishes provisions relating to the safety of patients in certain medical facilities. (BDR 40-662)

Creates the Mining Oversight and Accountability Commission and revises the provisions governing certain mining taxes and fees. (BDR 32-1152)

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