Chief Clerk

Mission Statement

Empowering Legislative Excellence: The Chief Clerk’s Office of the Nevada State Assembly is dedicated to fostering transparent, efficient, and accountable governance. Our mission is to provide nonpartisan support to legislators, ensuring the seamless operation of legislative proceedings and the preservation of accurate records. Committed to upholding the principles of democracy, integrity, and service, we strive to facilitate collaboration, uphold parliamentary standards, and enhance public trust in the legislative process.

About the Chief Clerk

The Chief Clerk of the Nevada State Assembly is elected by the legislative body to act as the Assembly’s chief administrator and parliamentarian to ensure that the constitutional, statutory, and standing rules are followed in processing legislation; to publish appropriate legislative journals and histories; sign all bills; and oversee the functions of the Assembly support staff.

If you need specific information, please contact the Chief Clerk’s Office.

Bonnie Borda Hoffecker

Assembly Chief Clerk
(775) 684-8555​