Bills and Resolutions by Failed Deadline

Note: Bills that have failed to meet a deadline may not be marked as such for up to one day after the deadline date. Please check back periodically on the day following the deadline for the full list of bills.


12 Results

Authorizes a school district to lease school buses or vehicles belonging to the school district in certain circumstances. (BDR 34-510)

Revises provisions governing the administration and enforcement of wildlife laws. (BDR 45-402)

Revises provisions governing the Public Employees' Retirement System. (BDR 23-975)

Provides an additional benefit option for the surviving spouse or survivor beneficiary of certain deceased members of the Public Employees' Retirement System. (BDR 23-1056)

Authorizes the board of trustees of a school district to place an advisory question on the ballot at a general election. (BDR 24-477)

Provides for the licensure of certified anesthesiology assistants. (BDR 54-240)

Enacts provisions governing the State's delegates to any federal constitutional conventions. (BDR 24-600)

Revises provisions relating to printed electioneering communications. (BDR 24-733)

Makes various changes concerning the prevention and treatment of obesity. (BDR 40-891)

Revises provisions relating to elections. (BDR 24-799)

Revises provisions relating to water. (BDR 48-708)

Proposes to amend the Nevada Constitution to provide for the Lieutenant Governor to be elected jointly with the Governor. (BDR C-486)

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