Welcome to our page for elementary school students. Here you will find interesting information about Nevada and the Nevada State Assembly along with many fun activities to explore!

About the Legislature

There are three branches of government. Learn about the Legislature and how our government works here.

History of the Nevada Legislature

Nevada has a long and interesting history. Learn more about the history of our battle born state here!

Activities and More!

On this page, you can find fun activities and more information about the Nevada State Assembly and Nevada State Legislature.

State Symbols

Each state has official symbols that represent the culture and treasures of the state. These are the symbols that represent Nevada.

How an Idea Becomes a Law

There are many steps that need to happen before a law can become, well, a law! Read more about these steps here!

Ways to Get Involved

There are many ways to get involved in your community and with the legislature. Click here for ideas on how!


This tool is helpful when you do not know what a word means. There are many words included in this glossary that will help you understand the Nevada Legislature a little better!