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Revises provisions governing the Land Use Planning Advisory Council. (BDR 26-175)

Provides for the compilation and publication of the State Administrative Manual. (BDR 18-212)

Establishes requirements for solicitation of charitable contributions by nonprofit corporations and other charitable organizations. (BDR 7-217)

Requires district courts, in certain circumstances, to consider the facts and circumstances surrounding offenses committed by certain offenders who are veterans or members of the military to determine eligibility for an appropriate program of treatment. (BDR 14-124)

Requires the State Contractors' Board to suspend or revoke the license of a contractor for failure to satisfy certain judgments concerning unemployment compensation or to comply with certain provisions governing industrial insurance and insurance for occupational diseases. (BDR 54-276)

Authorizes the formation of benefit corporations. (BDR 7-28)

Revises provisions relating to notarial acts. (BDR 19-1)

Revises provisions governing the Board of the Virgin Valley Water District. (BDR S-634)

Requires the notification of patients regarding breast density. (BDR 40-172)

Revises provisions relating to the sealing of certain records. (BDR 14-590)

Establishes requirements for the permitting of certain vehicles that are driven in Nevada and owned by a nonresident business. (BDR 43-708)

Revises provisions relating to uniformed-service and overseas voters. (BDR 24-635)

Revises provisions governing the issuance of a certificate of registration to a provider of a service contract. (BDR 57-759)

Revises provisions relating to economic development. (BDR 27-777)

Revises provisions relating to highways. (BDR 35-1030)

Makes various changes to the Charter of Carson City. (BDR S-41)

Prohibits the manufacture, sale or distribution of certain consumer products that contain or come in direct physical contact with Bisphenol A. (BDR 52-789)

Enacts the Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act. (BDR 11-171)

Authorizes the State Fire Marshal and the State Board of Fire Services to issue administrative citations. (BDR 42-1151)

Revises the Nevada Insurance Code. (BDR 57-1156)

Revises provisions relating to energy. (BDR 58-797)

Revises provisions relating to public bodies. (BDR 19-1121)

Revises provisions governing health care. (BDR 54-1102)

Revises provisions governing state financial administration. (BDR 31-379)

Revises provisions relating to medical laboratories. (BDR 54-314)

Revises provisions governing the powers and duties of counties. (BDR 20-225)

Revises provisions relating to certain providers of emergency medical services. (BDR 40-501)

Enacts the Uniform Electronic Legal Material Act. (BDR 59-168)

Revises provisions governing common-interest communities. (BDR 10-428)

Revises provisions governing certain examinations for driver's licenses. (BDR 43-696)

Provides for transferable tax credits to attract film and other productions to Nevada. (BDR 32-781)

Enacts provisions for the designation of certain hospitals as STEMI receiving centers. (BDR 40-229)

Revises provisions governing certain motor carriers. (BDR 58-949)

Revises provisions relating to public servants. (BDR 23-445)

Contingently amends and repeals the Tahoe Regional Planning Compact and the provisions of Senate Bill No. 271 of the 2011 Session. (BDR 22-726)

Authorizes the placement of a designation of veteran status on certain documents issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles. (BDR 43-80)

Provides for the issuance of driver authorization cards. (BDR 43-596)

Revises provisions concerning the membership of the Board of Directors of the Department of Transportation. (BDR 35-1075)

Revises provisions relating to taxicabs. (BDR 58-1064)

Revises provisions relating to special fuels. (BDR 51-1052)

Revises provisions relating to offenders. (BDR 16-1112)

Revises provisions governing motor vehicle fuel. (BDR 51-1101)

Revises provisions relating to telecommunications. (BDR 58-1097)

Revises provisions relating to drivers' licenses and identification cards. (BDR 43-1159)

Revises provisions relating to tobacco. (BDR 32-1224)

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