Employment and Internships


The Assembly Chief Clerk’s office is now accepting applications for session employment for the upcoming 2025 Legislative Session. Please download and complete the Assembly application for employment below and email your finished application and a cover letter to assembly@asm.state.nv.us.

Session Employment

Legislative session positions and their responsibilities

Nevada’s legislative sessions are held during odd-numbered years. Prior to session, temporary positions are hired for the period from the beginning of January through the end of the session in June to work as nonpartisan support staff. These positions have many duties and responsibilities that make the work of legislators possible. The Assembly and Senate hire committee managers, committee secretaries, data information technicians, personal secretaries, proofreaders, and other staff to assist with facilitating the legislative session. The fast-paced environment and work experience gathered during the legislative session provide invaluable skills to assist with finding a career, either in or outside of state work, after the legislative session is completed.

Committee managers are in charge of running the ten standing committees that meet during the legislative session. Committee managers work closely with legislators and have many important duties to assist with the successful running of committee meetings. Some of the committee managers’ tasks include creating meeting agendas, gathering materials for meetings, setting up the committee meeting room and technology, posting exhibits, and scheduling with bill sponsors and presenters.

Committee secretaries are primarily responsible for recording and taking detailed notes of committee meetings, maintaining exhibits, entering appropriate data for minute status reports, reporting committee actions to the committee manager, and drafting and finalizing minutes.

Data information technicians support the technical and document center needs of Assembly staff, particularly with regard to committee exhibits. They also assist visiting dignitaries with using the teleprompter and perform other duties.

Personal secretaries are responsible for providing clerical and administrative support to Assembly members. This position serves as the first point of contact in a legislator’s office and assists the legislator in communications with other legislators, constituents, lobbyists, staff, governmental agencies, the media, and the general public. A personal secretary’s duties include greeting visitors, answering telephone calls, making travel arrangements, maintaining the member’s calendar, and tracking the progress of legislative bills. The personal secretary is also responsible for researching constituent concerns; drafting letters and memoranda; generating reports; preparing outlines, presentations, spreadsheets, and databases when required; and maintaining files. Personal secretaries maintain strict confidentiality and professional conduct at all times.

Proofreaders review committee minutes for fluency, understanding, correct sentence structure, grammar, spelling, and adherence to Assembly styles and formats.

Assistant Sergeant at Arms perform duties under the direction of the Sergeant at Arms, who is the principal law enforcement officer for the Assembly. The Sergeant at Arms staff is responsible for enforcing the Assembly’s rules and the directives of the Chief Clerk of the Assembly and the Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections to ensure the legislative process in the Assembly Chamber operates without interruption.

What careers are available with the Assembly and the Legislature?

Outside of legislative internships and session work, there are many wonderful careers available with the State of Nevada and the Nevada State Legislature. Use the following links to find available job opportunities:



Internships at the Legislature

There are many opportunities for college students to participate in internships at the Legislature. Use the following links to find more information about internship opportunities facilitated through various organizations:

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