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For bills or resolutions that have been sent to a conference committee, vetoed, signed by the Governor, or sent to the Secretary of State, please see the following pages:


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Revises provisions governing metropolitan police departments. (BDR 22-632)

Revises provisions governing probation. (BDR 14-806)

Revises provisions regarding the establishment and maintenance of a reserve account for payment of the outstanding bonds of a school district. (BDR 30-114)

Makes various changes concerning fines and settlement agreements relating to occupational safety and health. (BDR 53-100)

Revises provisions relating to the issuance of a citation for certain occupational safety and health violations. (BDR 53-101)

Revises provisions governing insurance. (BDR 57-516)

Provides for workplace relations discussions and agreements for certain state employees. (BDR 23-1020)

Establishes a program for the investment of state money in certificates of deposit at a reduced rate to provide lending institutions with money for reduced-rate loans to certain small businesses in this State. (BDR 31-613)

Revises provisions governing the attendance of pupils and graduation from high school. (BDR 34-1140)

Revises provisions governing public property and purchasing. (BDR 27-678)

Provides for an audit of the fiscal costs of the death penalty. (BDR S-1103)

Creates an advisory committee to develop recommendations for the funding of highways in this State. (BDR S-954)

Revises the legislative districts from which members of the Senate and Assembly are elected and revises the districts from which Representatives of Congress are elected. (BDR 17-1287)

Ensures sufficient funding for K-12 public education for the 2011-2013 biennium. (BDR S-1292)

Proposes to impose upon voter approval a margin tax on business entities in this State and a transaction tax on the use of services in this State. (BDR 32-1307)

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