Judiciary Committee Chair Assemblywoman Brittney Miller portrait

The Assembly Committee on Judiciary has jurisdiction over measures affecting primarily the State Judicial Department, justice courts, civil practice and procedure, remedies and special actions and proceedings, business associations, securities and commodities, certain commercial instruments and transactions, certain property rights and transactions, domestic relations, wills and estates, guardianships, conservatorships and trusts, criminal procedure, crimes and punishments, gaming, and measures affecting correctional institutions and the ongoing supervision of offenders.

Devon Kajatt, Committee Manager
Legislative Building, Room 3127C
(775) 684-8566


Brittney Miller – Chair
Elaine Marzola – Vice Chair
Shannon Bilbray-Axelrod
Lesley E. Cohen
Venicia Considine
Selena La Rue Hatch
Erica Mosca
Sabra Newby
David Orentlicher
Shondra Summers-Armstrong
Danielle Gallant
Ken Gray
Alexis Hansen
Melissa Hardy
Toby Yurek

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